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Keep Your Skin Glowing and Clean with Makeup Eraser from Tina #Review, #Giveaway #Mother'sDayGiftGuide2015

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I must admit that at times I wear a lot of eye makeup and some of it is hard to get off. Sometimes at night, it's so difficult to get off, that I end up sleeping in it just to avoid taking it off. All the expensive wipes and face cleansers can really irritate my sensitive skin and actually cause me to break out. Case and point, the large demon that is growing on my chin and refuses to go away. Unfortunately that came from trying out a new brand of wipes that gave me a rash and caused my skin to break out badly.

Usually when I find a wipe or cleanser that I like, I stick with it. However, I started wearing a new mascara and eye liner that comes with its own cleanser. This cleanser is great, but I noticed it was starting to irritate my eyes. I don't want to stop wearing my eye makeup, but I needed to find something that would be gentle on my eyes, but also take off my makeup. So when Tina, a Rep with Makeup Eraser asked if I would like to review a Makeup Eraser, I jumped on the opportunity.

I've seen other's use the Makeup Eraser on YouTube and I've been pretty curious about it. I've often wondered if it would be a good fit for me and if it would be worth it? When the Makeup Eraser arrived in the mail, I just had to laugh a bit at the box. It looks like a giant pink eraser, and took me back to my school days. Although, my box was a bit smashed from my mail carrier shoving it into my mailbox and bending the box in half to make it fit.

My Makeup Eraser Arrived! 

I opened the box to find a long, fuzzy, pink towel and a plastic zippered bag. There were instructions from Tina telling me to wash and dry my Makeup Eraser before the first use. I promptly did so, and couldn't wait for the cycles to finish so I could test it out. Once the dryer was finished, I was immediately drawn to how soft and fuzzy it is. I couldn't stop touching it!

Wash, Wet, Erase, Wash. 4 simple sets to makeup free skin.

Now, the Makeup Eraser is 100% chemical free, and you simply add warm water to the cloth and wipe away. I was a bit skeptical, but I had to give it a try. I made sure I was wearing liquid eyeliner, and my mascara that needs a special remover, plus my amazonian clay bronzer. I had on a full face and was ready to take all the gunk off and be free from the pore clogging goodness.

Look how soft and fluffy the Makeup Eraser is. Nothing harsh for your skin! 

First, let me say that there are obviously two sides to this towel. The side without the tag is the side to erase away the makeup, the side with the tag is used to exfoliate. I was really surprised to read that, seeing how soft both sides are, but I love a good exfoliation and without harsh chemical, sign me up! I turned the water to warm and began to wet the cloth. I wasn't sure if I was supposed to soak the cloth or just get it damp, so I soaked it and wrung it out.

Earlier in the day, getting ready to head to 
the store with my full face of makeup. 

I began to wipe the makeup off my face, and it was coming off with little effort. Smeared on the cloth was foundation and bronzer, I couldn't believe it. But, could it remove my eye makeup without burning my eyes or smearing it all over my face. I placed the warm, damp cloth over one eye and let it sit for a few seconds. I gently and slowly wiped it from my eye and was in shock that there was little makeup left on my eye. I put the cloth back on and repeated, and to my surprise, there was nothing left on my eye, but the cloth was filled with black eye liner and mascara.

Left side is clean, right side is ready to go! 

Look at all that gross makeup. Yuck! 

Makeup Free in half the time, with just water and Makeup Eraser! 

I just kept thinking there's no way all this came off with just a cloth and warm water. I've tried that many times when I've forgotten my wipes and it's just made a bigger mess. How, how is it possible? I have no idea how this works, or what makes the Makeup Eraser work, but all I know, is that it does work.

Once you clean your face, you simply throw the cloth in the washing machine and dryer. It's reusable and can be used 1,000 of times. Oh, and it doesn't stain! Again, I have no idea how it doesn't stain, but it doesn't. I've ruined many a good towel before, and I was so worried that this would be the same, but after a full wash and dry, it was completely clean, soft and ready to use again.

The Eraser after washing. No makeup in sight!

I wear a lot of makeup, so I would need to wash it after every use, but if you don't wear a lot, you may be able to get a few uses out of the cloth before you need to wash it. Either way, it is well worth the wash and dry. When you're not using the eraser, store it away in the plastic zippered pouch.

Zippered Pouch to store the Makeup Eraser.

I've used the Makeup Eraser for several days now, and I have zero complaints. This thing is awesome and works great. What I really love about this, is that it would make a great gift for Mother's Day. Most women wear makeup, and who wouldn't want a Makeup Eraser. Plus at $19.97, it's such a steal, why not stock up on them and give them to all the Moms in your life!

I'm so excited because one lucky MBP reader is going to win their very own Makeup Eraser, thanks to Tina!

Want It? Buy It! 
Interested in buying a Makeup Eraser for you or someone you know? If so, Tina would love for you to check out her site and contact her if you have any questions or needs. Contact Tina by e-mail. Contact Tina by phone: 267-980-7013.

Want It? Win It!
Just use the easy Rafflecopter Entry below. Open to US residents 18 and older. This blog is not responsible for prize fulfillment.

Special thanks to Tina for allowing me to experience and share about the Makeup Eraser, and offering this awesome giveaway for our readers!

Good Luck!


  1. I should do better when it comes to skin care. I wash and moisturize my face everynight .

  2. I would use make up eraser every day!

  3. I should do better when it comes to skin care. I wash and moisturize my face everynight .

  4. Wash, use lotion and only wear make-up on special occasions or a few days a week instead of every day.

  5. Yes, I would use it everyday!!

  6. I do a deep cleanse every night.


  7. Just wash and lotion (SPF lotion in the morning and an anti-aging lotion at night).

  8. I don't wear makeup both days on the weekend so almost everyday but almost!

  9. My normal skin care routine is just to wash my face with a gentle face wash twice a day.

  10. My normal skin care routine is cleanse, tone, and moisturize.

  11. I would use the Makeup Eraser on a daily basis.

  12. I wash my face in the morning and night. DamianMom at yahoo dot com

  13. Cleanse and moisture twice a day. Micro derm/other skin care when I remember ;)

  14. *Thanks so much* Mommy's Block Party and Tina! I look forward to using the Makeup Eraser :)


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