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Loved + Blessed: Encouragement Delivered to Your Door #Review

Everyone needs a little encouragement now and then. Lately, I have been feeling a bit out of sorts, and have been seeking out positivity wherever I can find it! I received a sweet surprised in the mail not too long ago, when I was sent a package from Love + Blessed, a monthly subscription service reminding others how loved and blessed they really are.

Loved + Blessed is a monthly box of encouragement, sent right to your door! This service was founded by Jamila Jackson, designer behind Jamila Designworks, which offers handmade handbags and accessories for women. Jamila wanted a way to let women know that they are continually loved and blessed, and that's how Love + Blessed was born. 

From Love + Blessed: 'Sometimes in this crazy world we live in, we lose sight of that fact and let the things of this world get us down.  Our hope is that our monthly boxes will be a source of encouragement to each person who receives one.  

We hope that our products will serve as a reminder as you go about your busy life that you must fully rely on God and allow the Holy Spirit to guide your steps towards contentment and a life full of joy.' 

 To learn more about URM, please visit urm.org.

Part of the proceeds for every box we ship is donated to help people experiencing homelessness.

I was excited for the opportunity to work with Jamila, who is such an inspiration. She is so grounded in her faith, and has given us a wonderful example of what it means to let the Holy Spirit lead us. I anxiously awaited the arrival of my very first Love + Blessed monthly box, and couldn't wait to see what would be included.

My beautiful pink box arrived via USPS.

I carefully opened the box, and was immediately greeted by a sticker, introducing the theme for the month, which happened to be PROVISION.


Each month you'll receive a box that includes:

a MINI POSTER for your home or office
a repositionable REMINDER STICKER perfect for your mirror, laptop or tablet
a SCRIPTURE CARD sized to fit in your pocket or purse
Each month, our boxes are full of little gifts of surprise and delight that help remind you to walk in faith throughout your day.  Our gift of encouragement changes each month.  To see examples of our previous boxes, watch the slideshow on our home page.  You'll receive gifts of jewelry, prayer accessories, stationary, journals, home decor and more!

The goodies inside of my Love + Blessed Box:
Monthly Encouragement Insert
Bag in a Bag
Mini Poster
Encouragement Card

The Bag in a Bag was a  fun treat! 

Collapsible- easy to fold, and carry!

Tons of pockets, a zipper closure at the top, and carry handles, as well!

The bag in a bag was a nice little hint that I might need to take a few steps to be a bit more organized. I'm usually organized, but lately, I have felt that my life has become super chaotic. I am losing track of things, and stressing out because of it. That's no way to live, though. So, I was able to sort all of my important, must-have items (for my totes or purses), and organize them with this cute bag. I can easily change purses, by moving the bag, instead of moving 20+ small items!

I loved the mini poster, sticker and encouraging scripture card that came in the box, as well!

The mini poster is hanging by my bedside table in my bedroom. It's a wonderful reminder that while it's certainly wonderful to chase your dreams, there is a big difference between needs and wants. God has always taken care of my family. Five years ago, we had no idea where we'd be- if we would have jobs, etc. God gave us hope and determination, and He has provided for us every step of that way, which is something we never lose sight of.

The cute sticker that I received in my box is repositionable, so I can move it from place to place. Right now, it's on my refrigerator, as I spend a lot of time in the kitchen- but I can easily move it to the mirror, my laptop, the car, etc.

The scripture card included a set of verses from Matthew 6.

This verse from scripture is a wonderful reminder of God's provision- that He provides all we need. I carry this little scripture card in my wallet, and smile every time I open it up and see this verse. I have a feeling that I will one day pass it on to someone else, but for now- it's my special note of encouragement.

The Bag in a Bag Organizer alone retails for around $25.00, so at just $10.00/mo, this wonderful, encouraging subscription box is a wonderful value! You never know what the special item of the month will be!


Subscription Options

3 Months
6 Months
12 Months
Encourage yourself or someone else!  Gift subscriptions will include a special note inside so that the recipient knows who has blessed them with a box of encouragement.  It's simple, just select a subscription option below and enter the gift recipient's name and address in the "ship to" fields.

Month-to-Month subscriptions can be cancelled at any time.  3, 6 and 12 month subscriptions are non-refundable.  All subscriptions include FREE SHIPPING.  Packaging and contents of each box varies monthly.


I think that Loved + Blessed is a beautiful service. It's so nice to know that there are still people in this world who care about encouraging others through the Word of God. For just $10.00/mo,  and with fee shipping, Loved + Blessed is the perfect gift option! Send a box to a friend or loved one for their birthday, a special anniversary or occasion, etc. Mother's Day is coming up, and this would be such a special gift for mom! This would also make a beautiful care package to send to female college students- remind them how loved they are, and send them some encouragement once they're out on their own!

Want it? Buy it!

Head on over to Loved + Blessed to learn more about this wonderful subscription box and service. You can also learn more about Union Rescue Mission, and Jamila Designworks. Connect with Love + Blessed on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Special thanks to Jamila at Loved + Blessed for allowing me to share my thoughts on the Loved + Blessed March Box. I look forward to sharing more Loved + Blessed Box reveals soon!

Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction and faithful in prayer. 
-Romans 12:12

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