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Let's Play Pretend! My Pretend Place Dress Up Subscription Box #Review

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We have certainly endured a very long, cold winter. My family lives in North Carolina, and while we're no strangers to winter weather, this winter was extremely cold, and very grey. We had few days that were warm enough to get out and play, which can be tough on kids and their parents when the kiddos need to get some energy out. We tried to make the very best of it, finding new ways to play, and new things to discover and explore. One of the highlights of B's day is when the mail comes, because one never knows what might be delivered to our house. I had a special surprise up my sleeve for him, which was bound to drive away the winter blues.

My Pretend Place

Not long ago, I discovered My Pretend Place, LLC, which connects parents and kids with fun tools for creativity and imaginative play. My Pretend Place was started by a group of friends, who loved to play pretend as children, and value how important it is for children to experience, especially in a tech-driven world. Their vision is to create a great destination with fun ideas for crafting and other engaging activities to support dress-up and pretend-play. At the same time, they know not everyone has time for crafting on a regular basis, so they also provide high quality and long-lasting product themed towards children’s pretend play adventures.

I was beyond excited to connect with the team at My Pretend Place, and to be given the opportunity to review one of their Dress-Up Subscription Boxes. We love subscription boxes at our house, because you never know quite what you might end up with, but you know that whatever it is, it's going to be very special!

We received this special delivery, and couldn't wait to see what was inside!

B was so excited! He wondered what in the world might be inside of the big white box.

Our package was incredibly well wrapped, and came with a special note to our family, with 'Happy Pretending' across the front!

Underneath all of the protective wrapping, was even more wrapping! We certainly felt like we had just been given a very special gift!

I gave B the official mommy 'go ahead' nod, and he pulled back the paper to find a box filled with Astronaut themed goodies!

I wasn't sure which box we would be receiving, so this was a surprise to me, as well. I wish I could have captured the surprised, excited look on B's sweet face when he realized that this was an astronaut themed box. He was eager to remove all of the products from the big white box, so we could check them out. I had a feeling that we wouldn't be bored at home again for a very long time!

B immediately spotted the astronaut food, which was going to be an interesting treat!

We laid out all of our astronaut themed goodies to get a good look at them.

We received:
An Astronaut Dress Up Costume
Space Themed Peel and Press Stickers by Number
Astronaut Handbook
Astronaut Ice Cream

I'm not sure how B contained his excitement, to tell you the truth. He took one look at the dress up costume, and was ready to suit up, and play astronauts. I couldn't blame hi- it looked pretty cool! The costume was one from Melissa, and Doug, and we love their products!

The Astronaut Role Play Set came on a hanger, in protective plastic, which can be snapped at the bottom to keep your costume fresh... well, as fresh as a kid's costume can be kept, anyway!

B asked me to help him pull on the white jumpsuit, and to help get his gloves and helmet situated. I felt that all we needed was a pair of space boots, and we'd be ready to blast off to space!

Mommy's handsome little astronaut, loving his dress up costume!

B is four years old, and still loves to dress up, and play pretend, so I definitely encourage that. It's more fun, of course, when mommy plays, too. Day to day, I never know what we'll be, or where we'll end up! The costume fit B so well, and he begged to stay in it for the rest of the day... he even ate dinner in it, and asked to sleep with the gloves on! The costume was so much fun, that we couldn't wait to check out some of the other items that came in our special astronaut package!

We received two packages of freeze dried ice cream- exactly like what real astronauts eat in space!

The freeze dried ice cream was wrapped, and packaged.

We were both looking forward to tasting freeze dried Neapolitan ice cream!

I tasted the ice cream, first, and thought it was pretty good!

B, on the other hand, wasn't so sure he liked it!

The freeze dried ice cream was definitely new territory for both of us! I thought that it tasted exactly like regular Neapolitan ice cream, just all dried out, and crunchy! B said it tasted like chalk, and that we'd better save the rest for daddy. Hubby did try a few bites, and said he thought it was pretty good, and then wound up eating the rest of it. B's not sure he wants to be an astronaut if it means he has to eat space ice cream!

We saved the Peel & Press Sticker by Number activity for another day.

The Peel & Press Sticker by Number set looked like a lot of fun, so we saved it for one of the days that B doesn't go to preschool, and is home with me all day. This set features a wooden board, with shapes that are numbered for the corresponding puffy stickers, which are shiny and sparkly!
B was very excited about this project, and couldn't wait to get to work on it!

Everything we needed for this project, was included- just the board, the directions, and the sticker sheets.

This boy was all smiles while working on this project!

I appreciated that this was a fun, mess-free activity for us to do, and that B could do it mostly on his own. We matched up the stickers to the right shapes, and B was able to match up the correct numbers, and complete the large picture. This was a bit of a test for him, having to follow directions, and I was very proud of him for going in order, and sticking with the project from start to finish.

The stickers were really cool- especially the ones that helped to make up the planets!

B was definitely intrigued by the raised, sparkly stickers, ans couldn't wait to finish the whole picture, so he could show it to everyone! There was a pre-drilled hole in the wooden frame, so the board was ready to be hung up when the project was completed.

We also received The Astronaut Handbook, a colorful look at what life is like for those who are or want to become an astronaut!

We were excited to get a glimpse of what it's like to train to be an astronaut, through this fun book!

Here we are, learning all about what it's like to get ready to go to space!

We learned all about the types of food astronauts eat while in space.

Be was so excited to see that the astronauts got to eat the very same ice cream that we got to try! Even if he didn't care for the ice cream, he was definitely feeling cool, knowing that he had something in common with real astronauts!

We even got to take a closer look at a spacesuit, and a space potty!

I don't think I'll be making plans to go into space anytime soon. B thought that the suit, and the potty were awesome, but I am not a fan of how one has to use a space potty! Plus, did you know that a space suit weighs over 300 pounds (on earth)!? Yeah, me neither!

We have been having the best time learning about space and astronauts, together. We even made a make-shift rocket, and command center at home, and we have played astronauts several times since receiving this super fun box from My Pretend Place! B has his astronaut in space project hanging in his bedroom, and he asks daddy lots of questions about the planets, the moon, and the stars, It's prompted further learning and discussion, in which case, I'm thankful for the tech!

B knows how to use devices better than hubby and I do... it's scary, and we just realized the other day, that he'll never know what it's like not to have all of these things, and information, whenever he needs it. We're guilty of handing over a tablet with an educational game, for a moment of peace and quiet, but we'll never stop playing with B, or encouraging him to use his imagination or to seek knowledge. We know that children learn so much about life through creative and imaginative play, so we'll keep on playing, for as long as we can!

My Pretend Place offers various Pretend Play products, and of course, their wonderful (quarterly) subscription service.

Dress Up Play Subscription Box

Alice the Fairy by David Shannon
Shop books, like this one, and the Astronaut Handbook!

Inflatable Space Shuttle
Shop accessories, and add onto your pretend play sets 
(we may have to invest in one of these!).

Princess Stamp Set
Shop activities...

Doctor Costume Pretend Play Set
Shop costumes...

Princess Castle Playhouse
Shop Playhouses (4 washable markers included!)...

Fairy Rainy Day Set
...and rainy day gear!

My Pretend Place is so neat! I wish I was a little kid all over again, so I could experience the joy of pretend play through a child's eyes! Thankfully, I am blessed to be a mom to a little boy who loves to play and learn- and loves for mommy and daddy to play, too! My Pretend Place has so many wonderful pretend play costumes, activities, accessories, and so much more! The quarterly subscription would make such a unique, and special gift for a child, or for a teacher! I can't wait to surprise B with some fun accessories for our astronaut adventures. Not even the sky is the limit when it comes to where our imaginations might take us!

Highlights of the My Pretend Place Quarterly Subscription Box

$50.00/Quarter (includes shipping)
There’s no risk because you can cancel at anytime or return your item if not fully satisfied.
Each box is themed, for example, Pirate, Princess, Safari, Astronaut, etc.
Each box contains dress-up, which is the major focus, plus additional items, like activities, crafts, snacks, a book, etc. to help engage your child’s imagination, help them get into character, and simply extend the life of the box throughout the entire quarter.
Bonus: You’ll also get surprise content the months in-between boxes. So, for example, January, you get your Astronaut box. February, you may get a sticker activity in the mail and March, you might get a training completion certificate. There is no additional cost for the extra content.

Want It? Get It!

Free Shipping

Head on over to My Pretend Place, LLC to browse their wonderful website and product selection, or to sign up for their Pretend Play Dress Up Subscription Box! You can shop by theme, or category! Be sure to swing by The Playroom for amazingly creative craft, recipe, and activity ideas to extend playtime! This is definitely going to be a go-to site for me this summer, when we have a lot of time to fill. Connect with My Pretend Place through Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, and sign up for their newsletter to receive fun pretend play recipes, activities, and more- in your inbox!

Special thanks to our friends at My Pretend Place for allowing us to experience and share about their wonderful Pretend Play Dress Up Subscription Box! This is hands down one of our favorite boxes we have ever had the pleasure of featuring on MBP! I can't wait to see what will be in the next quarterly box, and in the meantime, we'll be enjoying lots of fun recipes, crafts and activities to go along with our adventures through play!

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