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Potty Train Faster with Super Undies! {Review and Giveaway} #superundies #giveaway

Thank you to Super Undies for providing me with Undies and Training Pants in exchange for my honest review. All thoughts and opinions shared are my own.
C just turned 2 and we have slowly been working on potty training. She was really interested a few months ago, so we got out the potty chair and pushed it a bit with her, but she burned out fairly quickly. In the last few weeks her interest has perked back up and we are trying to move on it. I am not in any rush with her, the other two were both trained by 3, so I'm just going on her cues and interest at this point.
One thing we have occasionally used with C is training underwear. If I know we are going to be home most of the day (which doesn't happen often right now), I throw her in a pair and remind her often to tell me if she has to potty and not to pee or poop in her big girl pants. We really try to emphasize that they are not diapers, even though they are thicker and more absorbent than regular panties. She seems to think it is really cool to wear big girl panties and tries hard to remember, but most of the time she ends up wetting them before we can get to the potty.
I came across the company, Super Undies, while browsing for potty training blogs and was instantly drawn in by the cool website they had. The Superhero theme was adorable and really grabbed my attention. I knew they looked like a company I wanted to know more about, so I reached out to them about partnering with MBP.
Super Undies was conceived and designed by a busy mom named Laura, who was also the owner and designer of a company called Starbunz Diapers. Laura had experienced potty training with her son and the pitfalls of having to "go now" and after one specific accident, she set to work sewing and creating the ultimate waterproof underwear that was "big kid" approved. They had a thin waterproof fabric and a stuff-able back pocket that held a thin absorbent pad.
 In 2006, the training pants products, from Starbunz, transitioned into Super Undies as a stand alone company. Laura, with the help of her brother, developed and grew the Super Undies concept into what it is today. Super Undies specializes in Daytime Potty Training and Bedwetting Solution products. They offer high quality cloth options that are made with waterproof, absorbent materials, that are made in the USA.
Super Undies strives to empower moms, dads, and children to potty train quickly and easily with their products. They also offer support to families who experience the difficulties of bed wetting. They create amazing products that stand out and perform well for kids of all ages, including those with special needs.
We were offered the chance to choose some of their products and review them, and also run a giveaway for our readers. I went the Super Undies website, which is very straight forward, offering Potty Training Pants, Bedwetting Pants, Package Deals, Special Needs, and also a Sale and Wholesale section. Knowing that C was in the Potty Training phase, I clicked on Potty Training and was immediately greeted with a selection of products to make potty training fun. All of the Potty Trainers can be used both as a diaper and also as training pants (when using or not using an insert), so twice the use!
Super Undies has three styles of Potty Training Undies available:
Hybrid TrainersPull-on UndiesSnap-on Undies
 Use multiple timesSingle UseSingle or multi-use
Snap Off/Pull downPull down Snap off/Pull down
 Add in absorbency Built in absorbency Built in absorbency
Each of the styles also comes in a variety of colors for both girls and boys and start in price at $18.95. All of the styles have a special hidden pocket to adjust the absorbency of the training pants as well. I requested both the Hybrid Trainer and Snap-On Undies for C.
I consulted the Super Undies sizing chart for the best fit. C was a true size small, which is typical for her age group, but Super Undies understands that no kid is the same and offers an assortment of sizes for all ages.
Our Super Undies package is here!
The Superhero talk on the packing is super fun and really stands out to me. I know so many kids would respond positively to something as cool as a Superhero.
My little monkey is ready to open her package and see what is inside.
Rip and tearing to get in
We found a ton of goodies from Super Undies!
The first item we found was the Snap-On Potty Training Pants
We received the Size Small in Cupcake Queen. These training pants come size Small-XXL and in 5 different color options. They retail for $19.95 each. The Snap-On Undies have a built in microfiber absorbency, stretchy side tabs, a pass through pocket, and quick release snaps.
The training pants are a nice thickness and can easily offer a lot of protection against wetness. You can also open up the pants and add the absorbent insert snuggly in the pocket.
Both ways have provided good protection, but with C, the extra cloth insert is a safer way to go.
The tabs are extra stretchy and offer two different sizing options. I like this feature because you don't have to size up right away, you have time to grow in the current size you are in.
There are three quick and easy snaps on either leg that seal up the entire pant, snuggly to the waist and legs.
The Super Undies Snap-On Potty Training Pants are a big hit to make C feel like a big girl. She gladly wears them and even when we don't quite make it in time, I don't have to worry about wetting through her clothes. She is getting a bit better at remembering they aren't diapers. We haven't ventured outside our house wearing them, we still just wear them at home, but I am going to start small errands while wearing them and see how she manages then.
Our second Super Undies item was the Hybrid Cloth Diaper and Trainer Undies
Again we received one size fits most in Cupcake Pink. The Hybrids come in size one size fits most (which is children 20-35 pounds) and comes in 3 color options. They retail as a shell only for $18.95 or as a set with three microfiber inserts for $32.95. It has super leak proof sides, reinforced stretchy tabs, two rows of adjustable snaps, and inserts can be snapped or laid in.
The Hybrids are a bit bulkier and offer a crazy amount of protection against wetness. I like to be able to snap the insert right into the base of the pant and then snap it back out when it is soiled or wet, without having to change the exterior of the pant.
The pants can be snapped on and off or even just pulled down, whatever your child prefers. C is still not able to do it by herself, so I appreciate the snaps.
The inserts are sold separately and come in 1 pack ($5) or 3 pack ($13.95) options.
They come in cotton or microfiber absorbency and offer three layers of absorbency, topped with a think wicking layer. The inserts can be folded in half or thirds to lend more soaking power too. They can be used in almost all of the Super Undies products as both extra protection and a way to reuse the shell without washing everything.
C thinks they are great and it helps that they look just like big kid panties. She looks pretty cute with her big puffy cloth bootie too.
One way to keep your Super Undies in great condition and protecting your investment is by taking great care of them. They need to be turned inside out before washing in your most trusted detergent. Do NOT use bleach or fabric softener which can ruin the fabrics and lose their absorbency. They can then be line or machine dried.
 Disposable pull-ups and diapers can add up both financially and environmentally. Super Undies is definitely an investment up front, like all cloth diapering is, but over time, can become a huge cost saver because they can be used, washed, and reused over and over. The Super Undies styles are much more underwear like, than diaper like, making your child feel like a big kid.
Want It? Buy It!
Super Undies can help your Potty Trainer or Bed Wetter with their amazing products. While I don't currently have a bed wetter, I have read amazing results of the Bed Wetting options from Super Undies and will keep them in mind if I ever should need help. Shop the sale now and save some money. You can follow Super Undies on Facebook too!  
Want It? Win It!
Two MBP readers will win a pair of Super Undies Hybrid and Pull On Training Pants. Just use the Rafflecopter entry form below to enter to win. Remember- if the entry field appears in BOLD, it's mandatory.
So many thanks to Super Undies for our training pants and for offering a giveaway too!


  1. My little girl was day trained around her second birthday, but 8 months later, we are still struggling with getting through the night.

  2. I would love to try some of their overnight undies. Maybe if my little one had big girl undies at night she would be better at holding it.

  3. My daughter just turned two and she's going through potty training right now.

  4. My 2.5 year old has been going on the potty during the day since she was 2 but night time and car rides are still a struggle!

  5. My favorite product would have to be the bed wetting pants!

  6. We started a little before she was two, but once her 2 year birthday hit we really started working hard to get our first potty trained. She did great at nights, not so great during the day.

  7. My daughter is just starting to potty train at 14 months.

  8. My oldest was fully potty trained by 3.

  9. My favorite item would be the hybrid training pants.

  10. I'm looking all over the interwebs for a comparison of the SuperUndies Hybrid and the Flip trainer. Can anyone help a girl out?


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