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Have a Comfortable Summer with Oh Yeah Comfy!

Sweet, sweet summer is here, and if you're anything like me, there's nothing better about this time of the year than relaxing and spending treasured time with the ones you love. In order for me to fully relax, I have to be comfortable, and have to be in an environment I love and enjoy. I love my home, but sometimes, it can seem cluttered and cramped, and I need to escape to a serene place. Luckily, all I have to do is step out onto my front porch to do just that.

Oh Yeah Comfy

What does comfort mean to you? At Oh Yeah Comfy, it all began with a broken beach chair and a vision from owner and creator, Brian Fish. In 2001, when Brian was driving home with a broken beach chair in the back of his truck, he had an 'epiphany.' 

I could see it in my mind's eye, clear as day: the most perfect and beautiful beach chair.  I could envision myself sitting down in it, with its bungee suspension system cradling me, and saying "Oh Yeah, Comfy!". 

I spent the next 7 hours driving back home to Maine thinking about nothing else but the chair and how I was going to go about designing and building it.  That extensive process of trial and error, designing, redesigning, experimenting and learning, was all incredibly fulfilling.  I built this chair for myself, the "necessity is the mother of invention" path.  I'm proud to offer it to you, the discerning relaxation enthusiast, in hopes that it brings you as much joy as it has to me.  -Brian Fish

I responded to Brian's vision, and like him, sought a more comfortable way to relax in my favorite settings- be it the beach, the backyard, a camp site or the front porch. Brian generously offered to share one of his beautiful chairs with my family, and our experience has been nothing but luxurious!

Check out the Comfy details...


We received a gorgeous royal purple fabric with our Oh Yeah Comfy Chair.

Our chair arrived, fully assembled, and folded up. To get our chair ready for use, all we had to do was unfold it, and slide the adjustable positioner in place. The frame of the chair is made from beautiful Brazilian Cherry hardwood. My husband's first instinct was to examine the wood. He was so impressed by the beautiful finish, and by how smooth it was. The natural grains running through the wood make each and every chair truly unique.

The fabric seat is fastened to the chair by bungees!

My husband is so picky about our furniture, and has often complained that the pieces we own for our outdoor furniture, while pretty, just aren't comfortable for him to hang out in. I took a seat in our new beach chair from Oh Yeah Comfy, and felt like I could have spent the rest of the day in it. It's the kind of chair that you just want to sit in and close your eyes for a while. It's the chair that everyone else will be fighting over when they come to your house, or when you head to the beach with your family and friends.

Since we're currently enjoying our chair at home, we figured we'd dress it up here and there will a decorative pillow.

I mentioned there might be fighting over the chair. Everyone in our family loves the Oh Yeah Comfy Chair. I love that it's sturdy, and won't tip over. As a mom, I am constantly worrying about B (4 years old) flipping chairs over. I don't think he could flip the Oh Yeah Comfy chair over even if he wanted to... it's that solid. Speaking of sturdy, my hubby is perfectly comfortable in the chair. He has claimed the chair as his own, and if B or myself are in it when we hang out on the porch, we know we'll have to give it up for daddy.

The Oh Yeah Comfy chair is the perfect addition to our favorite outdoor space!

When daddy isn't around, B claims the awesome Oh Yeah Comfy chair!

'Don't even think about trying to take my chair!'

My favorite time of day is first thing in the morning, when the air is still a bit cool, and I have some quiet time out on the porch with a warm cup of coffee, in the most comfortable chair in the world. I imagine that we'll be adding some more Oh Yeah Comfy chairs to our porch in the near future. With so many great colors to choose from, we can have some fun with mixing and matching. The built-in drink holder (drink is held in place by bungee cords) makes relaxing to the max even better! Sacha said he appreciates the wide armrests, as well!

I like keeping our chair on the porch, because it's covered, but this chair is also the perfect seat for me in the backyard, so I can be close to the kiddie pool while B takes a dip. It folds up quickly and easily, and the fabric dries out quickly, as well. It's definitely coming with us the next time we hit the beach, or head to the lake. It folds flat, and can be laid down in the back hatch of the car.

One more quick story, if you don't mind (as my pastor would say). Not long after we received our chair from Oh Yeah Comfy, our Fed Ex Express lady (Sharon- we love her!) noticed our awesome chair sitting on the porch. She walked over to it to check it out up close, and commented on how cool and comfy it looked. I told her to take a load off, and test the chair out, sharing Brian's story and a bit about Oh Yeah Comfy. She fell in love with the chair, and a couple of days later, told me that she went straight home after work that day to hop online and look into getting some Oh Yeah Comfy chairs to put out by her pool! Yes, these chairs are that awesome! 

close up arm.jpg

Want One? Get One!

Head on over to Oh Yeah Comfy to view their entire line of chairs. You can also connect with Oh Yeah Comfy on Facebook and Twitter. These products are proudly made in the USA. 

Special thanks to Brian Fish of Oh Yeah Comfy for allowing us to experience and share about these wonderful chairs! We hope you'll take the time to check them out further!


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  1. What a fun, comfy-looking chair! I love the color you chose. :)


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