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Day Trips and Destinations: Here's Lookin' at 90!

This past weekend, Cory and I had the pleasure of heading to Wichita, Kansas for my Grandfather in Law's 90th Birthday. We decided to leave Friday after Cory got off work and drive, it's only a 3.5hr drive, so it was no big deal to leave around 4:00 pm. Except that it started to snow around 1:30 that afternoon, and by 4:00pm, there was already about an inch and a half on the ground. While this might not seem like much to many of you, here in Oklahoma, people just can't seem to drive in the snow. It was a nightmare trying to get out of the city, but once we were out of Tulsa, it was smooth sailing, expect those dang toll booths, come on ODOT, you had one job! 

The yard was full of snow before we left for Wichita.

The trip went smoothly and Cory and I had the rare chance to talk the whole way up there. We enjoyed the chat so much, that the time flew by and before we knew it, we were pulling up to his grandparent's house. His Grandparent's live in Valley Center, Kansas, just outside of Wichita, but it feels like a different world there. It is surrounded by trees and acreage, like its own slice of paradise. We were so excited to get this opportunity to spend the weekend with Cory's family and celebrate the momentous occasion. The family was going to get together and spend Saturday at the house and then Sunday we would have the big party at the Church with all of Papa's friends. 

The Birthday Boy, Richard Glenn telling us stories around the table! 

Well, Mother Nature is a you know what, and she had other plans. Wichita ended up with over 4 inches of snow and many family members were not able to make it in to the party. On top of that, we had to cancel the party at the Church because of the icy roads and parking lots. It was beginning to look like there would be no party. That is until we decided to have the party at the house. All the family that was able to make it in town, was already coming over, so we decided to forge on with the celebration. 

Richard Glenn, through the years, he's such a handsome man! 

We gathered at the house, and set out food, drinks and decorations. No reason the house shouldn't look festive! The family slowly trickled in throughout the day. We all sat around the table as Papa told stories of the War, when he was growing up, the first time he flew a plane, the time he nearly crashed into the mountains, the time he was so sick he made Nana fly the plane, and so-on and so-forth. I was amazing to hear stories that I had never heard before, and funny to listen to old ones being told with a little added flair! 

The Family sitting around the table. 
Some stories were being recorded for future generations! 

We sat and looked through old photos, connecting history as we moved along. Retelling old memories and soaking up new ones. I was in awe at this family that I had the pleasure of marrying into. Generations celebrating together, laughing together and crying together. It was so beautiful. The time quickly slipped away from us and soon it was nearing midnight. We had yet to cut the cake and sing to the Birthday Boy. My talented Mother-in-law and Cousin-in-Law made the birthday cake. After singing and stuffing ourselves full of cake and punch, it was time to take pictures. 

90th Birthday banner, My Mother made for the occasion! 

Birthday Boy with his cake! It sure was a yummy cake! 

(Left to Right)
Back Row-Cory, Me, Elaine
Second Row-Richard, Cynthia, Laura, Richard, Amanda, Debra, Belinda, Ed
Front Row-Marcha, Richard, Marie, Nadene 
(Yes, there are a lot of Richards in this family!)

We all gathered around Cory's grandparents and took as many photos as we could. I stood there thinking that the weekend couldn't have gone any better. We were all right where we were meant to be. I was honored that I could be a part of Richard Glenn's 90th Birthday. We had a blast but sadly we had to head home Monday morning. It was bitter sweet, knowing that a huge milestone was celebrated, but hoping this won't be the last! 

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