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Cute Summer Read...Charlie's Cream Tea #bookreview #kidsread

This is a short story that is aimed at 2-6 year olds.  It is a beautifully written and illustrated book.  I love that the font is bigger for my old eyes!  I am having a Jungle Camp at my school this week and this was one of the books shared during our camp and the children loved it.  My kids in camp are age 4 through 7.  The older ones were keeping up with the amount of scones Charlie had left, so it was a little math practice.  They also loved that all the animals had a name that started with the same letter of the type of animal they were....Charlie the Crocodile, Daisy the Duck, Zoey the Zebra, etc.  The younger children kept pointing out that Charlie was going to be a very good friend and share his scones.  It was a very cute story with beautiful characters.    We enjoyed this book.  Make sure to check it out...you will want to add it to your child's bookshelf.

A little about the book....

Charlie is a very happy-go-lucky crocodile. He decides he would like a cream tea and goes shopping, only to discover the scones come in packs of 10. He buys them along with the cream and jam. On his journey home he meets some of his friends and invites them to join him for tea. A couple of his friends invite a friend of theirs too, which doesn't go down very well with Charlie. This is a happy story that reinforces positive behavior, numbers, kindness, and sharing with groups of friends. 

Victoria Hart

Victoria Hart is a qualified Child Behavior Specialist with 18 years' experience in Early Years Education. She feels passionate and enthusiastic about promoting positive behavior in children and the behavior patterns that they may have to cope with. Victoria likes to be thought of as a helping hand to give parents the confidence to understand and deal with challenging behavior, acknowledging it is a very sensitive subject. 

She has a real attachment to the characters in her book and knows from the feedback she has had, that every child has their favorite too.

Yay...a new book to read!!

Aiden reading to the Jungle campers.

He loved being my helper!

Some of the kids enjoying the book for the 2nd time!

Thank you to Victoria Hart for the opportunity to read your book and share it with our readers!  It has been a pleasure!!

Want it? Buy it!

You can purchase this book through Amazon.com

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