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Can't open that bottle? Grab the Magic Opener!...#review

The Magic Opener is something I desperately needed in my kitchen.  I'm always pulling out a dish towel or one of those round old fashioned rubber openers that advertise different businesses...you know the ones that your mother and grandmother had in their kitchen. I was so excited to try out the Magic Opener. 

When we received the Magic Opener we immediately used it to open a water bottle.  Aiden is very independent and doesn't like to have help with things like that.  You know sometimes the lids on those water bottles are just too tight so he was the first one to try out the Magic Opener and he was so excited that it worked and he was able to open his own water.  He has already asked if he could take it to school in his lunch box so he doesn't have to ask his teacher for help. I love that the Magic Opener has many options for it's use.  It has a spot to open small lids, large lids, glass bottles and soda cans.  I also really love that the back is magnetic so it can hang on the fridge and be near by when it is needed.  It has an ergonomic design and was very easy to hold, even for Aiden's smaller hands.  This is a product we will be using on a regular basis.

We were excited to try this one out!

Bright and fun packaging.

How cute is this little guy?

Love it being right on my fridge. 

Very easy to use.. Aiden got the top right off of his water. 

Whether you’re looking for a way to easily open different plastic bottles, aluminum Can Pop soda and/or beer cans, traditional glass bottles or you’ve tried other bottle openers with little or no success, Magic Opener ® may be the answer to a more confident easy daily successfully opening for most of the different beverage containers existing in the 21st century, including the newest coca cola plastic top or the latest small water bottle plastic tops. It does work very well, very easy, very fast and very comfortable on your hands ….as 1- 2 – 3 Guaranteed, or your money back.
Never again fight with a flip top can, tug at a twist top or mangle a metal cap — the amazingMagic Opener handles each type of beverage opening with ease. It will become one of your favorite, most used kitchen gadgets.
 As easy as saying “Open Sesame,” the Open Sesame magic bottle opener performs every time, all the time!

Bottle Opener:The Best New Gadget:

Did we say kitchen gadget? Well, that’s a start… ANYWHERE a bottle opener is needed, make sure you have the Magic Opener! Small enough to fit in a lunchbox, backpack or purse. You’ll find dozens of places (and uses) for this bottle opener.
New and improved original magicOpener
Did we mention magicOpener is equipped with a magnetic back? That means you can store it on the refrigerator, on the BBQ, bike frame, boat railing, etc. Store it on any metal surface and keep Open Sesame’s magic opener close at hand. It’s perfect for camping or traveling, for the office or beach party, in your car or RV, for hunting or fishing…and we could go on and on. Think how a multi-purpose bottle opener can make your life easier and all the places you might like to have one handy.

4-in-1 Bottle Opener:

Along with magic opener’s 4-in-1 opening functions. Our bottle opener is ergonomically designed to make every opening task gentle on your hands and easy to accomplish — even for people with limited hand strength or those suffering from Arthritis.
Don’t accept imitations if you are able to get the original and the best bottle opener there is “magic Opener ®”

Thank you Jeanette and Magic Opener for a great product!  It has been a pleasure to work with you.  I love my Magic Opener!

Want it? Buy it!

Head over to www.magicopener.com and place your order today!  Check out all that Magic Opener has to offer.  You can also visit their Facebook  or on Twitter.

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