A Dose of Veggies with Magic Forest Review

Spring is here and the weather has turned warmer, thank goodness! We hold back some of our Christmas gifts so that once a few months have gone by we still have some items that haven't been touched. To start off the new season fresh, we of course pulled out some new toys to play with. Baby C didn't have many new toys because we had so much from B and S so when we had the opportunity to give her something new, we took it.
Magic Forest is currently celebrating its 10th year in business. They are an American toy importer with a simple idea, to provide the very best children's toy and games. Magic Forest products always meet the highest standards of safety and quality while encouraging children to learn, play, and grow.
One company that Magic Forest is extra proud of is Moulin Roty. Magic Forest is the exclusive distributor of Moulin Roty in the US and can be purchased in over 700 specialty toy and gift shops. Watch this short video for a bit more information about Magic Forest and Moulin Roty.
We were offered the chance to review one of the amazing Moulin Roty's toys from Magic Forest and had the hardest time deciding which we would like the most. Our selection included the European crafted Duck Ring Rattle (for ages newborn+, retails for $25), Hen Lovey (for ages newborn+, retails for $34), Activity Donkey (for ages newborn+, retails for $36), Wooden Stacking Hens (for ages 1+, retails for $30), Pop Up Toy (for ages 1+, retails for $30), Pull Along Shape Sorting Garden Truck (for ages 1+, retails for $45), and the piece we chose, the Activity Cabbage (for ages 10 months+, retails for $45) from Moulin Roty's newest toy line, Les Cousins (a French manufacturer). 
Our Magic Forest package has arrived!
 A box with a surprise for someone at our house!
 S is always willing to help open the packages that show up.
 This looks like something for Baby C
 We chose the Moulin Roty Activity Cabbage for Baby C. The Activity Cabbage caught my eye from the get-go, because who has heard of an Activity Cabbage before? I knew that the name alone made it stand out and the photo and description that I had made it sound really unique. I knew this would be a perfect fit for us and couldn't wait to see it getting played with.
Here it is in person! It is awesome!
S had to check it all out and make sure it would be okay for Baby C. Such a good big sister.
The Activity Cabbage measures about 9.5 inches and includes four separate activities all located within a cabbage. All of the attached pieces are hidden inside the cabbage and ready for little explorers to find them. The cabbage is bright green and very soft, it has a jingle bell inside for light noise which babies love.
Activity one is a crinkly paper carrot. The carrot is securely attached to the cabbage is the right length for chewing and swatting at. It looks realistic and colorful. Baby C loves to chew on the carrot and it has been soaked with baby slobber on more than one occasion.
Activity two is a small mirror for making faces. Baby C loves seeing herself in the mirror and waving her little fingers hello.
Activity three is a snail with a squeaker. I am sure the possibility of finding a snail in your cabbage happens often in the real world. Baby C loves his two little antennae and quickly shoves the snail to her mouth. The squeak is just the right volume too.
Activity four is a little surprise, a bright orange and yellow worm. He is very cute and Baby C loves yanking him out of the cabbage as soon as she can get to him.
The Activity Cabbage can be played with freely like a ball or also has a Velcro strap to attach to carseats and strollers. We have been using it as a carseat toy and it really holds Baby C's attention. We have also gotten a ton of compliments and questions about it. I think because it is so different than other carseat toys, it really grabs your attention.
One happy customer with her Moulin Roty Activity Cabbage.

Want It? Buy It!
Please make sure to check out Magic Forest here or find them on Facebook. You can search for local stores near you by visiting here. One of our favorite specialty toy stores is the only Indiana location--score for us! Visit Moulin Roty here or on Facebook too. Looking to shop for Magic Forest/Moulin Roty products, shop My Sweet Muffin for all your needs. 
Thanks to Magic Forest and Moulin Roty!

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  1. We have this activity cabbage too!!! I love it. My little boy is almost 3 months and hasn't really fallen for it as hard as I...yet :)


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