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Find Stylish Fashion Accessories for Less at Cents of Style #Review + Coupon Code!

With winter refusing to go away, I am embracing what's left of it, and getting some use out of some of my favorite winter accessories. It won't be long before it's time to pack the scarves and boots away, and trade them in for lighter pieces. It's been cold here in NC, and now that we're inching closer to spring, layering is a must. Some mornings start out so, so cold, and by the end of the day, it could be 75 degrees! Having the right layering accessories is imperative for fashion survival in the south.

Cents Of Style

No one wants to spend an arm and a leg, however, on fashion accessories. In 2007, Courtney Brown and Brennan Lau, decided to take their love of fashion and bargain shopping and begin an accessories company, Cents of Style. Cents of Style offers fashionable, on trend accessories at rock bottom prices- such as jewelry, shoes, scarves, and more! Cents of style's motto is 'You don't have to spend a lot to look good, and when you look good, you feel good.'

I couldn't agree more with the Cents of Style motto, and was very excited to receive an opportunity to select a couple of fashion accessories from Cents of Style to try out for myself. My 'sense of style' is sort of all over the place. I love fashion, and I love accessorizing, but I'm a mom on the go, who has her hands in a lot of different things from sun up to sun down, so my fashion choices have to work for me, and fit in with my lifestyle.

I browsed through a lot of different pieces over at Cents of Style, and I loved everything I laid eyes on. I actually sent a suggestion list of about five different items over to the Cents of Style team, because I just couldn't make up my mind. I was in for a surprise, as I had no idea what I would wind up with!

The first item I received, was a pair of beautiful statement earrings by Justin & Taylor.

I chose the Robin Jewel Cluster Earrings because they're me, but they're not really me, at the same time. They're a beautiful design, and I love the big, black stones, which really capture one's attention. They are gold plated, which is a stretch for me. I don't wear a lot of gold, which is why I thought these would be a great choice for me. They're incredibly bold, while still having a classy, soft, elegant look to them.

A beautiful accent to a casual top...

The gold setting really makes the stones in these earrings pop!

The earrings are definitely larger than the ones I am used to wearing, but I love them. They don't seem to get caught in my hair, and don't feel heavy when I wear them. They're a nice addition to a casual top, making one look and feel a bit more dressed up then they really are. They would also look gorgeous paired with a cocktail or evening dress, and who doesn't love versatility?

Robin- jewel cluster earrings <br> *more colors*
Features of the Robin-Jewel Cluster Earrings


Robin- jewel cluster earrings

Colors:  Black and Clear

Description:  1" X 7/8" Jewel cluster earrings

Another little pretty, all wrapped up and delivered right to my door from Cents of Style!

I was so excited to see this gorgeous scarf behind the tissue paper!

When this scarf arrived, it was bitterly cold, and I didn't want to step out of my house without a warm scarf. I had been fighting a terrible cold, and with it being in the single digits, temperature-wise, my old house didn't want to heat up to anything above 60 degrees (gotta love old homes with terrible insulation). I was wrapping up in my fashion scarves while in the house, and they did little to actually keep me warm.

The Lib-Frayed Infinity Scarf is not only beautiful, and fun to wear- it's buttery-soft, and warm. As soon as my fingers brushed against the scarf, I was in love with it! It felt as soft as a 32-year-old tattered and torn baby blanket that I loved to snuggle with as a child (still have it, by the way!). I told my husband that I just wanted to curl up and take a nap with the scarf. He looked at me as if I were crazy, until he felt the scarf for himself.

The neutral scarf looks great, paired with just about anything!

I love that this scarf looks beautiful paired with a dress, with a basic top, a denim jacket, layered over a sweater, or even with a plain t-shirt and leggings. I have already hit the couch in my lounge clothes, with the scarf around my neck, numerous times... it's so comfortable, I would sleep in it, if I could. I wore this scarf on an extremely cold day, and when I took my seat at a musicians rehearsal, the lovely lady next to me touched my scarf, and commented on how soft and warm it was.

The Lib-Frayed Infinity Scarf is soft and light, and is a wonderful transition piece, as we move toward spring. I don't plan on putting this scarf away, even during the summer time (yep- that's how much I love this scarf!). I can't wait to pair this with a maxi dress and denim jacket- I'm just waiting for it to get warm enough for me to wear some sandals!

Features of the Lib-Frayed Infinity Scarf


Lib- Frayed Infinity Scarf

Colors: Plum, Gray, Putty, Ivory, Olive/Brown, Blush

Description: 29" wide x 80" long over-sized infinity scarf in a light weave with frayed edge detailing.

Cents of Style has so many beautiful accessories, many of which I would love to add to my collection. Check out a few of the items I am loving for spring!

Caprice Lace Kimono

Vera-82- Flat Strappy Sandal
Vera Flat Strappy Sandal

Rose Gold
Josie Oval Stretch Bracelet

Belle Infinity Scarf

Lulu Loafers (for kids!)

Numbered Knob <br> *more colors*
Numbered Knobs (for the home)

As you can see, Cents of Style has a lot of fashionable accessories, shoes, clothing, home decor, and more, for super low prices! They're always adding new items to their collections, so new treasures await with every visit!  You can find some really great deals by checking out the Cents of Style Style Steals section, and don't miss Fashion Fridays, for fab fashion picks!

Want the look?

Head on over to Cents of Style to browse through their categories of stylish accessories, and more! Cents of Style is kindly offering MBP readers 20% off their orders through the end of March! Just use the code BLOCKPARTY at checkout!

 You can also connect with Cents of Style through Facebook, Instagram, and the Cents of Style Blog! Cents of Style is often a featured vendor on Jane.com, so check them out for even more great style deals!

Special thanks to our friends at Cents of Style for allowing me to review and share about these beautiful accessories, and for offering this special discount to our readers!

Stay stylish...

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