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Get the Juices Flowing: citruszinger #Review

Thank you to Zing Anything for sending us these products, free of charge, in exchange for our honest review. All thoughts and opinions shared are my own.

Since I gave up caffeine during pregnancy and while I was nursing, I drink lemon water almost every morning instead of coffee or tea. In the summer its cold and in the winter I warm it up a bit first. The zesty water gets me well hydrated first thing in the morning and lemon has been shown to aid in digestion, reduce inflammation, and is packed with Vitamin C. This beverage of choice has one downside though: the seeds! I hate fishing them out, or drinking around them being careful not to swallow.

Enter the revolutionary citruszinger bottle system from Zing Anything. Needless to say I was super excited to receive the citruszinger for a trial. The cute bottle is 28 oz, so it is easy to keep track of how much water you are drinking in a day (big bonus for pregnancy, nursing, or weight loss which all place a big emphasis on hydration).

And, it's easy to do. Just pick your preferred citrus (or veggie...keep reading to see that), wash, slice, twist, and add water. You can leave the fruit in the bottom reservoir for continued infusion, or pop it out if you prefer a milder flavor. With the special design, there are no seeds in your water, just flavor!

I wanted to see how the citruszinger would shape up for non-citrus flavoring and gave cucumber water a try too! The result was a refreshing, "green" taste that I worked equally as well.

Zing Anything also sent me the zing grater which allows a stronger infusion of flavor. They recommend ginger infused ice tea, but I'm not much of a ginger fan, so I opted to make a zesty orange drink. Using sparkling water, I grated an orange to create a homemade orange soda, minus all the weird additives and sugar. Win! And, just like the company name, you can zing just about anything you can imagine.

The bottles are durable, BPA free plastic, and the convenient loop on the top makes them an easy carry along. All the pieces come apart easily for washing, and twist right back into place again and again, allowing you to reduce waste from tossing water bottles.

Want it? Buy it!

The citruszinger is available on the Zing Anything website and can also be found on Amazon. These would make a great gift for anyone. Happy Zinging!

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