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365 Acts of Kindness

I’m so excited that my first actual post gets to be part of this series. If you have missed the last few posts, we are working to do one nice thing for someone every day of the year and encourage you to do the same. The "act" could be toward someone you know or a complete stranger, to help pass love around and inspire others to do the same! 

Does anyone know a mama that is not in need of more encouragement and praise? I sure would like to meet her, if so! This week, I am noticing the small acts of kindness that come in the shape of words. Specifically, friends and acquaintances who respond to my weekly Facebook posts of the little one (apologies to those poor people who have to endure 52 weeks of bay G with a set of number blocks, life is tough!). 

I'm not talking about the "he's so cute" variety of sentiment (although those make mom beam all the same), but the ones where the commenter clearly took time to observe the photo(s), imagine the circumstances, offer an anecdote, or recognize the work mom has done to get to that exact photo. 

It's easy to just hit the like button or give a one word comment, but I promise the poster's day will be a little more smiley if you take an extra second to make a thoughtful comment. Seeing these has challenged me to take notice when someone posts a picture they are (obviously, rightfully) proud of and lift them up through some kind, well-chosen words.

Have you been noticing more kindness in your world lately? We'd love to hear all about it, so be sure to leave a comment below and keep spreading the love around! 

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