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I have a riddle for you: What is something that everyone has had that they would be nothing without? Teachers! Everyone who has ever lived has had some sort of teacher in their life. It could be a parent, a friend, or an actual school teacher. 

Today we are going to talk about the later of these teachers because many people don't understand or appreciate what school teachers actually do. Sometimes they even think we're "just glorified babysitters" and think its silly that we "get weekends off" or "don't work in the summer". Yes we aren't on the clock over the weekends or summer but we bust our butts grading papers, writing lessons to engage a variety of students, we spend our summers cleaning and prepping our classroom for the following school year, or we work second jobs to make ends meet. Yes, we do watch your children all day long "like a babysitter", but there is more to it than that. During the school year, sometimes teachers spend more time with their students than their own parents do. In all reality, we help raise your children. Teachers make sure their kids are safe at school and at home, teachers teach kids life lessons along with scholarly lessons, we teach them how to interact socially, we help them through their stages of growth, we are a mom/dad to those that need one, we are a confidant to all, we are an example, we are a vitally important part of every child's life. Teachers can be everything to a child but sometimes we are even more appreciated by the parent(s). 

I teach because I love it, not because of the appreciation I receive but let me tell you something, it is SO nice to be recognized for doing what I do. When a parent tells me how thankful they are for me and what I do for their students it makes me feel amazing. Teaching can be a pretty thankless job from time to time so it's really special when we are recognized. 

Teacher Appreciation Week is May 4th through the 8th so its time to take a minute and appreciate a teacher! Because I know the feeling first hand, Im going to let you in on an awesome way to show some appreciation to your child(ren)'s teacher, your own teacher, or someone you love that is a teacher. Get your favorite teacher a gift, a full box, or even a subscription to Pampered Teacher. The subscription box made for teachers with style! 

Teachers, myself included, often spend a lot of our own money on classroom supplies and things for our students instead of ourselves. Pampered Teacher is designed for teachers to treat themselves to something nice once in a while. This review however is to try and inspire you to treat your teacher. Show your favorite teacher how much you love and need them in your life. Pamper them with some really cute and unique gifts that they are sure to love!

I was sent a Pampered Teacher box to review and I can't even begin to tell you how much I love it! It was so nice to get a box of stuff just for me. Pampered Teacher sells one time gifts as well as subscription boxes that are guaranteed to hold gifts specifically tailored to teachers. Each gift and box items is picked by hand to ensure satisfaction. 

Here are some of the awesome things that came in my Pampered Teacher Box:
Disclaimer: I was sent my box in the winter time so there are gloves in it. 

I love the colors they use!
This quote is just perfect for teachers! We do have the potential to change lives and we do it every day. Its just so hard to see ourselves doing it.
First glimpse into my Pampered Teacher box.
My haul.

I wanted to start with these earrings because I adore them and they would look beautiful on anyone who wears them. Normally I don't like gold but there is such a small amount on here I don't mind. Plus, it won't kill me to step outside my norm every once in a while. 
Look how cute they are! 
I chose to wear these cute earrings with a matching teal top to really bring out their color. I love dangly earrings so these were prefect for me. I have a ton of other outfits I could, and plan to, wear these with.

 Next up, we have some inserts for your shoes. 

Teachers are on their feet all day and are usually expected to wear dress shoes with their outfits. Unless you're fortunate enough to work at a school that lets you wear gyms shoes, that means tired achy feet at the end of the day. These inserts could really help you out! 


Now Im going to show you my favorite part of the box. Fingerless gloves. 
Disclaimer: I was sent my box in the winter time so there are gloves in it. 

These easily tuck up under my coat. 

These gloves are amazing! They are super warm and I am still able to do a ton of stuff. I can help all my littles zip their coats, I can fumble through all my keys to unlock the door, and I can use the buttons on my phone if I need to call in for an emergency. Its easy enough to pull the gloves up over my fingers or just tuck them in if they get cold. 

I keep these gloves in my desk so they are always available if its cold outside. 


Here we have the worlds most adorable pencil case. Im keeping this in my purse though because A) it matches and B) Im constantly hunting all over my purse for a writing utensil even though I know I have at least 3 in there at all times! 

I could fit the entire collection of writing utensils from  my pen cup in here. 


 Next up we have a notepad that literally every teacher in the world should have on their desk! I am always searching for scrap paper or wasting my post-it notes to send quick messages to the office or to another classroom so this little gem has really come in handy. 

I love the seed detail on each "slice"
Each "slice" is the perfect size for a quick note.


Last up we have a really cute compact adorned with my favorite color! Im so glad this was in my box because Im constantly turning on my phone to make sure I don't have anything on my face, or looking into the reflection of the TV screen to check my hair. No more! I will be able to look at myself like a normal person! 

My new friend fits perfectly in my lap drawer. 

As a teacher, for only $29.99 and free shipping, the Pampered Teacher Box is totally something I might splurge on for myself... especially if it came with some chocolate for my secret desk stash! I LOVE every product that came in my box and I use most of them daily! I also know that this would be an amazing way to show your favorite teacher exactly how much they mean to you. 

While you're checking out Pampered Teacher Box keep an eye out for a quote from a teacher you all know! 
Side note, this picture is from my Google page and its like 100 years old! 

Want it? Buy it! 
Get together with your room moms and start a subscription for your child(ren)'s teacher. Or grab a one time gift for a teacher you love. They will not be able to thank you enough. If you're a teacher, start a subscription for yourself or as a gift for a co-worker! Make sure you check our all the awesome items available from Pampered Teacher before the first week of May to have your teachers gift arrive before Teacher Appreciation Week is over!

Special thanks to Pampered Teacher and Cristin Frank for sponsoring this awesome review. I hope to work with you again! 

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