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On The Go Living with Rove {Review}

We have a well at our house, so drinking straight from the tap just does not happen. The kids will happily drink water from the filter in the refrigerator but my husband and I prefer bottled water. We save our gallon jugs and refill them at the store for a small fee. We all use cups to keep with us throughout the day that can easily be refilled, but could always use more, especially for our on the go needs.  
We were given the opportunity to check out a cool company that creates high quality, reusable products that are eco-friendly and trendy too!
Rove is a new mobile lifestyle brand of eco-friendly mugs, tumblers, and containers. They strive to create products to make daily routines easier and more comfortable. All of Rove's products are designed to enhance a variety of lifestyles, from sports to school to work by keeping cold drinks cold, hot drinks hot, lunches fresh, and more. Rove products are either BPA free plastic or other high quality material like stainless steel, vitrified porcelain, or borosilicate glass, and also use innovative technology and features. Rove is helping to promote a greener Earth by creating reusable cups that help save energy, water, and materials.
 We were given the opportunity to review not just one, but three of Rove's innovative items.
"Infuse drinks on the go with fresh or frozen fruit, flavored ice, or fresh herbs"
" Sip hot or cold drinks from anywhere around the lid, with 360 degree access and a spill proof lock"
" Perfect solution for those needing a healthy, portion-controlled lunch, the BPA free Bento Box includes multiple compartments, cutlery, and an ice pack compartment to keep food cold and fresh for hours"

Our Rove package has arrived!
My two helpers are ready to see what is in the big box
Looks to be some cool goodies for all of us, they love when everyone can get something
Yes! Popping Paper!
Inside we found all three of the Rove items, the 20 Ounce Double Wall Flavor Infuser Tumbler, 14 Ounce Double Wall Hot & Cold Hydration Mug, and the 7 Piece Laptop Iced Bento Lunch Box
 The 20 Ounce Double Wall Flavor Infuser Tumbler is a BPA free, double wall insulated reusable cup, perfect for my everyday use. It currently retails for $8.99, can't beat that price at all! It is made of acrylic and is top rack dishwasher safe.
This tumbler is super easy to use and create flavored drinks, the natural way. We filled our tumbler with regular water in the main cup and freshly sliced strawberries in the flavor pod. You can choose any assortment of items you would like, from fresh or frozen fruit, veggies, every fresh herbs or flavored ice to infuse into your water.
The taste tester
We were really pleased with how cold our drink was and how flavorful it was too. We used the straw, which has just the right curve in it for easy drinking, but the lid also has a sipping area, what a cool double feature.
The 14 Ounce Double Wall Hot & Cold Hydration Mug is a BPA free, double wall insulated mug, perfect for on the go hot or cold drinks. It currently is available for $7.99, another deal. It is made of plastic and stainless steel and is top rack dishwasher safe.
This mug is a great color to start with and has a fairly unique lid design. You can easily screw the lid on or off and it offers a 360 degree sipping area. You can easily sip from anywhere on the lid, which opens with one push of a button, and seals with a second push of the button.
We use mainly cold drinks in the mug, because that is safer for the kids, and it has kept them very cold. Hot drinks have stayed super warm too. It fits easily into our car drink holders and has been a great go to mug.
Our third item was the 7 Piece Laptop Iced Bento Lunch Box. The Bento Box is BPA free and offers portion controlled sections. The containers are microwave safe for reheating, top rack dishwasher safe, and made of Polypropelene. It is currently available for $12.99.
This was so exciting for both kiddos, who have had to take turns taking it to school. S, being 5, eats smaller portions of lots of different things, so the Bento Box is perfect for her.
In the top of the lid is a large freeze pack. This is easy to take in and out, freezes quickly, and gives hours of cold to keep the food fresh.
It also includes one fork and one spoon that attach to the inside of the lid.
The box breaks down with multiple compartments which are perfect for keeping food separate and controlling portions.
Super simple preschool lunch in one box. The compartments are a great size to put a few bites of everything S requests. I don't have to use an assortment of sandwich baggies and helps reduce the waste.

All of the Rove products we received have been great for our on the go lifestyle. I appreciate that we are being eco-friendly while still being trendy.
 Want It? Buy It!
Looking for reusable, fun, and high quality on the go products, check out Rove. Make sure to follow Rove on Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram.

 Thanks to Rove for our fun on the go products!

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