Camelbak Pitcher #Review

Pop Quiz
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1.     How much do Americans spend on plastic bottles of water yearly?

2.     How long does it take for a bottle of water to bio-degrade?

3.     How many water bottles are in American landfills?

4.     What is cheaper bottled water or tap?

When it comes to water bottles, Im just as guilty as the rest of us. I don't always recycle them, I have a giant case in my fridge at most times, I buy them from pop machines, and the list goes on. I like my water cold but I don't really like ice in it so grabbing a bottle of water is usually the easiest thing to do. Thats no longer the case.

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Camelbak, known for their backpacks with water pouches inside, has an awesome refrigerator pitcher that has solved my problems. I can fill a glass in seconds with cool filtered tap water. There is hardly any waste, its fast, its refillable, and it tastes delicious! The Camelbak Relay is a great addition to our home. We've never had a filtered water pitcher but I've always wanted one. So when the opportunity arose, I jumped on it. Im so glad I did too. 

It filled up so quickly!
I tried to shoot a video but ended up getting water all over myself instead! 

The Camelbak Relay has double filter technology, meaning it filters when you fill and it filters again as you pour. The double filter gives you extra clean water that is fresh and fast.

Inside each BPA free Camelbak Relay is the Relay Fresh Filter. This filter (make sure you rinse both sides before use) is full of plant-based activated carbon inside non-woven material. The Fresh Filter removes Chloramine, Chlorine, taste, and odor. Because of the pleated filter, more water comes in contact with it. That means the Camelbak Relay is 10x faster than its leading competitor when it comes to refilling the pitcher. For more info and some great demonstrations, check out this video from the great people at Camelbak

Storing up to 10 cups of water, the design of the Camelbak Relay has a great sleek design that fits perfectly in fridges, and fits in most fridge doors. It comes in gray, blue, purple and 3 more color choices. It has a great locking lid that knocks out spills and leaks. 

All in all, I love my Camelbak Relay. Its been super great since I've had a nasty cough and I've been drinking lots of water. Its so quick and easy! Its even dishwasher safe (not the filter!) 

Want it? Buy it! 

For only $36.99 you can get your own Camelbak Relay via their website or at your local target. 

Camelbak also offers some other great products too.
BPA free water bottles. This one is for kids but they have adult bottles too. 

I love this Camelbak backpack. 

Camelbak even offers Elixir for your water to help add all those extra things you need. 

They even offer bottles for hot liquids.

Special thanks to Camelbak for sponsoring this awesome review! Leave me a comment and tell me your score on my pop quiz!

1.     Around 10billion
2.     Over 1,000 years
3.     Close to 2 million tons
4.     Tap, bottled water can cost as much as $2.00 a bottle

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