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Keeping them safe AND adorable on vacation!!

We recently went on our FIRST family vacation as a family of 5. We had taken our oldest daughter to Disney when she was 4. We traveled with family then, and it was 7 adults and one four year old! No stress there!
When I started planning our first family trip, I kept seeing all these things about tattooing your kids with their info on arms or on their Magic Bands incase they got lost. You know, all the important stuff...  Names, Parent's cell numbers, food allergies, etc. It really got me thinking, what would I do if one of the kids wondered off and went missing in DISNEY?!? I mean this trip it was just hubby and I and three kids! We were out numbered!
That is where matching outfits came into play. As much as I would like to think had my four year old son popped up missing that I would have remained calm, I knew as well as I know my name I would not be! And what is the first thing they ask when someone goes missing? What are they wearing? Well if they are all wearing the same thing... it makes it easier had something happened to look at the other 2 and know what they had on!
So I might have went a little overboard... but it's Disney! Here is what they were matched in each day of our trip =)
Traveling Day... Classic Mickey!
Animal Kingdom Day!!
Campfire with Chip and Dale!
Hollywood Studio Day!
for the record, this was my favorite dress of the trip =)
Magic Kingdom Day, Dumbo themed of course!!
Epcot Day
 And my absolute favorite: Magic Kingdom day 2

I thank the stars that no one got lost and we didn't have to test my theory that this would help!!! But I'd like to think that it would have. So much so that I am planning our next trip as we speak! A surprise universal trip! So far I have minions, Grinch, and Marvel characters! Anyone else match their kids on vacation?!?

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