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Brick Builders Club Subscription Box #Review- April: #BrickSwag

If I had to pin-point my four-years-olds favorite toys, I'd have to go with LEGOs. The kid is so creative and just loves to build. B loves to build cars, buildings, towns, special contraptions, and loves mini figures, too! He's always up for a new building challenge, and loves brick-related swag!

What could be cooler than a monthly subscription service that delivers building bricks and brick related products right to your door? Introducing BrickSwag for LEGO fans from Brick Builders Club! Brick Builders Club is a monthly box of BrickSwag for LEGO fans, and includes awesome items in each box, such as exclusive T-shirts, trading cards, parts packs, activities, techniques/tips, and more! We received the March #BrickSwag Box from Brick Builder's Club, and B loved it, so when we were offered the opportunity to check out the April box, B was beyond thrilled!

The Brick Builder's Club April #BrickSwag Box arrived, and B couldn't wait to see what was inside.

We had no idea what would be included in the April #BrickSwag Box from Brick Builder's Club, so B couldn't wait for the big reveal! We carefully opened up the box together, and I sat back, to let B get to work on the unboxing fun!

'Let's check it out, mommy!'

The April Brick Swag Box had some seriously awesome swag inside!

B, proudly sitting with his cool new swag!

The April Brick Swag Box included:

LEGO inspired t-shirt
LEGO Chima set
April Build Guide
5 Trading cards
Monster Machine Poster
Brick Swag Brick

B was so excited by all of the cool swag in his box that he didn't know what to reach for first! It was kind of like a mad dash for the goodies like it often is on Halloween, Easter or Christmas! B was immediately drawn to the t-shirt. He is all about big boy t-shirts right now, and anything that looks like something 10-year-old Cousin C might be into, B is all over it. 

This exclusive Brick Builder's Club T-Shirt is a youth Small, and is a nice, summery yellow color, and features a dragon... or dino... haven't quite figured out exactly what the creature is, but that's the beauty of bricks!

B really loves this t-shirt, as well as the t-shirt that came in the March box. B wears these shirts all the time, and sometimes, he even winds up sleeping in them because they're a bit loose and so super soft and cool. He loves showing off his awesome t-shirts from his Brick Swag boxes! Keep those awesome shirts coming, Brick Builder's Club! They are way cooler than any of the LEGO shirts we've seen in the stores!

The Monster Machine poster was super cool!

B was over the moon about the Chima set!

We were first introduced to Chima at the Lego KidsFest in 2014, and I have to admit- I had more fun playing with the Chima racers than anything else at the festival. B couldn't wait to build his own racer, and watch it fly through the house! This was also B's very first LEGO Chima set, which excited him even more.

This LEGO Chima Nest Drive Set with Eglor retails for $24.95 on Amazon, so it was definitely a great find in our box.

B wanted to get building right away, and insisted that we get to working on putting the LEGO Chima set together. I asked if we could wait until daddy got home from work, so that he could help out, but that wasn't going to happen, which meant that I would be the one mostly putting the CHIMA set together. It's a good thing that I love building, too!

B helped empty the contents of the bags of bricks that came with the CHIMA set...

...and looked everything over.

It only took me a few minutes to put the set together- thankfully LEGO happens to be awesome with step by step photo instructions for their sets.

After we got the CHIMA racer, Eglor figure and nest put together, we practiced using the rip cord and letting the CHIMA racer fly across the floor! I think they are so neat! B just cheered and cheered as he watched the CHIMA racer go, go, go. Once B got the hang of using the racer, we tried to play the CHIMA game, and took turns racing the Eglor racer, collection the crystals. We had a blast!

B, totally loving his CHIMA set! He can't wait to add more CHIMA figures and racers to his LEGO collection!

Brick Builders Club is so much fun! It's a fantastic treat for your big or little LEGO fan(s). The value of the t-shirt and/or LEGO set alone covers the cost of the entire monthly subscription, so this is one subscription box that I definitely think is worth the money. Each monthly box is themed, so you'll receive something new and fun each month!

Want a box? Subscribe!

Brick Builders Club is Now Enrolling for May! Don't miss out! 
Sign up for the plan that suits you:
$27/mo (one month)
$25/mo (three months)
$20/mo (six months)
*You can receive 20% off your NEW Membership by signing up on the Brick Builders Club website. Coupon will be e-mailed to you.

You can learn more about Brick Builders Club through their website. Be sure to connect and share with Brick Builders Club through Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube! Use hashtag #BrickSwag to tag and share your photos and videos!

Special thanks to Brick Builders Club for allowing us to review and share about their April box! We can't wait to see what the May Brick Swag Box will include!

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