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Awesome Sleeping Tips For Tired Moms

If you are the parent of young children, there’s a good chance you have forgotten what it’s like to have a good night’s sleep. And, most likely, it’s only now that you truly understand what the word ‘tired’ actually means. 

You go to bed, and the slightest little noise wakes you up. Worse still, you are so used to hearing your little ones wake up, that if you can’t hear anything you start worrying something might be wrong! 

Everyone knows a lack of sleep is part and parcel of having kids, but that doesn’t make it any easier. The trick is to sleep as well as you can when you can. Here are some ideas I have used in the past to recuperate and rest better. I hope they can give you a little help.

Establish a routine

Routine is everything when it comes to sleeping. Your body clock likes a regular time to go to bed, and, most importantly, a regular time to get up. Now, I understand this can be tough when you are getting up four or five times during the night. But, if you can get that routine in place, it means that you will sleep a lot better when you get the chance. 

Encourage the kids to sleep

All kids are different, and there is no guaranteed way of getting them to sleep through the night. You can read all the books you like, but ultimately, you will have to find your own method. I had some great results with this Miracle Baby Sleep System. You could also try something like a Good Nite Lite to encourage them to stay in bed for longer in the mornings. Maybe it will work for you, maybe it won’t. But, don’t give up - somewhere out there is the solution you are looking for. And, always remember that things will get better at some point!

Better quality sleep

It’s so important that when you can sleep, it’s quality sleep. There are two important things that can help - your mattress and your pillows. Now, different people like different sleeping conditions, so it might take a while to find the perfect mattress for your needs. Some people like memory foam, while others might benefit from something like these John Ryan by Design King size latex mattresses. The point is - find your perfect bed and invest in it. And, don’t forget about your pillows. You will get a better quality sleep if your neck and your head has proper support. 

Get as much fresh air as possible

As we are heading towards winter, it’s going to be difficult to spend as much time outside as you did in the summer. But, the more you can breathe that fresh air into your lungs and get plenty of exercise, the deeper sleep you will get. Being outside gives your melatonin reserves a boost, which makes getting - and staying - asleep a lot easier.

Well, I hope some of these tips can help you get a better night’s sleep. It’s tough when you have youngsters that just won’t stay in their beds. But, it’s important to look after yourself as much as possible. Improving your sleep - if you can - will give you the extra energy you need for the busy day ahead. Good luck!  

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