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You know what they say- April showers bring May flowers. We have had so much rain the past couple of weeks, that we're just about over it. We miss being able to go out and play! These rainy days have made for some seriously long days at home- even on the days when B goes to school for the morning hours. Luckily, we've been receiving some pretty snazzy surprises from My Pretend Place, and they have been encouraging us to use our imaginations and play!

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Last month, we shared our review of our very first Dress Up Box from My Pretend Place, which was Astronaut themed. B loved this box so much, because it included a costume, and tons of cool astronaut activities for us! Check out our review of the Astronaut Dress Up Box that we received in February.

In late March, we received a very cool surprise- an activity package from My Pretend Place, which piggybacked on the astronaut theme! B has been so into learning about space since we received the dress up box, so we couldn't wait to see what was in our cool package in March!

B rolled out two large sheets of paper, which turned out to be a space poster and large sheet of stickers.

The poster was mostly black, with a picture of the sun. It also had lines and the names of all of the planets.

There were coordinating planet stickers, which we had to match to the correct spaces on the poster.

Adding the planets to the poster helped B learn what the planets look like, and how close they are to the sun. He thought it was pretty cool that Earth is close to the sin, but not the closest!

After we got the planet stickers situated in their correct places, B used the rest of the stickers to decorate the poster. We added nebulae, comets, galaxies, and more! We had a blast learning all about space with this great sticker activity!

After we finished the poster, we built our own rocket ship, and used the poster as a map to help us navigate through space!

This cool surprise is comes to subscribers on an off month, since the Dress Up Box is shipped quarterly. This is at no additional cost. We so loved this activity, and we can't wait to see what we'll receive next from our friends at My Pretend Place. The rain may be sticking around, so why not get the perfect rainy day solution- a My Pretend Place subscription!

Head on over to My Pretend Place, LLC to browse their wonderful website and product selection, or to sign up for their Pretend Play Dress Up Subscription Box! You can shop by theme, or category! Be sure to swing by The Playroom for amazingly creative craft, recipe, and activity ideas to extend playtime!

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