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Pass the Popcorn and Start the Show with Moulin Roty's Cinema Box #Review + #Giveaway

My family loves watching movies. Lately, I have noticed that my four-year-old son not only loves to watch movies, he enjoys reenacting them, and even making up his own stories for me and his daddy. B has quite the little imagination. He loves to look at picture books, and tell me the story, rather than having me read the words. I like to think that perhaps he'll grow up to enjoy writing like his mom does! Anything that encourages B to use his imagination while he plays is always a good thing in this mom's book.

Last year, we introduced you to Moulin Roty's beautiful, creative toys and activities for children. You can find our past reviews of the Les Petit Merveilles and the Activity Cabbage. I was thrilled for the opportunity to once again receive a wonderful, enchanting children's toy set by Moulin Roty from MagicForest.

MagicForest has been delighting families with their wonderful collection of toy brands and playthings for more than ten years. Magicforest is an American toy importer and proud to be the
exclusive distributor of Moulin Roty -- its flagship brand -- currently sold in 700 specialty toy and gift shops. The company has a simple operating principle: provide the very best in children's toys and games.

cinema box
Introducing the Moulin Roty Cinema Box

Working Mother Magazine Editors and The American Toy Association (tracking 2015 toy trends) both agreed that  Moulin Roty's Cinema Box ($40) captured the spirit of open-ended play that engages, encourages and enhances young imaginations. With its brightly colored play items and fun features, what child wouldn't love to put on a special show with the Cinema Box?

We were quite pleased for the opportunity to check out the Moulin Roty Cinema Box for ourselves!

My little entertainer couldn't wait to check out the Cinema Box. Look at that smile!

The Moulin Roty Cinema Box- literally a cinema in a box.

One of the things that I love and appreciate about Moulin Roty's toys, is that they are so beautifully designed. They have a wonderful way of taking a simple concept, and turning it into something truly magical. The Cinema Box is a gorgeous, durable box, which contains all of the needed play accessories for your child to put on their own cinema show!

The thin box is held closed by a thick ribbon.

The back of the Cinema Box shows all of the contents of the box, including each scene from the cinema discs!

Inside of the box, look what we found!

The contents of the Cinema Box include Cinema tickets, which B couldn't wait to play with- they were the first thing he reached for once we opened the box. He loves to say, 'Tickets! Tickets, please!' The tickets are perforated, and can easily be torn apart. They are thick, and intended for lots of play! The box also includes several colored discs, which can be placed into the slide slot on the included flashlight. Simply turn the flashlight on, dim the lights, and slide the disc to depict different scenes!
There is also a cute little pad that you or your child can make cute little 'Now Showing' signs or posters to promote the movie of the day!

The inside of the box lid serves as a movie screen. The box can be propped up, left open, and the child can cast the flashlight photo directly onto the movie screen!

We couldn't wait to get a little movie theatre set up in our home, so B could host his own movie afternoon! There were several different stories to choose from- knights, heroes, cowboys, and more! He was particularly interested in the knight and the castle, so we made a cute little movie poster with the included pad, and then set up our theatre. B invited all of his favorite stuffed animal pals to enjoy the show! I helped B turn the disc, and hold the flashlight, while he narrated the story of the brave knight who became friends with a dragon, and together, they rescued the princess from the tower- and all lived happily ever after as friends, of course!

The Cinema Box is fun and easy for kids to set up and use themselves!

The Cinema Box by Moulin Roty encourages children to use their imaginations. B is in preschool, and I know how important it is for children his age to learn through play. This wonderful toy set allows B to let his creativity shine, while working on several skills- holding a pencil and crayon correctly for writing or drawing, storytelling, and social skills. B has been such a gracious host when we've played with the Cinema Box, and I have been very impressed by his storytelling!

cinema box
Features of the Moulin Roty Cinema Box

recreate the beloved experience of going to the movies in your very own home! insert the story discs into the shadow torch to convey five different stories. great for storytelling and playtime!

all ages
exceptional french brand, moulin roty
9.8 x 7 in

The Moulin Roty Cinema Box would make a very special gift for a wonderful child in your life, or would make a lovely addition to a classroom setting! This set is perfect for rainy days, or family movie night (or anytime!). Let your little one take the reigns, and delight you with their storytelling!

Want it? Get it!

Head on over to Shop Tantrum to learn more about the Moulin Roty Cinema Box. You can also connect with MagicForest on Facebook and follow them on Twitter!

Want it? Win it!

One lucky reader will win their very own Moulin Roty Cinema Box! This giveaway is open to US residents, 18 and older- one entry per household. Just use the RC entry form below to enter for your chance to win! This blog is not responsible for prize fulfillment.

Special thanks to MagicForest for allowing us to experience the fun and magical adventures of the Moulin Roty Cinema Box, and for offering this wonderful giveaway for our readers!

Good luck!


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    They would love the wide variety of activities

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  15. They would love the movie tickets they could hand out!

  16. Evelyn

    They will like that they can make up their own stories to tell

  17. I think my daughter will really love all of it. I think she'd really love handing out the movie tickets.

  18. My daughter loves mermaid stories so I think she'd love to create some mermaid stories!

  19. Roy

    They are going to love the idea of setting up their very own theatre.

  20. I'd love this as a gift for my friend's kids....the parents run a filmmaking competition, so this would be perfect for role play for the kids.

  21. I'd love this as a gift for my friend's kids....the parents run a filmmaking competition, so this would be perfect for role play for the kids.

  22. They would love all the different parts it contains. everything would be so fun.


  23. Evelyn

    probably ones about princesses and dragons

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    The stories would be all about their puppies

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  26. My grandson would have fun with the flashlight.


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