A Great Deal with Rock 'N Learn DVDs {Review and Giveaway}

Every afternoon, S and C spend about 30 minutes in the car while we do school pickup for B. Depending on the day, this time is usually used as a quick nap, book reading, talking, or just some movie time. S is my movie girl and loves to watch anything that is fun, but is especially drawn to things with music.
Recently we featured a company called Rock N Learn in our Holiday Gift Guide, you can check out that review here. After our review went live, Rock N Learn informed us that they would be offering an upcoming deal on Groupon. For those of you who may not know what Groupon is, it is a site that offers consumers exclusive deals for companies they love. These can be local, distant, or online companies that have services, products, trips, and events available for set pricing. To learn more about Groupon, click here.
Rock N Learn offered us the opportunity to review the product that would be available on Groupon and we of course said, YES!
Rock 'B Learn was established in 1986, by Richard Caudle, a school psychologist and his brother Brad, a musician. Richard saw an increasing need for multi sensory learning programs for children that utilized music that kids would love. Brad used his music knowledge and talents, along with Richard to record a program on Multiplication Facts, and after this was a huge hit, Rock 'N Learn was born. Located in Texas, Richard and Brad are the owners and operators, but also have their wives to help coordinate the company and strive to provide children with programs that make learning easier and fun.
Rock 'N Learn offers programs in math, phonics, reading, social studies, Spanish, writing, science, early childhood, and test taking strategies. Each program is DVD based with catchy music, bright colors, and fun pictures, while offering amazing learning opportunity. School districts, teachers, and parents have fallen in love with these programs and continue to be successful. Rock 'N Learn has also won many awards including: Dr. Toy, Parents' Choice, iParenting, National Parenting Publications, Learning Magazine Teachers' Choice, Early Childhood News, National Parenting Center, and Parent's Guide to Children's Media.
The Rock 'N Learn Groupon Deal is:
Exclusively on Groupon for $39.99 (retail value $129.95)
"10-DVD pack uses animated characters and songs to teach early lessons in literacy, phonics, and color and shape recognition"

Set Contents

  • Nursery Rhymes
  • Let’s Play School
  • Colors, Shapes & Numbers
  • Alphabet Fun
  • First Sight Words
  • Sight Words
  • More Sight Words
  • Phonics for Beginners
  • Phonics for Reading
  • Rock ‘N Read

10-DVD Preschool Pack

  • Helps teach preschool lessons with animated characters and catchy music
  • Nursery rhymes encourage literacy skills
  • Lessons on letters, colors, shapes, counting, shoe-tying, and more
  • Sight words DVDs cover over 170 words
  • Discs run 30-45 minutes apiece
  • Ages 2-5

Rock ‘N Learn Educational DVDs

Rock ‘N Learn’s educational programming, presented here via DVD, pairs basic reading and phonics lessons with the kind of toe-tapping tuneage that appeals to kids aged 2 and up. Tots interact with the music, as well as the whimsical onscreen characters, during lessons that span from everything from rhymes and sight words to phonics. Rock ‘N Learn’s multisensory model is a fun, riotous method of learning that’s racked up more than 100 national awards in the last 25 years.
This deal is only available for 9 more days!
I was thrilled to get a chance to review this set, I knew it would be perfect for S to watch in the car and still be learning. She loved our first set of Rock 'N Learn DVDs so I knew this would be a hit too.
Our Rock 'N Learn package is here!
Inside, as promised, the 10 DVD Preschool Set
Watch for this great deal coming soon
The 2014 catalog, so many cool products
The 10 DVD Preschool Set, exclusively available for 9 more days on Groupon
This set includes Nursery Rhymes, Alphabet, Colors, Shapes, Counting, Tying Shoes, Printing Letters, 170 Sight Words, Phonics, and Reading Practice
This set offers the same adorable characters, fun music, and engaging activities that S was introduced to in her other DVDs. She loves watching and participating, I love that she is learning while she really doesn't realize it.
DVD 1: Nursery Rhymes
Ages 3-5
S knows her nursery rhymes fairly well, but this DVD really makes them come to life. C has gotten in to this DVD as well, which I love. I think our favorite nursery rhyme from the DVD is Humpty Dumpty, who doesn't love that silly egg? The DVD is just about 30 minutes and has over 30 nursery rhymes, so perfect for us to watch in the pickup line at school.
DVD 2: Alphabet Fun
Ages 2-5
This one is awesome for C, at 18 months her newest favorite song is her "CCCs" or "ABCs". She loves to sing and dance to it, so this DVD is right up her alley. S knows most of her letters, but this just provides an extra push for her to recognize and hear the letters. This DVD is about 35 minutes long.
DVD 3: Colors, Shapes, & Numbers
Ages 2-5
I love the colors and shapes and how alive they are. The girls both think this one is fun, but really is helpful for C who is just starting to understand her colors. I know this interactive DVD will really be one she can learn from for awhile. This DVD is about 30 minutes long.
DVD 4: Let's Play School
Ages 3-5
S is a fan of this one, especially the shoe tying focus. Tying shoes is something she has been slowly mastering, so seeing it on the screen really make it come to life for her. I also think C will benefit from the life skills that are shown in fun ways. This DVD is about 30 minutes long.
DVD 5: First Sight Words
Ages 3-5
This DVD includes over 50 sight words presented in fun and musical ways. S is really feeling the words from this as some of them are the sight words she has at school. I think this DVD is really going to be helpful in her prep for Kindergarten. This DVD is about 30 minutes long.
DVD 6: Sight Words
Ages 4-7
This DVD has over 60 sight words that are related to beginning reading skills. S likes this one, but still has a ways to go with the First Sight Words DVD before she can master this one. This DVD uses more sentence and reading structure while incorporating the sight words. This DVD is about 45 minutes long.
DVD 7: More Sight Words
Ages 5+
This DVD has over 60 words that are both Dolch and Fry words on more advanced levels. These words are more focused for first grade and up, so one S can use for the next few years to continue her practicing. This DVD is about 30 minutes long.
DVD 8: Phonics for Beginners
Ages 3-5
I am a big fan of this DVD. This one uses letter sounds in a fun ways to help children hear and remember them. It also shows the viewer how to form the sound with their mouth, so fun for the girls to do. There are also more games to interact as they practice their reading of letter combinations. This DVD is about 40 minutes long.

DVD 9: Phonics for Reading
Ages 6+
This DVD is still a bit above S, but she can participate in some of the interaction. She is familiar with some of the phonics rules, thanks to her preschool teacher, but is still not ready for some of the terms like digraphs and blends. This one is actually something B has watched, and while he is older, I still think it is benefiting him to hear these things repeated that he is learning at school. This DVD is about 45 minutes long.
 DVD 10: Rock 'N Read
Ages 4-8
With 4 classic stories, The Three Little Pigs, The Ugly Duckling, Jack and the Beanstalk, and The Little Red Hen, we can both hear and read along with the stories. There are also songs and activities after each story. I know that C can enjoy listening, S can try her best to sound out some of the words, and B can actually read the story aloud. This one is great for all 3 kids. This DVD is about 35 minutes long.
I love that all 10 of these DVDs are around 30 minutes and we can use them while sitting in the pickup line. It is educational and really fun for the girls to watch and learn. I am completely happy with all that Rock 'N Learn offers.
Want It? Buy It!
Don't miss out on this great Groupon deal, only available for 9 more days! Rock 'N Learn has chosen a great set of 10 Preschool DVDs that will last your child for years and offer some great learning opportunities. Please sign up for the Rock 'N Learn E-newsletter and also follow Rock 'N Learn at their social media sites--Facebook and Twitter. Also Coming Soon-Exclusively on Groupon! The Rock 'N Learn Math & Science DVD Collection for $39.99

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Thanks to Rock 'N Learn for our great DVDs and for offering a giveaway!

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