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JCPenney Makes Moments Magical Through Their Partnership with Disney's Live-Action Film "Cinderella"

One of my all time favorite department stores is JCPenney. I have fond memories of shopping there with my Aunt Donna when I was a teenager, I love that they always tend to have something I am looking for when other stores do not (we were able to get an Elsa doll there for Drew's birthday, right before the holidays),  and they have some of the greatest sales, especially during the holidays.
 I am really excited because as JCPenney is celebrating their retail collaboration with Disney's Live-Action Film "Cinderella", they have unveiled a new line fit for princess fans everywhere, and I just happen to have 2 fans that live with me and call me Mom! 

The girls recently got a few pieces from JCPenney's Disney Collection Cinderella line, and all I can say is be glad you weren't here to hear all the high-pitched squealing. My ears are still ringing, but I do love seeing them so excited. 

Drew Retrieving One of the Figure Play Sets

Reese Found the 6-Piece Gazebo Play Set and Hugged it! 

The Girls and Their Cinderella Goodies- A Cinderella Headband, the Cinderella Gazebo 6-Piece Play Set, A 'Gus' Plush, and a 7-Piece Figure Play Set

Drew was drawn to the 7-piece figure play set. She is very dramatic in her play, and I found it quite humorous that she was able to switch between all of the characters she was playing with. She was sassy and rude when she was playing as the step-sisters, cold and uncaring as the step-mother, prim and proper as Cinderella, and motherly and nurturing when playing as the Fairy Godmother. She's going to have a pretty successful career if she ever decides to go into acting.

Drew Smiling as She Acts as the Fairy Godmother

Getting Serious as She Prepares to Become One of the Step-Sisters.

Reese was drawn to the 6-piece play set, especially the gazebo. She is a bit less dramatic than Drew, at least when it comes to playing with her dolls. The big deal for Reese was singing and dancing around the house with Cinderella, Prince Charming, and the Fairy Godmother. When she wasn't doing that, she was content with placing them in the gazebo and using the key to lock them up and take them back out again. 

Reese Collects All the Figures and Puts Them in the Gazebo

Then Takes the Key to Lock Them Up

Both girls loved the Gus plush and the headband. I am not a psychic, but I can tell you that we will be adding a few more items from the Disney Collection Cinderella line to our household in the near future. I'm seeing another headband and perhaps a Jaq plush. I'm thinking a few of the apparel items are going to be making their way to the girls' closet as well. 

Here are a few more of our favorites from the line! 

This Short Sleeve Graphic Tee is Available in Sizes 2-10 

This Nightshirt, Which Will Likely Be Joining the Girls' Pajama Collection, is Available in Sizes 2-10

Lovely Cap Sleeve Tulle Dress is Also Available in Sizes 2-10

Sweet 5-Piece Cinderella Costume Accessory Set 

Cinderella Costume (available in sizes 2-12), Costume Shoes (sizes 2-13), and Headband (for ages 3+)

Want It? Buy It! 

The Disney Collection Cinderella line has something for everyone, and every item retails for under $55. You can shop this collection online and in the enchanting Disney shop inside of JCPenney stores.
Don't forget to connect with JCPenney on FacebookTwitterPinterest, and Google+.  Make sure to check out the JCPenney website too,where you can find many great sales and a special offer that gives you the chance to receive a free ticket (voucher to be redeemed for 1 ticket, up to $12) to see Disney's Live-Action Film Cinderella.

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