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Rock the Rest of Your Summer with #Insignia Bluetooth Speakers from #BestBuy

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School will soon be back in session in NC, and we're holding onto those last few days of summer vacation. We're anxious for school to start back up, but we still have several things to accomplish from our summer 'to-do' list before that first day back. Summer has gone by so quickly, and I have enjoyed having my son at home with me on the days he hasn't been at play school. He's grown up so much this summer, and I have seen him develop many new skills. He's such a wonderful helper, and I want to encourage him to help, always.

In our house, we thrive in a musical environment. Music is so soothing, exciting, and really is theraputic. Music often paves the way for allowing one to express their feelings and their personality. We come from a family of musicians, and are musicians, ourselves, so we can often be found at home, listening to and enjoying all types of music from classical to orchestral movie scores, and modern day pop music. I quickly found that it was a huge pain to move a laptop from room to room just to stream music. Using a phone works well enough if we're on our home wifi network, but the sound quality is poor. We were excited to receive the opportunity to try out some portable Bluetooth Speakers by Insigia from Best Buy- our very first Bluetooth Speakers experience.

The Insignia Bluetooth Plug-In Wall Speaker is small, yet powerful. It was easy to connect the speaker to my device (laptop), which I usually stream music from Spotify. I enjoy being able to listen to whatever I want to- when I want to. Since the speaker can be plugged in, I can easily move it from room to room- from the kitchen to the living room. It also runs without being plugged in. I can unplug the speaker, and it will still play music, as I am walking to another room with the speaker in hand.

Small in size, powerful in sound... this Insignia Plug-In Wall Speaker can be plugged in just about anywhere. Here, we have it in our kitchen.

Wirelessly stream your favorite audio in any room of your home with this Insignia plug-in Bluetooth speaker. The speaker features a built-in power adapter and rechargeable battery, allowing over 2 hours of playback.

Designed as a wireless audio solution for your home, it plugs directly into your wall outlets - no wires, shelf space or expensive receiver needed.

Unlike some other higher priced plug-in Bluetooth speakers, this Insignia speaker does not need to be plugged in at all times to work.  It’s sleek, white design blends in to your home and its portability makes it perfect for taking it with you while you’re on the go.

Product Features:

•             Compatible with most Bluetooth-enabled devices for wireless audio streaming.

•             Auxiliary audio input jack connects your non-Bluetooth devices for more listening options.

•             Built-in power adapter allows the speaker to stay plugged into a wall outlet to maintain a full charge.

•             USB charging port keeps electronic devices powered, so you can continue enjoying your favorite songs.

•             Built-in rechargeable battery enables over 2 hours of playback when taking your speaker on the go.

We love this speaker, and I have primarily been using it (leaving it plugged in) in the kitchen. B and I love to listen to music while we do chores, activities, and of course, for our daily dance parties!

We also received this mod looking Insignia Bluetooth Speaker.

The Bluetooth Speaker is so much fun to use! It's splash-proof, so it's perfect for the bathroom, the kitchen, or for outside. It features a fun little clip, which I love, because I can clip it right to my belt loop and take it outside with me when I work in the yard or at my potting bench. This speaker comes in fun colors, and is perfect for use at home, but would also make a great gift for a student heading off to college this season.

We put this speaker to the test on a recent trip. We were able to steam our favorite songs in the car from my phone, and we used the portable speaker to amp up the sound. It's such a neat little speaker. It's the perfect choice for the beach or pool, since it's splash proof. I wish we'd had it when we went to the beach a couple of months ago- we can't wait to take it with us on our next beach trip!

Features of the Insignia Bluetooth Speaker

Listen to your music at home or on the go with this Insignia™ portable speaker, which features Bluetooth technology for easy wireless audio streaming. The silicone strap and ultra lightweight, compact design can clip virtually anywhere including a backpack, tote, bike, purse, golf bag or belt loop.  

•             Great for use in the car as a hands-free, Bluetooth speaker phone

•             Powerful enough for the beach, laying by the pool or at an outdoor party and its splash-proof design means you don’t have to worry about water, rain or spilled drinks ruining your fun

Product Features:

•             Compatible with most Bluetooth-enabled devices for wireless audio streaming.

•             Splash-proof design

•             1.5W total system power (2W peak power), produces quality sonic output

•             USB charging port keeps electronic devices powered, so you can continue enjoying your favorite songs.

•             Rechargeable lithium battery provides up to 6 hours of playback time on a full charge.

These cute little speakers come in a variety of colors, and with family members soon heading off to college, these are the perfect birthday or Christmas gift! We'll be stocking up on a few of these to gift this season!

Want them? Get them!

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Head to Best Buy for more info on these and other Insignia products!

Here's hoping the rest of your summer is filled with music!

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