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Day Trips & Destinations - Indy Fuel Hockey

Are you living near Indianapolis or planning a visit there soon? I have a great trip idea you just have to check out while you're there! 

Josh and I are HUGE hockey fans GO HAWKS!!, and our nephew is just a HUGE sports fan in general so we thought we'd take him to see the Indianapolis Fuel play for his Christmas gift. It was super fun and pretty inexpensive! We paid less than $100 for 3 great seats and parking.

Located at the State Fairgrounds, the Indianapolis Fuel play AA hockey and are affiliated with The Rockford Ice Hogs and our favorite team, the Chicago Blackhawks. That means that these young men could get moved up to play for Rockford and then up to the NHL with the Blackhawks. You could see a future star be born!

Here are some of our pictures from the evening.

We're going to watch hockey, but first... let me take a selfie! 
This was a local high school boy signaling game time!
At first we were confused as to why they brought out this big arch thing, you can see it on the ice
And then BAM! Flames started shooting out of is as the players rushed the ice!


National Anthem
The goalie got hit super hard!!

You can't have a hockey game without a fight or two... or four!

Another player was slammed into the posts
Please excuse the yelling, this fight was pretty good! 

Im not sure who was driving this blimp, but it ran into the seats twice!
This guy was hilarious!!
During the game, there was some special guest from the Fur Circus... Beckett wasn't into them and neither were Josh and I. However, if you like big stuffed mascot type guys you would have loved them!

This elephant kept sitting on people. 
This big ol monkey could dance! 
This guy was a little creepy. 

The last few minutes of the game were super intense! We had our rally towels our and most everyone ended up on their feet!
B had fun! Don't mind his blue lips. He had a slushy the size of his face.
(The best part of being an Aunt is pumping the kids full of sugar and giving them back to their parents. Mwahahaha!)
Fuel wins!!! 
One of the first friends I made in college, who I hadn't seen in like 10 years, was sitting two rows in front of us!!

 All three of us had a blast! I honestly think the only downside was the lack of food choices, you could get nachos, pretzels, or a few different kind of sandwiches. The food was tasty though! Bex got nachos, which were just your typical chips and cheese, but Josh got a cheesesteak that was delicious! 

We will totally be returning for another Indianapolis Fuel game in the future! 

I just love this picture!
What types of fun outings have you experienced with your family lately?
We'd love to hear about it!

Hope you guys have an amazing Friday!

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  1. It looks like you guys had a blast! The last picture is really sweet!


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