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Make your Monday feel like a Friday!! #mondaymotivation

4 Ways to Make Monday Feel Like Friday

1. Prep On Friday And Sunday

Before you leave your desk on Friday afternoon, take the last few minutes of your day to ease the shell shock for your future Monday-self. Jot down a list of loose ends and then prioritize the things that need to be done so that when you get back to work on Monday, you can just dive in.
Also, leave yourself an inspirational note on your desk to greet you when arrive at the beginning of the week. You are awesome at your job; this is going to be a great week! Even better, remind yourself why you like this job in the first place. Can you believe you’re getting paid to do ‘x’? Be thankful! (Sound cheesy? Try this just once and tell us it didn’t brighten your mood… go on…)
Sunday night preparations can make your Mondays better, too. Afford yourself some extra minutes of snooze time by showering the night before and by having your clothes ironed and ready to go. Also, remember that good nutrition is in direct correlation to your energy levels and mood, so prep for a protein rich breakfast (i.e. a hardboiled egg or a grab-and-go yogurt).

2. Plan For Happiness

Having something to look forward to makes getting out of bed on Monday a whole lot easier. There’s no rule that states all of your fun has to be saved for the weekends! Try setting a standing date with friends on Monday nights. To increase your mood even more, incorporate exercise. An evening walk with some local friends can get you feeling great both mentally and physically.
Can’t get anyone else to break out of their Monday routines? You can still have something to look forward to at home. Try turning Monday night into movie night, or DVR your favorite TV show and wait until Monday to watch it.

3. Dress For Energy

There’s no denying the pick-me-up power of a great outfit – looking good boosts our moods and confidence. So much of the Monday blues are mental stipulations we put on ourselves, which means we hold the power to bring about change. Switch things up by wearing your favorite outfit on Monday and give your mood a chance to compete with the other, more popular days of the week.
Does your work wardrobe lack some overall excitement? Your clothes can still have a positive effect based on colors alone. Studies show wearing red or violet boosts energy and green or yellow can put you in a noticeably happier mood.

4. Just Say No

One of the things that make Fridays so great is that, for the next few days, you are not obligated to do much. Having freedom and flex time are instant mood boosters – but those perks do not need to be held-off for just the weekends.
Afford yourself some of the same luxuries on Mondays by opting out of something you would normally feel obligated to do. Whether it’s laundry, cooking dinner, or checking your bank account, give Monday evenings a free pass and indulge in the comfort of checking out.
How do you get through the dreaded Mondays?  I hope these suggestions make your Monday's a little easier!!  

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