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I don't know a single parent who never had a restless night due to an adorable, yet restless baby. When Balian was an infant, I remember thinking, 'this baby never sleeps!' I tried everything to calm him, lull him to sleep and get him to stay asleep. Now 18 months old, we have only had a handful of nights that he has slept all the way through, and in his own room. Balian almost always winds up in bed with us, which is probably my fault for loving safe-co-sleeping with him- it was convenient, because I was nursing him, and it helped him get to sleep and stay asleep. However, co-sleeping isn't right for everyone, and most folks don't recommend it due to the SIDS concern, which is completely understandable, and wouldn't even dream of co-sleeping with a newborn.

Thanks to the Miracle Baby Sleep System from SmartWav, parents everywhere now have a wonderful helper at their disposal, which is designed to help ease the transition from womb to world by providing an accurate simulation of the womb's sonic environment.

 The Miracle Baby Sleep System 3-Disc Set from SmartWav

I was sent the SmartWav Miracle Baby Sleep System to try with Balian. It included a 3-CD set, as well as a DVD Data Disc with extended-play MP3 versions. There are two disks to play for the baby's sleep time. The first disk is a 'Lull to Sleep' disk of beautiful piano music by acclaimed pianist, Jay Oliver. This disk is intended to be used on a common stereo system. The beautiful music is combined with the Wombeffect audio technology on the CD, which creates a lovely, relaxing and sedating soundscape.

The second disk within the SmartWav Miracle Baby Sleep System is for extended sleep. This disk also features Wombeffect technology abd us designed to keep your baby sleeping longer and deeper with less wakings in the middle of the night. This disk works best when put on 'repeat' on a CD player with small speakers in the baby's room.

I couldn't wait to give the SmartWav Miracle Baby Sleep System a go. I waited until Balian showed signs of being sleepy, got him ready for bed and gave him his before bedtime milk bottle. I dimmed the family room lights, made sure the television was off, and then began playing the 'Lull to Sleep' disk, quietly on our stereo system. The music was so pretty, and the Wombeffect sounds were so soothing! This even made me want to curl up and go to sleep! It usually takes me or my husband anywhere from thirty to forty minutes to get Balian to sleep. After listening to the 'Lull to Sleep' CD with me for seven minutes, he was out cold on my lap. In the meantime, my husband was prepping Balian's room- lights out, door cracked open, night light on, and he put the 'Extended Sleep' CD at a soft volume, and made sure it was on repeat. Once I got the 'all clear' from my husband, I picked Balian up and slowly carried him to his room, and laid him down in his crib.  He didn't budge- his breathing seemed completely relaxed, so we gave him kisses and headed to bed, ourselves!

To my surprise, I woke at 6am the following day, and realized that Balian was still asleep in his crib. This hardly ever happens! I poked my head into his room to see that he was still sound asleep! I was overjoyed that he slept the entire night through- and in his own room! Since we started using the SmartWav Miracle Baby Sleep System, Balian has been sleeping in his room way more often, and for much longer periods of time, which I am super thankful for!

As if a sleeping baby wasn't enough, I got my own little perk from the Miracle Baby Sleep System! The review set that I received came with an Adult Sleep Ocean Waves CD, which features the new rolling-pink noise technology. M husband is a white noise fan, and usually needs to have the fan running while he sleeps. The Ocean Waves CD is so nice to listen to. I don't need much help falling asleep most nights, because I am usually exhausted by the time I get to bed, but there are those nights that I can't seem to find the off switch on my brain. The Ocean Waves CD is incredibly relaxing, and my husband and I have enjoyed playing it while we fall asleep each night.

We also received a DVD of MP3 files to put on our computer, and then upload to our MP3 players. This is particularly awesome, because we can take the Miracle Baby Sleep System anywhere, this way. We could send it to grandma's house, use it while on vacation, etc. How convenient is that?

I wish I'd had this sleep system from SmartWav when Balian was a newborn. I am so glad that I have it now, though, and will definitely be trying this out when we decide we're ready to extend our little family. Click here to listen to some SmartWav music samples- hearing is believing!

The Miracle Music Math System from SmartWav

Also from SmartWav- the Music Math System. This is a brain-training music CD system, which is scientifically designed to project pure math through musical sequences of tones. Lord, help my son when it comes to math. I hope he gets my husband's math smarts, but if not, I'll be looking to this system, because it pre-teaches math and physics, simply by playing it in the background! How cool is that?

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You can learn more about the SmartWav Systems and purchase the above mentioned products by visiting the SmartWav website. Be sure to become a fan of SmartWav on Facebook to stay up to date on their latest products and offers!

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Special thanks to SmartWav for allowing us to try this break-through system with our little one!

Disclosure: Other than the above featured product, which I received free of charge for review purposes from the sponsor, through my affiliation with Family Review Network, I was not compensated for facilitating this review. All opinions expressed are my own. Your experience may differ.

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