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Celebrate Children's Book Week! The Littlest Bird #BookReview + #Giveaway

Happy Children's Book Week! We love reading at our house- B and I read together on and off throughout the day, and my husband and I both love reading, as well. All three of us love to read before bedtime, and we have been introducing a lot of new children's books to B lately. Our friends at Little Bee Books offered to send us a copy of one of their new releases for May, The Littlest Bird, and we couldn't wait to read it!

The Littlest Bird

“There were seven green birds in a beautiful nest at the top of a tree where the view was the best. But the Littlest Bird didn’t like it at all, for the beautiful nest was incredibly small.” Fed up with being jostled around by all her brothers and sisters and not getting any attention, Littlest Bird leaves home to find the perfect place to live alone. She spots an incredible nest at the top of a mountain, which seems to be empty. Littlest Bird enjoys the stillness and the space there, until she hears a CRACKING sound, and a baby dragon hatches from its egg. Littlest Bird watches as the baby dragon meets her mommy for the first time, and realizes she misses her own Mommy!

Littlest Bird sets out on her own . . . And discovers that there's no place like home!

There were seven green birds

in a beautiful nest

at the top of a tree

where the view was the best... 

Our Thoughts...

We couldn't wait to meet the Littlest Bird and find out more about her story!

The Littlest Bird tells the story of a family of birds. and the Littlest Bird, in particular. This is a very lovable, colorful family of birds, who love to be squished and squashed, huddled and cuddled together- all except the Littlest Bird. The Littlest Bird thinks it's a bit too crowded, and ventures out on her own- for some peace and quiet, and in search of personal space.

With so many brothers and sisters, the Littlest Bird felt that there wasn't even room for her to spread her wings inside of their cozy nest.

The Littlest Bird went out on her own, and found the perfect nest to call her own. She had plenty of room for all of her things, and even enjoyed a lovely spot of tea, uninterrupted. The Littlest Bird made a new friend on her journey, as well- a baby dragon, who hatched out of an egg, inside of the nest the Littlest Bird found!

The baby dragon soon meets its mommy, and The Littlest Bird misses her own mommy!

The Littlest Bird then realized all of the wonderful things that come with a family- a mommy, brothers and sisters, and a cozy nest to call home. She flew back to the crowded nest, squished in with her siblings, and received hugs and cuddles from their mommy.

Mommy bird and her babies...

B and I loved this book. Though B doesn't have any siblings yet, he can certainly relate with not wanting to share his mommy with other children, and feeling a bit too crowded from time to time. This book is a wonderful reminder of the love of family- and that our children will always have a place at home. Band I hugged and cuddled as we read this story for the first time- it was such a sweet moment for us. B loved the colorful pictures, and was excited to describe what might be happening in the story with every turn of a page. Now that we have read this story several times, B loves to read the book to me- it's quickly become one of our favorites, and it's a perfect book for springtime!

Want it? Get it!

Look for The Littlest Bird at your favorite booksellers! Be sure to connect with Little Bee Books to see all of the wonderful books in their spring catalog, and don't forget to connect with Little Bee Books through Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram!

Want it? Win it!

One lucky reader will win their own hardcover copy of The Littlest Bird from Little Bee Books! This giveaway is open to US residents, 18 and older- one entrant per household, please. Just use the RC entry form below to enter for your chance to win! This blog is not responsible for prize fulfillment.

Special thanks to our friends at Little Bee Books for allowing us to review and share about The Littlest Bird, and for offering this wonderful giveaway for our readers!

Good luck!


  1. Beth

    wanting to play with the same toy is a problem sometimes

  2. My son isn't born yet but I would say sharing would probably be the biggest one for most kids.

  3. Spending sincere time with them - not checking out by using my phone or doing other things.

  4. Gloria

    Sharing (or not sharing) is always a big deal.

  5. Sharing toys can sometimes be a problem, also waiting their turn to talk.


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