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Weekends with the Wigglesworths- The Last Long Weekend of the School Year

It's the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend, and we are so excited. As you know, I adore long weekends, but this weekend is also an opportunity to teach the girls about Memorial Day. The plan is to do activities that will help them reflect on the true importance of the day and not just the fact that it's a day off of school and work.  

Tomorrow, we will be celebrating my nephew's 14th birthday and his step-sister is coming up (today) from Florida to visit for a month! He knows about it, but I've been keeping it a secret from Drew and Reese because I want it to be a surprise for them. We haven't seen her since she moved down, so I know they will both be pretty excited to see her. I am confident there will be tears, possibly mine, but all happy! 

In addition to all that fun stuff, we will also be working on our Summer Bucket List for 2015. Summer vacation is not so far away, thank goodness, and I am literally counting down the days. I have a few ideas for fun activities for this summer, and I am sure Drew and Reese do too! 

Do you have anything special planned for this weekend? I hope you enjoy it, whatever you do! 

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