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Monday Motivation- You Are Too Smart!

It's THAT  time of the week again, the one we always seem to dread, although there really is no reason for it. Today, I want to share a 'pin' that I have on my "Be Inspired" board on Pinterest. It's something that really hits home for me, and something I need to be reminded of daily (sometimes hourly). 

We stand in our own way more than we realize. We are quick to place the blame on outside influences- the weather, past experiences, other people, even the day of the week. 
I'm challenging all of us to step out of our own way. Take a moment and think of what that would look like in your life. Will you be finding time to go to the gym or eat better? Will you be making phone calls to grow your business? Will you be taking a class to learn more about a topic of interest? Whatever it is, stop standing in your way, and get it done! 

How are you standing in your own way? What will you do this week to stop it? Let me know by leaving a comment. I wish you the best of luck and a very happy week ahead! 

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