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Getting to know Michele #GettingToKnowYouThursday

Thanks for dropping by to get to know the MBP team of bloggers a little better. This week, we're getting to know a newer contributor to our blog, Michele.
Hi there!! Since this is my first Getting to Know ME, I will start at the beginning ;)
This is my family! This pic is about a year old... but apparently my Hubby is VERY elusive for pictures! New project just planned... Project FAMILY PICTURES!! He will be thrilled! lol.
What I am cooking? What's for dinner?
That is a GREAT question! The weather has just changed to fall weather here near Chicago, so I am certain will come from my crockpot. I'm thinking Crockpot Chicken Cordon Bleu. YUM!
Whatcha Reading?
I read this book a LONG time ago, but I just started working at our local elementary school that is just for Kindergarten, so I picked it up to read again! Now that the dust of the first few weeks of coming to school all day every day has settled for the kids, it is SO amazing to be able to teach them little life lessons that will continue forever. A pretty solid list compiled in this book.... with exception to the nap every afternoon, I SO wish that was an option ;)
Whatca Watching?
Wellllllll, now that you asked... FALL TV is BACK!!!!
I don't think I turned on the TV once this summer with intentions to watch anything myself. It was Disney/Nick Junior all day every day! So happy that I have my "Mommy Shows" to catch up on when I put the kids to bed!! The top 3 of my list
I've been addicted since season 1. It gets pretty cheesy every now and again... but it is always my #1 pick!
I LOVE Nashville, which is so bizarre to me as I am not even remotely a fan of country music... but I love the show AND the music!!! Any one else out there Nashville fans?
My final pick is Modern Family. I love the new episodes, the old episodes, all episodes. It is a go to for my husband and I. I love all the characters. So funny!
What am I looking forward to?
It's October... which means it is almost my oldest daughters birthday and Halloween (I LOVE dressing the kids up in cute costumes... although this year they are NOT agreeing on a theme) and once Halloween is done... it mean's it is practically Christmas... and we are working on a BIG surprise for the kids!!! I can't wait =)
Thanks for getting to know a little about me!!! Feel free to answer any of the questions about yourself for me to get to know you!!!
Have a Fantastic Thursday!!!

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