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Reading Fun for All Ages with Anna's Usborne Books & More #Review + #Giveaway

Ever since B was a tiny little babe, I have been reading to him. Heck, I even started reading to him when he was still in the womb. We love to read together, and B has quite the imagination, which makes reading even more enjoyable! Now that B is a little older, we're even more focused on reading and writing than we were before. Here are some of the things we have been working on, appropriate for B's age and reading level...

Late Preschool (Age 4)
Kids usually begin to:

recognize familiar signs and labels, especially on signs and containers
make up rhymes or silly phrases
recognize and write some of the letters of the alphabet (a good goal to strive for is 12-15 letters)
read and write their names
name beginning letters or sounds of words
match some letters to their sounds
use familiar letters to try writing words
understand that print is read from left to right, top to bottom
retell stories that have been read to them

Presented by Anna Kinney, Independent  Consultant

Since B is so interested in books and reading/writing, I was thrilled for the opportunity to connect with Anna Kinney, who just so happens to be a mom, and is an Independent Consultant with Anna's Usborne Books & More. Usborne and Kane Miller books are the most exciting, engaging, and educational books on the market today. They offer over 2,000 titles for readers of all ages, and their books are beautifully illustrated. 30 years ago Peter Usborne pioneered a new generation of books that prove that it is possible to create books that compete with the vast media that attracts children today.  From activity books, to neat fiction series, to internet-linked science and history encyclopedias, Usborne does books better.

I was so excited for the opportunity to work with Anna. This would be our family's very first experience with Usborne Books, and since B is so into reading right now, I knew he would be excited to have some new books to call his own.

Our Usborne Books package arrived, and we couldn't wait to see what was inside!

B was excited to find four books, all very colorful!

We couldn't wait to crack these open and dive into a world of fun and adventure!

Anna was so sweet to recommend a few books for B. She included some titles that her own children really love and enjoy. I couldn't wait to see how B would respond to some of these books, and I couldn't wait to read them with him! I also couldn't wait to see which book B would go for first- they all looked so interesting!

We received four books:

B wanted to check out All Better! first.

All Better! features five cute animals who all wind up with boo-boos, and need a little help getting cleaned and bandaged up.

All Better! tells the story of bear, elephant, sheep, dog, and monkey. Each one gets a bit scraped up, and needs a little attention. This colorful book explains to the child what we need to do when we get a boo-boo. There are five re-positionable large bandage stickers with this book, and the child can match the bandage to the corresponding animal. Each animal needed to have their boo-boo cleaned, kissed, and then have a bandage placed over it.

B had a lot of fun helping his new animal pals feel better by putting the bandage stickers over their boo-boos!

Sheep feels all better now!

All Better! is a wonderful book for B, and it's now one of his favorites. He reaches for this book again and again, and why wouldn't he? It's a quick read, but it is fun, colorful, and engaging. B actually gets to become part of this story, and he loves to become Dr. B, so he can help the animals feel all better! This book has also helped B become less scared to get cleaned up after he gets a boo-boo. He's a pretty rough and tumble little boy, so he's been getting a lot of boo-boos lately. He knows that we need to clean them, kiss them, and put a bandage on them, and then he'll feel all better!

Picture of All Better!
Features of All Better!

Dog hurt his foot, Sheep scratched her tummy and Bear sat on a splinter! What will make everything all better? Clean it, kiss it and put a bandage on it! Young readers will delight in the five animal friends’ misadventures and be eager to help make things “all better” with the five reusable and repositionable stickers.
Age 3-5
Size 9 1/4 x 8 1/4
Pages 16
Series Picture Books KM
Author Henning Löhlein

We also received Wipe Clean Mazes, which has become B's top favorite activity book!

The Wipe Clean Mazes Activity Book is a colorful 20-card book, filled with colorful, exciting and challenging mazes and puzzles for little ones! B loves a good challenge, and since he's currently learning how to write, I knew this would be a wonderful way for him to practice holding a writing instrument, and guiding it along with control. This book comes with a dry erase marker, and the pages can easily be wiped clean. We've had the best results using a wet wipe to get the pages totally clean.

B was so excited to dive right in and check out these mazes!
This maze in particular held an additional challenge, asking B to make sure he helped each animal find their way back to their homes.

Some of the mazes took up an entire spread in the book.

B went through the entire book of mazes in one sitting!

We really loved the mazes that asked us to look for certain items, or avoid a certain path- it was a bit of a challenge!

B absolutely loves the Wipe Clean Maze book from Usborne! As much as he loves to play educational games on his tablet, I am thrilled that he would rather do the mazes in this book! Now when we head out to a restaurant or if I know we'll be out of the house for a long period of time, this book comes with us! It's easy for him to hold, and he can enjoy it in the car, at the table, etc! I can't thank Anna enough for recommending this activity book- it's wonderful, and I can't wait to add even more Usborne Wipe Clean Books to our collection!

Picture of Wipe-Clean Mazes
Features of the Usborne Wipe Clean Mazes Book

This delightful book is full of fun mazes-a perfect way for little children to learn pen control.
Age 4 years and up
Size 8 1/2 x 10 7/8
Pages 20 cards
Series Wipe-Clean Books

Next up, we were excited to check out the Big Book of Monsters!

When my husband and I were growing up, we were both fascinated by monsters and mythical creatures. Hubby loves dragons, and I have always been intrigued by mythological creatures, the stories behind the different gods, etc. B also loves dragons, so I thought this book might interest him. The Big Book of Monsters is a big, colorful 16 page book filled with all sorts of monsters and creatures! The illustrations are incredible- a must-see!

We were introduced to colorful creatures and their descriptions right away!

The book contains four large fold-outs! B loves the pages filled with the different types of dragons!

The dragons are absolutely stunning! It shares information about all types of dragons- European Dragons, Chinese Dragons, and more! We enjoyed learning that some dragons have two legs, and others have four. Some dragons breathe fire, and others do not, etc.

Another fold-out teaches about creatures such as Grendel, goblins, trolls, and more!

We love learning about creatures like the Hydra, Argon, Chupacabra, the Sirens, Gorgons, the Vampire Bat, the Abominable Snowman, among others! B certainly has had a lot of questions about these creatures, and I was glad that he wasn't scared by them. This has become one of our favorite books to look at before bedtime, believe it or not! B also loves reading through this book with his Grandma Gretchen, and Papa Rob, both of whom love these types of creatures, as well (history buffs, both of them!).

Picture of Big Book of Big Monsters
Usborne Big Book of Monsters Details

Legendary creatures from around the world and throughout time, including dragons of all kinds, sea serpents, ogres, water spirits and giants.
Amazing artwork with giant fold-outs and littlechunks of information make this a fascinating book for young monster-lovers.
Age 4 years and up
Size 9 3/4 x 11 7/8
Pages 16
Series Big Books
Author Stowell, L.

Lastly, we received Usborne's That's Not My Dragon, which is part of Usborne's Touchy Feely collection.

I had mentioned to Anna how much B loved dragons, and she included this wonderful book for us! This is a bright, and colorful board book, which includes a cute story of a little mouse trying to find its very own dragon. Through out the book, the reader encounters lots of other dragons that just aren't quite right, because their claws are too knobby, tongues are too fuzzy, etc.

We  love the beautiful illustrations, and the touch and feel element to this book, as well!

Yay! The mouse has found his dragon at last! The one with the scaly wings!

I don't think that kids ever outgrow touchy-feely books. This is a wonderful book for little ones who are using their senses to discover the world, and it's also great for older kiddos who are learning what their senses are and how to recognize/use them.

Picture of That's Not My Dragon
Features of That's Not My Dragon...

This delightful series of board books is aimed at very young children. The bright pictures with their patches of different textures, are designed to develop sensory and language awareness.
Age 9 months and up
Size 6 1/2 x 6 1/2
Pages 10
Series Touchy-Feely Board Books
Author Watt, Fiona

I could spend all day telling you how wonderful Usborne and Kane Miller Books are. Every time I go to a vendor fair, there is an Usborne booth set up. Usborne has been helping families to become excited about reading for many years, and it's no surprise that so many parents, kids and teachers love these books! What I love about Usborne, is that they have such a great variety of books for all ages- from infant/toddler to middle grades. They also offer reading programs, story time apps, seasonal books, activity books, ebooks, special collections, and more!

Host side image

You can have an Usborne e-show or e-fair! It’s simple!  
Here’s how it works:
Contact your consultant to choose a date.
Invite your friends and share your enthusiasm about the books
Your consultant will do the rest!
The best part?  After your show, your friends will thank you for introducing them to Usborne Books & More! 
Contact Anna or click here to book your show!

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Interested in the Usborne Books & More Opportunity?

Open a world of possibilities with Usborne Books & More.  Whether you are looking for an exciting career with a potential six-figure income or to add just a few hundred dollars a month to your income with only a few hours of work each week … Usborne Books & More has an exciting opportunity for you to make a difference in children’s lives. 

Have you ever dreamed of …
More time with your family?
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Building an amazing home library?
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Helping others reach their dreams?
Thousands have discovered life-changing opportunities with Usborne Books & More. More than just a career, they find a close network of friends who encourage one another to reach for their dreams … and cheer them on when they achieve them! 

I can't thank Anna enough for introducing my family to Usborne Books & More, and for sending us these wonderful books to review and share about! I can't wait to become a regular Usborne customer or Anna's, and I hope you will consider doing the same! There's a whole world to discover through Usborne!

Boy sittin on books side image

Want them? Get them!

Head on over to Ann'a personal Usborne Books & More website to browse categories, books, and authors! You can also place an order online, book a show, or contact Anna to learn more about the wonderful Usborne business opportunity! You can also connect with Anna through Facebook and Pinterest.

Want them? Win them!

One lucky MBP reader will win a set of Usborne Books from Anna, which will include: Muddle and Match, All Better!, and Wipe Clean Mazes! This giveaway is open to US residents, 18 and older- one entry per household. Just use the RC entry form below to enter for your chance to win!

Special thanks to Anna Kinney for allowing us to share about Usborne Books & More, and for offering this wonderful giveaway for our readers! Anna will be back to showcase another set of Usborne Books for our summer spotlight feature!

Good luck & keep reading!


  1. I love these books! The quality is great and they are so fun to read. I really like the Secrets of the Apple Tree-my son loves to use a flashlight with the book. jj250@aol.com

    1. Hi Jessica! I'm so glad that you already love Usborne Books! My daughters love to read Secrets of the Apple Tree with the lights off! We just got a new Shine A Light book, On The Train! You can see it here- https://f4230.myubam.com/p/4514/on-the-train

  2. My kids would enjoy the lift and look Trains and Tractors books. jj250@aol.com

  3. I like that most of the books look pretty educational. I also like the idea of hosting a book party. It reminds me of the old book fairs at school, which were always fun.

    1. Hi Kimberly! Our books are educational and fun! I loved the book fairs at school too! Usborne Consultants actually do book fairs at schools! If you are interested in hosting an Usborne Children's Books Facebook party i would love to set it up for you. Just let me know what date works for you!

  4. I think my daughter would like the Pony Crazed Princess series. The title pretty much sums up her biggest interests.

  5. My sons would like the Big Wipe-Clean Activity Book.

    1. Wipe Clean Books are my absolute favorites! I used to get so tired of buying workbooks and using them up and having to buy new ones. With Wipe Clean Books i can use them for both of my little girls over and over and they don't feel like they are doing school!

  6. A Tale of Two Beasts looks cute!

  7. Thank you Ondria! This is an Amazing review, I love it!

    Kimberly, let me know if you would like to host an Usborne Children's Books party on Facebook! I can send you a catalog to show your friends and family.

  8. Hi Nancy! I have never heard of an immersion school. It sounds interesting. I will have to look that up.

  9. Gloria

    I love this company because there is such a great selection of wonderful, high quality books

    1. Thanks Gloria! I love the selection too! I also love how well they stand up against my 4 year old!

  10. We LOVE Usborne books due to their extremely high quality and fun content! We have a few That's Not My books, and my 4 year old has to read one every night!

    1. Hi Sam! We have to read That's Not my Lamb every day! Have you seen our new titles? We just got Fingerprint Activities and Magic Painting Book. We use both of those daily at out house.

  11. I know my son would love any of the Wipe-Clean books!

    1. We use the wipe cleans for school. I LOVE that both girls can use them over and over so i don't have to continually buy work books!

  12. I like the Travel Activity Pad. jj250@aol.com

    1. We just got brand new titles this month. A couple of them are Travel Pocket Puzzle Book and Wipe Clean Vacation Activities.

  13. My son loves stickers, so the 1001 Bugs to Spot Sticker Book sounds really good.

    1. Hi Latanya! We love Usborne's Sticker Books! Did you know that you can reposition the stickers a couple of times before they stick permanently?

  14. I like that you can host a party in your home.

    1. Hi Beth! I like that too! If you live somewhere in Southern Ohio or Northern Kentucky i would love to come do a Home Party with you! If not, you can always host a Facebook Party!

  15. I like that representatives are available to show these books at parties. You really have to see the books to see the quality.


    1. Hi Evelyn! I agree if you haven't seen Usborne's Books in person you just don't know what you're missing!

  16. I love how many school and library programs they offer!

    1. Hi Bo, Me too! Our school and library programs are Amazing! My favorite is Reach For The Stars because the children all get books to take home!

  17. My daughter would love the Baby’s Very First Touchy-Feely Musical Playbook!

  18. I have a lot of Usborne books from when my kids were little and I was homeschooling. I love how unique they are! Time goes way too fast.
    Enjoy this precious time :)

    1. Hi Christy! I'm so glad you have fond memories of using Usborne Books when you homeschooled! Our family home schools too and we love using Usborne Books!

      Have you ever thought about becoming an Usborne Books & More Consultant? Some of our most successful consultants either are homeschooling now or they have in the past! If you would like to discuss it you can email me at booksgiveyouwings@yahoo.com

  19. Hi everyone! If anyone is interested in hosting a Facebook party or has any questions you can find me at Facebook.com/booksgiveyouwings
    Or you can email me at booksgiveyouwings@yahoo.com

    Let me know that you found me on Mommy's Block Party and i will give you an extra book (up to $20) in addition to all of the other great hostess rewards that you can earn!

  20. Roy

    I love the high quality of the books. They will last a long time

  21. I like the Science with water book.

  22. I like that they have such a wide variety of books for kids with varying interests.

  23. I like that they have such a wide variety of books for kids with varying interests.

  24. I love that the books are hardbound. We like to keep our books to pass down to others.



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