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Lucky Tackle Box...for the fisherman in your life! #review


I do not fish but I  have a husband, father, brother and nephew who do.  My son is now getting into it also.  I was excited to learn about the Lucky Tackle Box and couldn't wait to give it a try.  I shared the information with my husband and he says he has found his Christmas gift.  He wants a monthly subscription to LTB.  This may make my Christmas shopping a little easier! LTB is a monthly subscription so it's a gift that keeps on giving.  You will receive a box of fishing goodies every month.  We were also able to pick the type of items we received based on what kind of fishing my husband does.  We chose the saltwater option.  How easy is this and what a great surprise to get every month.  I love the idea of that.  My parents have a beach house and a lot of fishing goes on when we are at the beach.  I don't know about a single thing that came in this box but when I handed to my husband he was like a kid in a candy store.  He can't wait to get to the beach for the boys annual Thanksgiving fishing trip.  

I was excited for my husband to get home and see that he had a package!

My husband couldn't wait to tear into this box.

"Yes" was what I heard as my husband was looking through the box. 

Full of exciting goodies. 

Fishing supplies that will go straight into the tackle box. 

Pink fishing items?  I think these are cool. 

I have no idea what any of the above pictures are used for, but we received all of this in our box and my husband says it is awesome!

We also received a fishing catalog with lots of great information and fishing tips in it. 

I was excited about this little addition.  I love scratch offs even though we didn't win:)

My favorite part of the box....isn't that the truth!!  It sure is with my fishermen!

About Lucky Tackle Box

The best brands. The best baits. The best box.

Lucky Tackle Box is the #1 monthly subscription box in fishing. For one low monthly fee, Lucky Tackle Box will deliver you a box jam-packed full of new lures and baits on the 10th of every month! Shipping is free everywhere in the United States, there's no contracts to sign and you can cancel at anytime. If you're looking to fish with the products that professional anglers use to catch big fish, then Lucky Tackle Box is the only monthly subscription box you'll ever want.
The other guys send you sample packs in every box! Now they'll tell you that it allows them to send you more baits each month. That's simply not true. We each send the same number of baits per box. The other guys send samples because for them, it's all about making higher profit margins on every box. At Lucky Tackle Box, we think that sending sample packs, frankly put, we think it sucks. We strive to give you the biggest bang for your buck every single month and we work hard to not send you sample packs. Sometimes it is inevitable due to inventory constraints with our suppliers but our goal whenever possible is to send you full packs of baits.

Here's how easy it is to subscribe to Lucky Tackle Box....


Pick the box you want (bass or inshore salt) and the number of boxes you want to receive.


We hand pick the best brands, the best baits, and ship it to your door for free on the 10th of every month.


You tackle the mailman because you can't wait to get your hands on your Lucky Tackle Box.

Plans automatically renew. You may cancel at anytime. *$5 shipping applies to orders outside the United States.

Buying Our Monthly Fishing Tackle

Buying your fishing tackle online from us couldn’t be simpler, but here’s the details just in case. First, pick which box you want. We currently offer bass and inshore saltwater plans as well as panfishing! The next step is deciding which monthly setup you want. We offer our fishing tackle in installments of month-to-month, three months, six months or twelve months. Keep in mind that you get a discount by ordering a multiple months package, so it pays to take the plunge!
Once all the choosing is done, we’ll ship it your way for free on the 10th day of every month. Live outside the States? A small shipping fee of $5 will be applied to your box. Feel free to cancel your subscription at any time. No catch (pun intended) and no hidden language. We’re sure you’ll want to stick around, though. Get shopping, and get back on the water!

Want it? Get it!

When making your Christmas shopping list you will want to check out Lucky Tackle Box.  You can connect with them on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or their website.  

Thank you to Lucky Tackle Box and The Social Butterfly for allowing me to learn more about this awesome product!  It was a pleasure to work with you.  

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