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InstaCandi Offers Treats for Your Sweets!

What if you could send a little sweetness to a friend, family member, or co-worker who could really use some cheering up? Nothing makes my day like receiving something special in the mail- especially something I wasn't expecting to receive! When my husband and I were dating (seems like that was years ago), he would sometimes stop by my office with my favorite candy, and it would completely make my day, because he took the time so show me how much he cared for me.

Today, there's a fun and convenient way to sweeten someone's day, by sending them a little treat from Instacandi! Sending Instacandi to someone special is easy- just head to Instandi, and select a package. The Instacandi team will handle the rest!

St. Patrick's Day Mix
Photo courtesy of Instacandi

What exactly is Instacandi?

Instacandi is a fun new way to send candy by mail! The team at Instacandi will prettily package the candy you select, accent with festive confetti, and will also hand-write a special note, which you can customize at checkout time! Instacandi uses fun and colorful, padded envelopes to ship their candy packages in. This ensure that the candy arrives safely, and won't be crushed. There are 100's of candies to choose from! Instacandi stocks old favorites to modern munchies! Hand select your favorites, or make a themed candy bag for someone special!

There are so many cute Mix options available from Instacandi, with too-cute names, like: Happy Candiversary, Sorry Sweeties, Get Well Goodies, Mindful Mix, Thankful Things, Birthday Bits, and more!

Instacandi's Mindful Mix- a healthy option from Instacandi.
Photo Courtesy of Instcandi

Each and every Instacandi package is just $9.99, which includes shipping! Whether you're wanting to send congratulations, get well wishes, or just send a little sweetness to someone you care about, Instacandi is a fun way to brighten someone's day! Simply click on the package you'd like to order, and you'll be given further information as to what's included in the package. You'll also be given the option add a 200 character message, and select the date for delivery!

I'm going to be sending Instacandi to someone I love! There are so many folks I would love to surprise with a special package from Instacandi! I can't wait to share my personal experience with you!

Want Some? Gift Some!

Head on over to Instacandi to check out their awesome selection of sweet candy packages! You can also connect with Instacandi on Facebook and Twitter!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post on behalf of Instacandi, written by me. All thoughts and opinions shared are my own.

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