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DIY Minion Flower Pot Planters

With my mom's Birthday right around the corner, I put my mind to work on a craft for my 3 minions and I to make her. I thought, "We will get her some flower's to plant" and while staring at the yellow mum's at Menard's, this idea popped in my head. I am NOT a good drawer, or painter, LOL, so my hubby about died when I told him my idea of Minion Flower Pots.

For the craft you will need...
~2 pots per minion you want to make
~yellow spray paint
~blue paint
~white, black, and silver paint pens
~a paint brush
~hot glue gun
~potting soil and flowers of your choosing

I do apologize, as I got quite excited to make these, I forgot to take lots of pics. I will walk you through each step though.

I started by spray painting all the pots yellow. I would suppose you could use any kind of paint, but spray paint seemed like the best idea to me.

Let them dry.

Once they are dry, use a pencil and lightly draw the eyes on. This proved to be much easier than I thought. I then used the paint pens to color in the eyes and masks. I needed to use 2 coats.

Then I painted on a tiny black line of a mouth and some little black lines for "hair"

Flip over your plain yellow pot and use your pencil to lightly draw on the overalls. I was really panicked about this step- not sure why... put it proved to be super simple. Once the overalls dried, I put a black outline completely around them and used the silver to make a little pocket. If you are crafty, you can attempt the "G" that is on their overall pockets, I however was NOT feeling comfortable trying it!!!

When both pieces dried completely, I used hot glue to hold the two parts together.

I then filled the pots with top soil and the flowers that each kiddo picked. I have to say I tried talking my son out of the fern, as I wanted something with color, but I think that minion turned out to be my favorite!!!

My mom and dad FLIPPED. They absolutely LOVE their minions. And I have to say I do too!!! The kids helped me spray paint and paint the overalls, and I am thinking we may work on another set for Mommy for home.

We hope you'll give this fun project a try!

Have a great weekend!


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