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Getting to Know Ondria

Thanks for dropping by to get to know the MBP team of bloggers a little better. This week, we're getting to know MBP Founder, Ondria.

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What I am cooking? What's for dinner?

Tonight, we're having Chicken Fettuccine with Broccoli, and Texas Toast. A family favorite, and a meal that is quick and easy!


Whatcha Reading?

B and I have been reading a lot of fun books together- particularly Halloween themed books, like I Want to Eat Your Books, and The Runaway Pumpkin. We've also thrown a few LEGO Ninjago books in for good measure, since B is learning to read. 

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Whatca Watching?

Shows that I watch for myself, I usually watch at night, when I am half asleep. I do like some of the fall TV shows, and am excited to see new episodes from New Girl, The Middle, The Goldbergs, and Reign, which I am obsessed with. Hubby and I also enjoy watching Bob's Burgers. Don't ask- it was a brand new show about five years ago, when B had just been born, and we watched it on Sunday nights while B fell asleep in my arms, and I tried to eat some dinner with one hand. It's a silly, weird show, and it just struck a cord with us. I also enjoy Modern Family, but the older the characters get, the less funny I find the show.

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What am I looking forward to?

The end of the 'birthday slide.' We have a crazy number of family birthdays that take place back to back from July through October. In November and December, we get a break from the birthdays, thank goodness! We have to save up from all of the birthday gift giving so we can afford Christmas! Birthdays start up again in January- with my birthday, soon after Christmas.

The other things I am looking forward to are:
Trip to the NC mountains this weekend- it's peek color weekend for the fall leaves.
Trip to Daytona Beach in Nov.

Thanks for getting to know a little about me!!! Feel free to answer any of the questions about yourself for me to get to know you!!!

Have a Fantastic Thursday!!!

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