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When I was pregnant with my son, I had the loveliest dreams. I dreamt about a beautiful nursery, in which I sat in a beautiful rocking chair and rocked our restless baby to sleep, singing him sweet lullabies, while wearing beautiful silken pajamas, covered in a lush robe and donning fuzzy slippers on my feet. After Baby B's arrival, I quickly realized that my dreams had been just that- beautiful dreams, and while reality was sweet, it was also nothing like I thought it would be.

Instead of gently rocking a fussy baby to sleep, I paced the floors with our colicky baby for hours. Those beautiful pajamas I dreamed about didn't exist, as I traded the thought of them for yoga pants and t-shirts, which I pretty much lived in the first few weeks of his little life.  

Now that we're way past the infant stage, and out of the toddler years, am learning to take a little more time for myself. Looking back, I probably could have done a lot of things differently, and now I'll have experience on my side, when it comes time for a new baby. I'm proud to say that yoga pants are now serving their true purpose- keeping me comfy during yoga. I've ditched wearing them to bed, because I have some super cozy new pj's, thanks to Pajama Drama!

Pajama Drama | Sleepwear for Women and Juniors |

Pajama Drama is a rock star lounge wear and intimates brand for women, because they believe that every gal should be able to own a pair of pajamas that are stylish, comfortable and affordable. Pajama Drama's team works hard to deliver pajama options that are on trend with current designs. I had a chance to speak with Irv, President of Pajama Drama who spoke about his collections with a lot of love and passion. He told me that he wouldn't dream of selling a pair of pajamas that his own wife wouldn't wear. We talked about the challenges women face in trying to find a quality, stylish, comfortable pair of pajamas at a price they are actually willing to pay. Pajama Drama is committed to offering all sorts of stylish options from fun and flirty to classic and sophisticated. Irv was kind enough to send along a pair of pajamas from Pajama Drama for me to try out, and I couldn't wait to see them in person!

Mail call- Pajama Drama pj's!

Here's a peek at the beautiful pajama set I received- aren't these separates lovely?

One of the things that drew me to Pajama Drama in the first place, was that they had so many different combinations of women's pajamas to choose from. Looking through their collections, I knew I wasn't going to be stuck in a box that gave me two options- long sleeves and long pants, or shorts and a tank. I'm more of a long pj pant and tank sort of gal. Sleeves are too hot to sleep in, so I go for the tanks or Cami's. Pants can be warm too, but I prefer to sleep in them (in all honesty) because I can't stand for my leg hairs to rub together in the middle of the night, once it starts growing back. Strange- but true. Finding a good pair of lightweight pants has never been easy, which is why I've slept in yoga pants for so, so long!

Pajama Drama has lots of fabulous sleep set combos to choose from- sleep shirts, shorts and tanks, tanks and pants, sleep dresses, robes, etc- you name it, they've got it!

I noticed the softness of the pajama fabric right away. The pj's felt like super light silk, and I knew they were going to feel so buttery soft to sleep in! I couldn't wait to try them on, and truly, didn't even wait until bed time! I was ready to lounge one evening, and just went ahead and got comfortable (something I almost never do), and put on my new pajamas!

Here I am, checking some e-mail, quite comfortable in my Nouveau Silky PJ Set by Pajama Drama.

I chose the Nouveau Silky PJ Set in Pink, because it's all kinds of girly. I live in a house of boys, and am surrounded by the sounds of monster trucks, cars, planes and all that good stuff, all day long. When I finally get to those few sweet minutes of 'me time,' I'm going all out for them! 

I love the comfortable fit, and the feminine details...

The soft pink pajamas are exquisite. The pj's are detailed with a beautiful feather design throughout. The long pants feature an elastic waistband, with a tiny little light pink bow. The tank features adjustable straps, and a lovely lace detail around the bodice. I love that I can adjust the straps on the tank. I have a short torso and small chest, so being able to shorten the tank to where I need it to be is awesome! No one wants to have to be constantly pulling their sleep tank in, or covering up- you might as well just not even bother with it, if that's the case.

Cute and comfy, fun and flirty...

So, it feels really wonderful to have a nice pair of pajamas again. I love the way these pj's look and feel, and so does my husband. You should have heard how happy he was to hear that I actually wanted to wear and sleep in real pajamas again! He thinks these are super cute, a little bit sexy, and that they fit me and my personality really well. We can even sleep a little bit closer together at night, now that I'm not overheating him by wearing the yoga pants to bed.

Though the pajamas are cute and stylish, they're also functional, practical, and they work for my busy mom-life. I can comfortably move around in these, play with my son, sit and read, get up in the middle of the night and soothe my child after a bad dream, wear them when I make pancakes on Saturday, or lounge in them 'til noon!

Chilly? No problem- a little wrap will do.

I do get chilly in the house, and sometimes need a little something on my arms. I just grab one of my many open cardigans or wraps, and I'm all set until I'm ready for bed. Sleeping in the Nouveau Silky PJ Set by Pajama Drama has been so wonderful! I haven't once woken up to kick my pants off in the middle of the night, because I've gotten too hot. I have slept so comfortably in these PJ's! These PJ's wash extremely well, too! Just toss them right into the washer, dry on low, and you're good to go!

I love these pajamas so much, that I have bookmarked them and sent the shopping link to my husband, so he knows what to get me for Mother's Day! I can't wait to add a few more sets of PJ's from Pajama Drama to my PJ collection!

Features of the Nouveau Silky PJ Set

Poly Spandex
Model Height: 5' 8'', Weight: 110 lbs., wearing a Size Small
2-piece cami and pants set in pretty floral print with lace trim
Spaghetti straps
Wide leg for comfort
Contemporary Fit
Available in small, medium, large and extra-large
Available in Antique White or Soft Pink

Check out some of these other PJ styles I am loving from Pajama Drama...

Nomad Ditzy Floral Cami with Boxers

Nomad Striped Chemise

Nouveau Button Tank with Capri

Nomad Robe with Pop Hood

Don't you just love the robe? What a gorgeous gift that would make for Mother's Day! Pajama Drama has styles to fit every woman. Their sizes run from Small to XL, and a Small size fits a 4-6, so that should give you a good idea of which size you may want or need. Pajama Drama is awesome, because their team really looks for what women want in a set of pajamas. We want to feel cute, sometimes sexy, always comfortable. Pajama Drama makes it their business to bring women the latest fashion styles through comfy lounge wear and intimates made of soft, quality fabrics at low prices! When I think of what I've paid for high quality, luxury pajamas in the past, and then see what Pajama Drama sells their sets for, there's no contest between the smart choice! Pajama Drama sets retail for $24.99 or less! That's something every gal can get excited about!

Want It? Buy It!

Head on over to the Pajama Drama shop to browse all of their soft, cozy pajama sets! I'll bet you'll want more than just one style! Plus, Pajama Drama has a special offer for MBP readers! Receive 20% off anything from the Pajama Drama web store through 3/31/14. Just use coupon code MBPRTY20 at checkout! You can connect with Pajama Drama through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest, to stay up to date on the latest and greatest and receive updates!

Want It? Win It!

One lucky MBP reader will win their very own set of the Nouvea Silky Pajamas from Pajama Drama! Available in sizes S- XL. How cozy is that? Just use the Rafflecopter entry form below to enter for your chance to win! Giveaway is open to US residents, 18 and older. 

Special thanks to Irv, and the Pajama Drama team for allowing me to experience the ultimate style and comfort while lounging in a great set of pajamas- I'll never go back to my old yoga pants for sleeping again! Thanks also for offering this sweet giveaway for our readers!

Good luck!

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