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Acts of Kindness: My Name Is

This RAOK will take you approximately 14 seconds to do, costs nothing, and means the world to those who receive it. Sound to good to be true? Read on...

Learn people's names. I've watched my husband do this countless times and never really thought about the impact it makes, but on several occasions, I have noted that it is like flipping a switch or opening a door and the entire situation changes. Stop and listen when your server introduces him or herself, then the next time s/he returns to the table address them properly and have a small conversation. Do you know the mail carrier's name? What about the grocery check out clerk you see every week? Even if they are wearing a name tag, committing that name to memory, and using it, will bring a smile and make that person feel important.

Every time my toddler points to a face in a photo I tell him that person's name. I love that he now knows Jodi at Whole Foods and Angela driving the mail truck. Sometimes it takes me out of my comfort zone to stop and talk, so I'm challenging myself to learn even more names: the garbage truck drivers, all the people and kids on our block (hey we just moved, and its a big block!), the receptionist at the dentist. 

Your name is quite literally who you are and who doesn't want to have that acknowledged?

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