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No Bedtime Drama for this Momma! Pajama Drama Nouveau Collection PJ's

When thinking about stylish separates for spring and summer, my mind doesn't usually jump to sleepwear. I am so used to sleeping in whatever I can quickly grab and throw on, and most of the time, I wind up sleeping in something that's not classified as sleepwear. From leggings and yoga pants to my daytime camisoles, my 'sleepwear' has become pretty tired. 

PJ Drama

Last spring, I had the opportunity to connect with Pajama Drama, and introduce you all to their wonderful sleepwear collections. Check out my spring 2014 Pajama Drama review. I also had the opportunity to chat with Pajama Drama President, Irv, and we talked about women wanting to look good and feel good in what they were wearing to sleep in, as well as feel comfortable in it. Irv told me that he wouldn't make/sell anything that his own wife wouldn't want to wear, herself. As a mom, I definitely need my sleepwear to be comfortable. I also desire sleepwear that is cute, but modest. My family loves to hang in their PJ's, so I need to wear something that I feel comfortable snuggling with my four year old in.

Pajama Drama offers beautiful collections of sleepwear for the modern woman, at affordable prices. Established in 2013 with a commitment to quality, service and fashion, Pajama Drama has quickly established itself as the ‘go to’ source for innovative designs and cutting edge development.

Pajama Drama kindly sent me a pair of spring PJ's from their Nouveau Collection. Although I love all of the collections and styles from Pajama Drama, I truly love the Nouveau Collection. Their styles are cute, cozy, easy and comfortable to wear, and the best part of all, is that I can take these PJ's on vacations, and wear them in front of other people (i.e. extended family) without feeling like I need to cover up.

Here's my lovely surprise set of PJ's from Pajama Drama: The Nouveau Cozy Button Down Sleep Shirt with Boxer “Mint Damask”.

I had no idea which style of pajamas I would be receiving from Pajama Drama. I love a nice surprise, and this set was just that! My PJ's arrived nicely folded and packaged in a plastic bag. I laid them out to get a good look at them, and was really tickled by the style of this women's pajama set. I love a damask print- I think it is so stylish, classic, and chic, with a bit of a modern twist to it. The way the print works with this set is whimsical and fun, and oh, so perfect for summer!

This set features a button down sleep shirt, which is short-sleeved, with a cute little pocket on the chest. Included in this set are also boxer style sleep shorts, with an elastic waist, with ribbon tie. I love the ribbon! The ribbon gives this set a soft, feminine look, and is such a refreshing alternative to the traditional drawstring. The damask pattern is a pretty mint color, on a white background, and the set is trimmed with a sort of periwinkle color- a cross between blue and purple. Now, this set could easily have been trimmed in white or the mint color, but I love the contrast that the periwinkle color brings to the visual table.

I couldn't wait to sleep in this adorable PJ set!

I am wearing the Nouveau Cozy Button Down Sleep Shirt with Boxer “Mint Damask” in a size Small.

The Small is a comfortable style for me. I don't really like to sleep in anything that's too clingy, because then I wind up becoming too warm. This is a nice-fitting set that I feel comfortable moving around in, and I have been impressed by how well the pieces stay in place mid-sleep!

The cute trim and ribbon details of this set make it extra adorable!

My husband loves this PJ set. He absolutely becomes tired of me wearing old stand-by's to bed that are less than cute or dare I say, somewhat sexy. This cute set from Pajama Drama is fun and sexy, without being in your face about it. I love the colorful print, and the comfort these PJ's bring, as well. The fabric is so soft, and breathable, and I can comfortably wear the sleep shirt all night.

Don't mind us- we're ready to snuggle in our PJ's and read a bedtime story!

Pajama Drama PJ's are comfy, and perfect to lounge in at home, to sleep in, to take on vacation, etc. I actually can't wait to wear this set on vacation, and I am thrilled that I won't have to go out and try to find decent pj's at the last minute. I won't leave home for an overnight trip without my Nouveau PJ Set by Pajama Drama!


Features of the Nouveau Cozy Button Down Sleep Shirt with Boxer “Mint Damask”

Elegant damask prints on a super light and flowy fabric.
Short-sleeve button down with satin piping
Adjustable drawstring
Machine wash cold, tumble dry low
100% Rayon Woven
Sizes S-XL

Pajama Drama has so many wonderful pajama styles for junior and misses. 
Check out some of the other styles I'd love to add to my growing PJ collection...

Nouveau Light & Airy Sleep Set

Humane Society ® Tee and Short Set “Kitty Dot”

Nomad Boyfriend Tank with Jogger “I Woke Up Like This”

Nouveau Oversized Draped V-Neck & Rollershort “Love You”

Pajama sets make great gifts, so if you're looking for birthday gifts, graduation gifts, bridal shower gifts, or even gifts for a new mom, pajamas are a great option! I would actually love to gift a PJ set like the one I received from Pajama Drama to my sister-in-law, who is expecting her first child late this summer! The button down top would be comfortable, and would make nursing her baby much easier!

Want them? Get them!

Head on over to Pajama Drama to browse the latest in women's pajamas! You can connect with Pajama Drama through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest, to stay up to date on the latest and greatest and receive updates! 

Special thanks to Pajama Drama for allowing me to experience and share about their beautiful spring styles for 2015!

Stay stylish & comfy!

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