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Monday Motivation: Goals

I can't be the only one who gets overwhelmed with all the things. Things that have be cleaned, things that have to be folded, things that have to be paid, things that have to be organized, things that have to be bought. Sometimes it's not even the routine chores that swallow me up, it's getting to all the ideas, the creative and fun and memorable things I want to accomplish. Then when they don't get done I feel like I failed or am just treading water.

And something about Monday makes that list seem so long and impossible.

When I'm having a moment like this, I stop everything and write three actually attainable goals for the day. This is a technique I put into practice when Mr. G was first born and merely brushing my teeth was a congratulatory goal.

By selecting the three most important things for the day, I'm immediately prioritizing my time and setting myself up for success. Sometimes they don't get done, but at least I feel like my time was concentrated on achieving something. And when they do, it's such a relief to cross them off. Anything else I get done after those three things makes me feel like a....

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...goal digger! Happy Monday friends.

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