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Back to School: Start the Day off Right with Barbara's Cereal #Review and #Giveaway

We all know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and at Wigglesworth Manor our go to breakfast is cereal. Unfortunately, many of our favorite cereals include a lot of sugar, which we just don't need. We are working to cut back on our sugar intake as a family, so when we had the chance to partner with Barbara's for our Back to School Guide, I was beyond thrilled! 

Barbara's  cereals are a great option to start the morning off right! Made with high quality ingredients, these cereals provide optimum nutrition and taste. For this reveiw, we selected 2 boxes of Barbara's Puffins cereal (original and peanut butter) and, because Barbara's also creates some yummy snacks, a package of Snackimals oatmeal cookies. 

Our Thoughts:

Original Puffins: 

I was so excited to see that this cereal only has 5 grams of sugar per serving. Then, I felt a little worried that the girls wouldn't eat it. There are a few times in one's life where they are able to happily say "I was wrong", and this is one of those times. The only disappointment I felt about this cereal was really about the size of the box- we definitely need a bigger one! 

Peanut Butter Puffins:

Reese is obsessed with peanut butter. Ask her what she wants to eat, and she almost always answers "peanut butter jelly". While I am making said sandwich, she is happily enjoying a large spoonful of peanut butter! When we saw that  Barbara's carried Peanut Butter Puffins, we knew they were coming home with us. Again, we were really pleased with the low sugar count (only 6 grams/serving) and the taste of this peanut butter cereal was not overwhelming or sickeningly sweet. I actually became quite addicted to eating these as a snack during the day. 

No Shock that Reese Dug Right Into the Peanut Butter Puffins!

Just a Small Snack Mom! 

Snackimals Oatmeal Cookies:

Drew is in the third grade and she still prefers that I pack her lunch (except on Fridays, which is pizza day!). I always try to be sure to include wholesome snacks and was really glad to find a wide variety of snacks by Barbara's. We opted for the oatmeal cookies because both girls love animal crackers and oatmeal cookies, so we figured that since these were both, they'd be a hit. We were not wrong!

I was going to share the family favorite, but there was no clear winner .We were extremely pleased with each product because of the ingredients and taste. We can't wait to try more Barbara's products, but I have to remember to use the store locator or just  shop Barbara's online because our local stores seemed to have a pretty small selection. 

Want It? Buy It!

Whether you are looking for cereal to start your children's day or your own, you can't go wrong with Barbara's! While we selected the Puffins cereal, there is also Snackimals CerealShredded WheatMorning Oat Crunch, and more.

Don't forget to check out the line of snacks available, including Snackimals CookiesCheese Puffs, and Fig Bars

Want It? Win It! 

Thanks to our fabulous friends at RKPR and Barbara's, one lucky MBP reader will win vouchers to purchase their own Barbara's products! Simply enter using the Rafflecopter form below!  Be sure to become part of the Barbara's Community, give a like to Barbara's Bakery on Facebook, and follow Barbara's Bakery on Twitter

Good Luck! 

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