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Water Play: The Stress-Relieving Benefits of The Lake #FitnessFriday

Breathe...isn't that something we so easily forget to do or forget how to do? I don't claim to be invisible to any of the stress and exhaustion that comes with being a working mother. Lets be brutally honest for a minute; most days I wake up already tired and my first thoughts aren't usually peachy. It's a human reality that we are responsible for our thoughts and it is also equally true that this is no easy task. Living in a world as we do I've come to realize that I need to have positive physical elements that counteract the ever present negativity. I have found that my body and mind are much more dependent on each other than I had been used to exercising in my younger years. Much of this realization came from learning how to breathe in yoga, but another piece of it comes when I am teaching my daughter how to work through her realities as well.

Today we are heading to a lake and, while I'm no expert swimmer, I cannot wait to get in the water with my little "E." When she gets time to be active during the day and especially when she swims I notice that her sleep benefits...she rests more deeply. If only there were enough time in the world to swim everyday! So, however you are feeling today think of one physical activity you could do either on your own or with your family to counteract those things that hold us down. Here are some resources & ideas if you are interested in learning more about relieving stress in your life.

The following information was obtained from helensfishesclub.com:

Emotional benefits
  • Swimming can improve the mental well-being of your child. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, swimming can improve your mood and decrease anxiety. Swimming is also an activity that can involve the whole family. The CDC also reports that parents of children with developmental disabilities have found that group swimming improves family connections.
Range of Exercises
  • Swimming can provide children with a range of exercise, from a small amount of activity and movement to a full-on aerobic workout. The fun of messing around in the water allows children to exercise without even knowing it. It can provide stretching and toning exercises, or a full workout that can strengthen the lungs and the heart. It is also good as an individual activity or as a team sport where kids compete in relay races.
Health Problems
  • Swimming is beneficial for kids with health problems ranging from arthritis to asthma. Overweight children will find that swimming is an easier form of exercise than others such as running or playing tennis. The movement in the water makes exercising easier and more fun for overweight children. Those with juvenile arthritis benefit from the weightlessness of being in water, making it easier for them to get a small amount of low-impact exercise. Similarly, kids with asthma are less likely to suffer from asthma attacks while swimming than during other forms of exercise. Indoor swimming is especially beneficial as the moist air makes breathing easier.

Wishing you a fabulous Friday!


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