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Day Trips & Destinations: Dragon's Lair Fantasy Golf, Myrtle Beach

When we're at the beach, be it cold or hot outside, we love to choose a day to play miniature golf, as a family. Through the years, I have played a lot of mini golf courses up and down the Hwy 17 strip in North Myrtle, and Myrtle Beach. Mini golf at the beach is always a blast! One of our family's favorite places to visit and spend at least half a day at, is Broadway at the Beach, which is a huge attraction for those visiting Myrtle Beach, housing shops, restaurants, clubs, theatres, and attractions such as Ripley's Aquarium, and Dragon's Lair Fantasy Golf.

Dragons Lair miniature golf tickets online

Everything we do when we're in Myrtle Beach with our family seems brand new, because we now have a little person in our family, experiencing all of the sights and sounds of Myrtle Beach for the first time. For as many times as I have been to Broadway at the Beach, I had never played the most awesome looking mini golf course in all of Myrtle Beach, Dragon's Lair Fantasy Golf. When you're walking through the shopping and restaurant areas at Broadway at the Beach, or crossing the bridges, you can't miss Dragon's Lair Fantasy Golf... or if for some reason you do miss it, you'll eventually catch the sight of the fire-breathing dragon!

Who could miss this awesome looking mini golf course?

We were excited for the opportunity to visit one of Myrtle Beach's best loved mini golf courses, and play a round as a family. We were kindly offered three tickets, and then we purchased a child's ticket, so everyone could play. B was pretty taken aback by the castle gold course. He couldn't wait to choose his ball color, and get inside the castle to find the dragon!

Dragon's Lair Fantasy Golf course, Myrtle Beach, SC.

We were a little bummed when we saw that the big sign was out, indicating that the dragon couldn't come out and play, due to the high wind we were experiencing that day. It was very windy, though, so we knew the owners were just trying to keep everyone safe.

There are two courses you can choose from at Dragon's Lair Fantasy Golf, and they both take you through the castle, which is surrounded by a moat!

Before we began playing, we stopped for a silly famly photo. Here are my mom, dad, hubby, and B.

We were able to meet with and talk to the sweet couple who ran the course, who were excited for us to play for the first time. We got all situated with our clubs and balls, and I wound up not playing, so I could take pictures, and keep score. We let B pick the course for us, and then he took the first turn.

B couldn't wait to whack the golf ball in the castle!

As we began playing (we had the whole course to ourselves, which was nice, because that meant we could take our time), we took turns, everyone trying to get a coveted 'hole in one.' We loved the layout of the course, which literally had us climbing through the castle, going through a cave, crossing over a bridge, and walking right underneath the dragon's lair!

There were beautiful water features all through the course...

My mom, who hadn't played miniature golf in years, had a lot of fun playing at the Dragon's Lair Fantasy Golf Course.

Check out how pretty the course is!

My husband and I were quite impressed by how well maintained the course was. Nothing was broken, r even slightly dated. There wasn't a single brick out of place, lining the putting greens, and the greens themselves looked practically brand new. While we played, we noticed a couple of guys doing a little clean up, whisking away some leaves, sweeping the sidewalks, etc. This is by far, the cleanest, prettiest course I have ever played at the beach.

Everyone had a blast in the castle tunnel- someone in our party even got a hole in one!

We couldn't have chosen a better day to play mini golf. It was a little chilly and windy, but there was nothing but sunshine and Carolina blue sky above!

As we walked through the course, I really took notice of our surroundings. There were a lot of beautiful plants around the course, and it was nicely landscaped. There were plenty of benches for folks to sit on, which was great for me and B, as we were waiting for the adults to play. There were trash recepticles placed through the course, and not a stray piece of garbage in sight... not even a wad of gum! There was decorative ivy, climbing the castle walls, and as we played, we were able to look out over the water at Broadway at the Beach, which is always a beautiful sight.

Hubby, less than pleased with his performance on this particular hole.

Some of the holes were just really neat on this course. This was B's favorite, and he went back and played it at least six times. Look at hime go- chasing after his ball, which is being carried away by the water!

On this hole, you hit the ball into the water, and the stream of water pushed the ball back out onto the green at the bottom (and hopefully directs it into the hole).

What I loved about playing the Dragon's Lair Fantasy Golf course at Broadway at the Beach, was how incredibly serene our suroundings were. I know that a lot of that was due to the fact that we were pretty much the only family on the course at the time. When the course is bustling, it may be a different story, but my guess is that even with a full crowd at the course, it's every bit as lovely and fun!

We felt like we were playing mini golf in a beautiful castle, and magical forrest!

Our favorite part of the course was when we reached the end, and played right through the dragon's lair! As we approached the dragon's lair, we heard the blasting sound of the fire bursts coming out of the top of the lair. Every now and then we caught a glimpse of it (it happens every few minutes), and when we were really close to it, we even felt the heat from it (which we welcomed, since it was so chilly that day!).

No one wanted our time at Dragon's Lair Fantasy Golf to end- it was so much fun! Both of my parents (who are in their 50's) really enjoyed this course, and seeing the utter joy on their grandson's sweet face while we played. This is one special adventure that our family won't soon forget! We can't wait to go back, and play again!

Dragons Lair Fantasy Golf in Myrtle Beach
Photo courtesy of Dragon's Lair Fantasy Golf

Dragon's Lair Fantasy Golf Info:

Choose from Two Courses- Dragon or Viking. Each hole of each course tells a story! See the entire storyline, here

Want to Go? Get your tickets!

General Admission 
$9.00 before 6pm 
$10.00 after 6 pm 
All-Day till 6pm $15.00 *at this location only

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If your family is planning a trip to Myrtle Beach, stopping off at Broadway at the Beach, and playing a round or two of mini golf at Dragon's Lair Fantasy Golf is a must! It's truly a blast, and fun for all ages! For more information on Dragon's Lair Fantasy Golf, be sure to visit their website, and you can also connect with Dragon's Lair Fantasy Golf on Facebook.

Special thanks to Dragon's Lair Fantasy Golf for hosting our family for a fun-filled afternoon and a round of mini golf, at our favorite mini golf course in all of Myrtle Beach!

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  1. This place looks amazing. We have something like this in my town and we love playing miniature golf. I would love to go to the Dragon's Lair Fantasy golf and take in the sites. It is not expensive!


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