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Disney's Frozen: You Are My Best Friend #BookReview and #VacationSweepstakes

My girls definitely still have a case of "Frozen fever". I know many parents are probably over it completely, but I have to say I don't think it's all that bad. Now, to be fair, we watched it for the first time MONTHS after it was released on DVD and the girls don't watch it every single day or sing the soundtrack non-stop. I think even if they did, I might just join in, because who doesn't love a good soundtrack sing-along? 

Our Girls as Elsa and Anna for Halloween Last Year! 

I think one of the greatest things about Frozen is the relationship between Elsa and Anna. As you know, I happen to have 2 daughters. They are really close and absolutely adore one another. However, I also have 3 sisters, and I remember how life tends to separate you for a little while during your teenage years. 

They LOVE One Another  

Recently, we received a personalized copy of "Disney's Frozen: You Are My Best Friend", from our friends over at Put Me in the Story. The girls, of course, were excited about more Elsa and Anna, and I was pleased with the story line. There was a great message, it was age appropriate, and my girls names were mentioned throughout the book. I also really appreciated that I was able to personalize the book for both girls instead of only being able to do it for one of them. 

Our Book Has Arrived! 

The Dedication Page

About the Story:

Elsa and Anna take turns telling your child how close they were until the time Elsa realized that her powers could harm Anna and had to stop being so close with her. Anna does her best to try to get that sisterly bond back, but both girls have difficulties seeing past their differences (Elsa is neat and reserved while Anna is messy and carefree). Eventually Elsa ends up wondering what life would be like if Anna was more like her while Anna is wondering what life would be like if Elsa were more like her. Thankfully, one day, both Elsa and Anna realize how much they love each other exactly as they are and learn to appreciate what the other has to offer! 

Both Drew and Reese love this story and I hope they recall it as they get older and start noticing more of their own differences. Maybe, they'll even be able to avoid the "grow apart" stage of sisterhood and remain just as close as they are today.

Reese Loves When Drew Reads to Her 
These Faces Make My Heart So Happy

Want It? Get It! 

You can buy your own personalized copy of "Disney's Frozen: You Are My Best Friend" via the Put Me in the Story website. Be sure to check out some of their other titles, including "Marvels The Avengers: Black Ops Field Guide" and "The Berenstain Bears' Pet Show". You can also get 20% off of your order by entering to win a vacation for a family of 4 to Orlando, those details can be found below! 
Connect with Put Me in the Story via social media on FacebookPinterestTwitter, and YouTube!

A special THANK YOU to Becca Smith of Sourcebooks/Put Me in the Story and the rest of the fine folks at Put Me in the Story for allowing us the opportunity to review this sweet book and share the experience with our readers! 

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