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Ways to Get Out of a Funk #MondayMotivation

Lately, I have been in a funk, and it hasn't been fun. There are a lot of factors in my life that are contributing to the funk, but I refuse to allow myself to be stuck in it. Been there before? Maybe you're there now- and I'm here to tell you that you're not alone, and it doesn't have to be this way. I have been making some changes to my lifestyle to allow more room for positivity. Here are some of the things that have been working for me, and have improved my mood and general attitude toward life...

Drinking More Water

I have always disliked drinking water. I don't like the taste of it, and I know I'm not the only one who feels this way about water. We need water, though- and lots of it. I don't do well drinking water out of a cup or glass, so I fill a big water bottle up several times a day, and drink from that. I add lemon juice to my water to give it some flavor, and keep it cool. Nothing turns me off from drinking water more than it not being the right temperature. Drinking more water has so many benefits- it cleanses the body, helping the body to rid itself of toxins,. For many people, drinking more water can lead to weightloss. I have noticed that I have increased energy, brighter skin, and healthier looking hair and nails, just from increasing the amount of water I am drinking each day.

Getting More Sleep

For months, I suffered from sleep deprivation- and it's not acceptable, seeing as how I don't have a baby at home or anything. I was staying up too late- working until 11:00 pm or later, from my laptop, sometimes in bed. When I turned out the lights and tried to sleep, all I could think of was my to-do list for the following day, and all of the days after that! This led to extreme anxiety, and I would wake up mid-sleep (once I finally fell asleep- maybe two hours after lights out), totally panicked, my heart beating out of my chest, unable to fall back asleep. This became a major concern, and really had my husband worried.

I started lightening up on 'work' after my son went to bed. Bloggers work really weird hours, and often times, I relied on those evening hours before bed to get the bulk of my work done. I had to say no more to that. I cut back to spending an hour working in the evenings, and whatever I can't get to, has to wait until the next day. I chill out with my hubby for 30 minutes, maybe watching a show in the living room, and then I head to bed by 9:30 pm to read, or chill out. It's lights out for me between 10:00 and 10:30 pm, but I am usually falling asleep before that time. I now have zero trouble falling asleep and staying asleep, and feel refreshed and ready to take on the new day, the next morning. It's been a terrific change that was much needed.

Working Out

It can be difficult to stick to a work out schedule when your family schedule is all over the place, much like my family's schedule. We have lots of different activities going on during different days and evening of the week. My husband and I sort of had to re-examine our schedules and priorities, knowing that it meant we'd have to make some changes in order for us to enjoy working out. No matter what we have going on, we make sure that our son is in bed on time each night during the school week. Being home more evenings during the week means that I can build in 30 minutes to exercise. Sometimes I exercise alone, and sometimes B and I do a kids workout video together, or we take a family walk after dinner. Getting up and moving makes a big difference in the way we feel (and look, sometimes!). Working out doesn't have to be following a routine- it can be just about any activity that you can devote at least half an hour to. We're hoping to add lots of nature walks to our family time together this summer.

Listening to Music

Music is so good for the soul. I am a lover of all kinds of music, and can find the beauty in each style. Each style of music makes me feel something different. Depending on my mood, I could be listening to anything from Jesus Culture and Hillsong to 311, Muse, Fiona Apple, Lorde, Haydn, Elgar, etc. Just sort of depends on the day. Make room in your life for music- make some playlists that are uplifting, and let the music fill your heart, and lift you up, as well. I find that listening to positive, encouraging music with a Christian message of hope, newness of life, love, compassion and kindness, and forgiveness really makes a huge difference in my daily outlook on life. I find myself pausing to pray, connecting with my Maker, and to me, that's always such a beautiful encounter. I am reminded that I am not in this life alone.

I hope that you'll be able to take some of these suggestions to heart, as these are some of the things that work for me, when I'm in a funk.

What do you like to do to get out of a funk?

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