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Craft Stick Photo Frames Project #CMYK

This is a sponsored post on behalf of MyPrintly via MomSelect. As an HP SmartMom, I received products in exchange for my honest opinion. All thoughts are my own.

I am thrilled that my son loves to sit down and work on projects with me. I always enjoyed crafts as a child, and my mom was very creative with the types of crafts we did together. There are so many awesome craft ideas for kids floating around out there- it's almost hard for me to narrow it down to just one or two. I try to keep the crafts we do fairly simple. B is four years old, and his attention span for a project doesn't last much beyond 30 minutes. 

Luckily, MyPrintly has so many fantastic craft ideas to choose from. MyPrintly is a place that inspires creativity through DIY projects, ideas, and tools.
Find the perfect project whether you have 3 or 30  minutes! I love crafting- especially with photos! MyPrintly has great ideas for photo gifts, scrapbooking layouts, photo projects, and more!

We are nearing the end of B's first year of preschool, and we wanted to make a special little photo gift for him to give to his Papa, Grammy, and Grandma G. at his end of the year program. They have all helped us with pick up/drop off this year, and we thought this would be a cute way to say 'thanks.'

DIY Spring Photo Frame Craft

Using our fabulous HP Envy Printer, we printed out some cute spring cut-outs. We also selected a few photos from my Facebook timeline to print out on HP photo paper for this project. Using the HP Photo app, I was able to select and print the photos B wanted to use, right from my phone... and he was able to help me do it, because all we had to do was touch a button!

For this project, you will need...
1 Photo
4 Craft Sticks
Craft Glue
Embellishments * Pom-poms, Glitter, Paint, Stickers, Cut-outs, Washi Tape, Markers, etc.
Peel & Stick Magnet

B is ready to get crafting!

I cut the photo he wanted to use to size. Next, B selected the craft sticks he wanted to use, and made a frame to fit around the photo.

B helped me add a dot of glue to each corner of the craft stick, and then laid the top pieces across the bottom pieces.

We worked on making two more frames, repeating the same process...

B was very careful not to get any glue on the actual photos!

After the frames were all put together and were completely dry, we went back to them to add some decorations. I removed the photos before we did any decorating, just to be sure they didn't become decorated, themselves! To decorate the craft stick photo frames, we used craft supplies we had in our craft bin at home. We also used our HP Envy Printer to print out some adorable spring themed cut-outs to add to the frames.

Check out these cute cut-outs we printed... little birds, clouds, frogs, bugs, etc.

B had a blast decorating the photo frames! We added some paint dots, glitter paint, and then embellished the frames with the cut-outs, and some stickers. B was so very proud of his work, and couldn't wait to present these photo gifts to his grandparents!

An adorable trio of photo frames!

To add the photos to the frames, I simply taped them, and then we added a small magnet strip with adhesive backing to the back of the frame.

This frame is for Papa...

This frame is for Grammy...

...and this frame is for Grandma!

I am so glad that great craft ideas are just a click away! MyPrintly has some truly wonderful project ideas for grownups, and for kids of all ages. Being able to use our awesome HP Envy Printer to print out photos, cards, invitations, and even party decorations is such a big help- no more running to an office supply store to print from a thumb drive. I plan to make some fun decorations and crafts for Father's Day, Memorial Day, the 4th of July, as well as for a bachelorette party and baby shower I am helping to host this summer. I can't wait!

Head to MyPrintly for more great project ideas to try out this summer!


  1. What a cute idea!! You went the extra mile and put decorations on them. You made these his own. Loved it! :0)~~~

  2. This is something so simple that kids would enjoy making.


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