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Naked Trevor Teaches Kids to be Themselves (Book Review + Giveaway)

Four is an interesting age. Of course, I don't really remember what it was like being four years old, but I am seeing the world through the eyes of a four-year-old every day. My son is definitely noticing more things about his surroundings, other people, and even himself these days. He goes to school, and comes home with a lot of questions, and we wind up having a lot of talks. One of the things that I encourage is for B to be himself. I have my own ideas of how things should be, and how people should act, and sometimes lean on conformity's side. I love, however, that my son is an individual, and he's at an age, where he's starting to discover his own likes and dislikes, and form his own opinions about things, as well. My husband and I encourage him to be himself- from play time to everyday living, because we know that God designed us to be different.

Embracing who we are, and accepting people's differences shouldn't be hard, but it often is, for adults, and for children, who are just discovering the world around them. I was excited to receive a brand new book from our friends at Little Bee Books a couple of weeks ago, which would give us a fun look at a little guy who wasn't afraid to go against the grain and be himself.

Little Bee Books offers a wonderful selection of beautiful children's books, and more! Not long ago, we shared about Stanley the Sock Monster Goes to the Moon, which has become a family favorite! For the month of February, we were sent a new title, Naked Trevor, written by Rebecca Elliott, and geared toward children ages 4-7.

About the book and author...

Naked Trevor is a beautiful jacketed picture book about a "naked" bird who tries to find the perfect outfit.

It’s a well-kept secret that all birds are naked, and every morning they put on their feathery clothes to go about their day. But Trevor refuses to wear his sparrow outfit, much to the horror of his family. In a quest to find his own unique look, he crashes into a pile of sticky mud and colorful flowers. He ends up looking the best he ever has, inspiring the birds around him to shed their own boring outfits!

Rebecca Elliott has written and illustrated many children's picture books, including The Last Tiger, Milo's Pet Egg, Cub's First Winter, and Zoo Girl. When She's not writing and doodling, Rebecca teaches adult writing and illustration classes and runs workshops for children at literary events. She lives in Suffolk, England, with her husband and children.

Our Thoughts...

B didn't want to sit still for a photo- he was really intrigued by the book cover, and wanted to check Trevor out!

First of all, Naked Trevor is beautifully illustrated! The 32 page book is very colorful, which certainly captivated us as we were delving into the story of Trevor. When we first meet Trevor in this story, he is getting reay to start his day with his family, and everyone in his family is getting dressed in the sparrow suits. They all look the same, with their sparrow colors and fluffy feathers.

Trevor decides that he no longer wants to dress like a sparrow, and his family is shocked and horrified. He would rather be naked than dress like the rest of them. There is a very silly section of the book, which shows Trevor's family tree- all of the birds sitting on tree branches, and you get to find out who is who- so fun!

The family tree.

Trevor goes on a little journey, just trying to figure out who he is, and what he ought to be wearing. We wondered if Trevor would just be naked forever? Eventually, Trevor winds up in a big pile of mud and gets himself all sticky, and covered with leaves and other things... but he looks so beautiful and colorful! When Trevor makes his way back to his family, they can't believe how beautiful he looks! They are thrilled to see him, and they all encourage him to be himself, even if that means that he looks different from the rest of his family.

Trevor goes back home to his family.

We really loved getting to know Trevor, and commended him for being different, and following his heart, instead of falling in line, when he knew he was different. The book features a few pages that have large flaps for the children to pull back and discover more of the story. 

B didn't want the story to end- so he flipped back to the beginning, so we could read it again!

We had a really fun time joining on this journey with Trevor, and I know that my son will go on a ery similar journey. My role as a parent, is to be loving and supportive, no matter what. B's personality shines through more and more each passing day, and I want him to know that it's more than okay for him to want to be himself, and march to his own beat.

Naked Trevor is a wonderful story, and would be a wonderful book to add to your personal collection, or your classroom, for those of you who may be educators. We'll look forward to reading Naked Trevor many more times in the years to come, because it's a wonderful reminder of how special each of us are.

Want it? Get it!

Naked Trevor is available through Little Bee Books. Connect with Little Bee Books on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

Want it? Win it!

Thanks to our friends at Little Bee Books, one lucky reader will win a copy of Naked Trevor. This giveaway is open to US residents, 18 and older. One entry per household. Just use the RC giveaway entry form below to enter for your chance to win! This blog is not responsible for prize shipment.

Special thanks to our friends at Little Bee Books for allowing us to review and share our thoughts about Naked Trevor, and for offering this wonderful giveaway for our readers!


  1. I stressed with them to love and respect themselves. They always did and were always themselves.

  2. My Kids showed their personalities mainly By laughing and having fun with each other. They both love to Dance and have a good time! They are people persons. They take after me I was the same way!!

  3. We let them express themselves through being creative and teaching them to be independent.

  4. They show their personalities by laughing and trying to help were ever needed!

  5. They both are kind of alike. They both love people and both are hard workers. They both love animals. My oldest one even more so she works for a dog rescue unit!My youngest is a bit more demanding then my oldest!! Lol!

  6. My 2 Daughters all grown up and moms themselves show their Individuality 1 keeps Giving and 1 is more demanding! Both are very loving and work hard . They both are wonderful Mothers..

  7. When my girls were young they liked to express their own individuality by arguing! Lol! Also by singing and dancing!!

  8. I have 2 Daughters Grown now! They are Both very loving and Hard working Women. They Both are awesome moms and one is also an awesome Grandma.One is always trying to please everyone and the other is a bit more Demanding! This is their one difference in their personalities..

  9. They are Both loving and sweet! One trys to please everyone all the time..The other is a little more demanding! Lol! That's the difference in their personality. The first daughter is like me and the youngest is more like her Father~

  10. We let them pick out their own outfits.

  11. by giving them the freedom to make their own mistakes


  12. My Girls are grownup. But theu both have different taste in clothes! The youngest likes younger sexy type clothes.. The oldest likes the more conservative type of clothing. She is more like me I prefer Comfort as to sexy!! Lol!

  13. Both of my Girls are awesome.My Youngest gets mad a lot easier then my oldest.Again the youngest is more like her Dad The oldest is definitely more like me! This plus the different taste in clothes are the 2 main differences in them. I think Genetics played a lot in their differences! Lol


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