Spreading the Love with "We Heart You" Rolli Stamps

Being the mom of two, I am constantly on the look out for fun activities for my daughters that allow them to be creative without making a huge mess that we have to clean up afterward. Since I have a seven year old and a two year old, there is always some sort of mess to clean up, and many that wait a little longer to clean up than I care to admit.

Both of my girls are really into arts and crafts activities and Drew has been kind of obsessing over stamps lately, so we were really fortunate to connect with Funnybone Toys  to sample and review their Rolli Stamps, including their newest "We Heart You" stamp.

Funnybone Toys  creates and sells a variety of products that "are a true combination of form, function, and beautiful, minimalist design". Rolli Stamps are part of their "Funnybone Muse" collection, which offers items that are outside of the toy and game category. 

Rolli Stamps are definitely not your traditional stamp. They are called "a one-inch printing press" on the Funnybone Website, which seems to me, like a pretty accurate description. There is no ink pad required, you just roll a continuous pattern on just about any surface to create unique stationary, scrapbook pages, newsletters, and so much more! 

The "We Heart You" Rolli Stamp is Perfect for Valentine's Day Crafts

We were really excited when the Rolli Stamps arrived, Drew and Reese could not wait to test them out. I loved the different patterns  and the fact that there are no ink pads required to use these stamps! You just roll them across a sheet of paper (or almost any surface except for skin) and voila, perfect pattern. 

The Girls Getting Their Rolli On!

Since Valentine's Day is coming up, I cut out pink hearts and the girls used the Rolli Stamps to decorate them.  I thought for sure they would both go straight for the "We Heart You" Stamp and chaos would ensue, but there were so many options for them to choose from, that no chaos was had, YAY!

I Had to Test a Few Myself! Here is The "We Heart You" Rolli Pattern

Rolli "Umbrellas and Rainbows"

The Rolli "Nesting Dolls" Pattern is My Favorite

I Also Really Like This "Kitchen Crockery" Rolli Pattern! 

Rolli Stamps are the perfect addition to any arts and crafts collection. With the variety of patterns available, everyone is bound to find a stamp (or two or three) that they love and can use to create up to 100 ft of continuous pattern!  The stamps are recommended for use by crafters ages 13 and up, but I personally found that under adult supervision, my girls (ages 7 & 2) were able to use them without a problem.

A Special Thank You to our friends Tashauna and Katherine, from Blink PR, for the opportunity to review this product and share it with our readers!

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  1. I agree, these Rolli stamps are a great addition to any arts and crafts collection. Thank you for sharing this review.


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