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Dreaming of Shoes with Fayvel {Review and Giveaway} #giveaway #favyelwear


 My kids love summer vacation. They are outside running around, playing sports, riding bikes, and just having a great time, and while doing these activities, it is important to have on the appropriate footwear to keep them safe. S loves to have the prettiest, neatest, shoes out there, and sometimes does not want to throw on tennis shoes to play. What a unique company I came across recently, that could easily have S looking adorable, while having on safe, athletic footwear when she was playing.
 Fayvel was founded on friendship, creativity, and fun, by a mom, Erin, a child of the 1980's. Erin loved to collect and trade stickers with her best friend and all the other neighborhood children growing up and wanted her two daughters to have similar experiences and memories. She created a company that offers fun, customizable athletic shoes for girls and boys from 3-9 years old.

 The name Fayvel comes from Erin's favorite childhood story, The Little Prince. The wise fox character helped Erin be inspired to Dream big. Smile often. Love always. Play hard. Respect all. Be yourself. Erin's hopes are that Fayvel children and all children continue to use their imagination and never forget who they are or want to be.  

The Core Values of Fayvel Are:
   •    AUTHENTICITY – be true to you
    •    SELF-EXPRESSION – respect individuality
    •    FUN – celebrate life
    •    IMAGINATION – dare to dream
    •    RELATIONSHIPS – people come first
    •    COMPASSION – care for others
    •    EXPLORATION – connection to the world
Each pair of Fayvel shoes, offers a child their own unique canvas to explore and create on. The athletic shoes are designed in a way to stand out. They are made with high quality synthetics, have a flexible, lightweight sole for comfort, and have plush fabric on both sides to allow for customization.

Then Fayvel offers Frieze Tags, which are Velcro backed embroidered patches that can be attached to the shoes. These patches can be worn and then traded with friends, just like the stickers Erin grew up sharing.  

I was in luck because we were given the chance to pick out a pair of Fayvel shoes and a set of Frieze Tags to review and share with our MBP readers, we also get to do a giveaway too (don't miss it below).

I quickly started browsing the website and had S help me out. S quickly picked out her favorite pair of Fayvel Shoes and a few of her favorite Frieze Tag sets and I sent them off. I made sure to use the Fayvel Sizing Chart to order the right size for S's growing feet. Fayvel does recommend to round up for half sizes, which I did.

Pretty soon, our Fayvel package had arrived!

S was ready to see what was inside

She found a note and a box

 A quick note to "Enjoy Fayvel", we sure will!

Our goodies are inside this neatly designed box

A fox, similar to the one from Erin's favorite childhood story, makes an appearance as inspiration.

So excited to see them

A set of Frieze Tags

A pair of Fayvel sneakers

Each set of Frieze Tags comes with 4 "Limited Edition" patches. They are Velcro backed so that they can be collected, used, traded, and used again. They retail for $12 a set and there are currently around 13 sets to choose from. S also liked the Fairies and Music Frieze Tags

We were also sent the Purple Pals with Laces sneakers
There are four color options of sneakers, Pinkies, Green Beans, Purple Pals, and Blue Bombers. Each pair retails for $50. Currently the sizes available in size toddler 10 to youth 2.

Fayvel's Core Values are printed right on the sneaker tag, as are the links to the website and social media.

We loved the bright purple color and the coordinating laces. The shoes were very lightweight and flexible for S to feel comfortable in. She was so excited to get them customized with her Frieze Tags and set to work quickly.

Each side of the shoe has a plush panel that accepts the Velcro backed tags. This is such a cool feature and the tags can be taken on and off with ease, but are securely fastened.


One of S's complaints about sneakers is they are hard to get on. The laces easily loosened for her to make the shoe slide on her feet. She is still learning to tie, but gave it her best shot, the laces had enough length for tiny fingers to maneuver.

We went with a size 11 and they are true to size.

S is in love with her new sneakers and wears them every chance she can. She has worn them to ride bikes, play in the yard, and even to horseback riding lessons. She never argues to put them on, which is a huge win for me!

 Overall, these are a great pair of athletic shoes. They offer a few color options, in both laces and Velcro styles, I can only imagine more color choices will come. The Frieze Tags are a super fun addition to the shoes to give them personality and let S show off her creative side. The shoes and tags are both well made and seem to hold up well. We are big fans and you will be too!

Want It? Buy It!
Need some new sneakers? School is just a few short weeks away and Fayvel would really be a great choice. You can follow Fayvel at all of their social media outlets: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Want It? Win It!
One MBP reader will win a pair of Fayvel sneakers with frieze tags. Just use the Rafflecopter entry form below to enter to win. Remember- if the entry field appears in BOLD, it's mandatory.
So many thanks to Fayvel for our sweet shoes and tags and for offering a set to giveaway!


  1. I love the lavender/purple shoes. My Grand-daughter would flip for these.

  2. I'd pick the Blue Bombers with Laces for my son :)


  3. I would choose the Blue Bombers.

  4. I also would coose the Blue Bombers.
    Digicats {at} Sbcglobal {dot} Net

  5. I would choose the Cruisin Frieze Tags
    Digicats {at} Sbcglobal {dot} Net

  6. I love the Pink w/ The Velcro Straps. My Great granddaughter would love them.

  7. I would pick the Fairies. That's what she would Love...

  8. I would choose the Green Beans with Velcro.

  9. I like the Cruisin Frieze Tags™ the best!

  10. I'm pretty sure I'd go with the Blue Bombers with Laces.

  11. My favorites are the Cruisin Frieze Tags.

  12. I would choose the Fairies Frieze tags~

  13. Gloria

    I would pick the blue

  14. The Medieval Tags would be great for our boys.

  15. I would choose the Cruisin Frieze Tags™ for my son.

  16. I would choose the Fairies Friez Tags for my great Grand Daughter

  17. I would pick Pinkies with Velcro.

  18. I would choose the Fairies Frieze Tags.

  19. I would get the Cruisin Frieze Tags for my son.

  20. Shared on FB
    Digicats {at} Sbcglobal {dot} Net

  21. I think my son would really like the Cruisin Frieze Tags.

  22. Our daughter loves the Fairies Frieze Tags.

  23. The Cruisin Frieze Tags are my favorites for my son.

  24. If I let him pick, I know my son would choose the Cruisin Frieze Tags.

  25. I would choose the purple for my daughter.

  26. I would pick the Cruisin Frieze Tags for my son.

  27. I really like the Cruisin Frieze Tags and I would choose them.


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