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Sesame Street: Monster Manners #Review + #Giveaway

I think we can all agree, it is important to teach our children good manners. Now, thanks to Sesame Street: Monster Manners, parents have an additional tool to assist in teaching this valuable life skill!

Released by Warner Bros. Home Entertainment and Sesame Workshop, the nonprofit education organization, Sesame Street: Monster Manners features everyone's favorite characters (and a few fab celebs too) to help children develop good manners. Children will watch as friends from Sesame Street try to help Rosita control her emotions and keep her hands to herself (we talk a lot about that topic here in Wigglesworth Manor, since our 2 year old is at that stage). Prairie also works to help Cookie Monster perfect his table manners (both of our girls could use a little help in this area). 

On to the fab celebs- This DVD features appearances by Henry Cavill, Zac Efron, Cobie Smulders, and Colbie Caillat. David Hyde Pierce also visits, playing a "Cookie Connoisseur" as Cookie Monster is trying to keep himself from gobbling all of the cookies. 

Cookie Monster is SOOOO FUNNY!

It has been a while since Drew has watched Sesame Street, so I did not think it would grab her attention, but both of my girls enjoyed the DVD. Drew loved reconnecting with her "old buddies" and Reese loved watching Cookie Monster's antics.  Sesame Street: Monster Manners is a great film to watch with your children and refer back to while continuing to teach your little ones good manners. 

Want It? Win It!

One lucky MBP reader will win their very own copy of Sesame Street: MONSTER MANNERS on DVD. This giveaway is open to US residents, 18 and older. Just use the Rafflecopter entry form below to enter for your chance to win!

Smart Moms Stay Organized with the Lily Jade Baby Bag #Review

Sometimes there's nothing better than embarking on a fun and exciting road trip with your family. I'm actually a big fan of road trips. I enjoy driving, being in the car, getting to see a lot of different states as we pass through, and it's a great time for conversation, and fun with the family. Having a good little traveler makes it all the more enjoyable. We've being taking family road trips since B was one year old or so, and he loves to be in the car with us. 

One of the un-fun things about traveling (for me, anyway) is packing. I am a really organized individual, and can be pretty anal about the way things are packed, including what stays near us in the back seat. It's important to me that the things we need while we're in the car, are fully accessible, and easy to locate. Thankfully, I connected with the fine folks at Lily Jade, who had just the right product for this organizing mama!

Lily Jade was founded by Meggan Wood. When Megan was expecting her first child in 2005, she searched high and low for the perfect bag to organize the necessities for herself, and for her precious baby. Then, as a new mom, Megan was left with a plethora of bags that screamed 'diaper bag,' with busy prints, wipeable fabrics, some made crinkle noises, and they were never to be used again. Megan teamed up with her husband Landon, to design a new line of bags for moms, which were fashionable as handbags, and functional for holding baby's items. The result was Lily Jade bags, which are truly gorgeous handbags, and include the Baby Bag, which organizes everything a mom might need to tote along for her little one.

I was pleased to connect with the folks at Lily Jade, and was offered the opportunity to review the large Baby Bag in khaki. The Baby Bag can be purchased seperately from a Lily Jade bag, and is meant to fit inside of totes or bags, or can be used on its own, to organize everything you need when you're on the go.

My Lily Jade Baby Bag arrived packaged in plastic, for ultimate protection from damage during shipping.

I found the actual product folded and tucked neatly inside this reusable Lily Jade cloth bag.

I had already looked at the Lily Jade Baby Bag on the Lily Jade website, and knew that it was going to be the larger size, and that I should expect a lot of pockets. Of course, this nifty orhanizer looks even better in person, and is even larger than I imagined! I couldn't wait to put it to the test! Sarah, the wonderful gal I corresponded with at Lily Jade, told me how handy the organizer is for use in the car, on the counter top, in totes/bags, and of course- in a Lily Jade Bag. I love the Lily Jade Bags, but don't yet own one, so I was excited to see how the Lily Jade Baby Bag would work on its own, and/or as an organizer in bags I already owned.

The organizer folds for easy storage, and is washable, wipeable.

Here's a quick peek at the inside of the large Baby Bag by Lily Jade, bearing the official Lily Jade stamp.

I decided that the best way for us to use the Lily Jade Baby Bag on our trip, would be to use it as a backseat organizer. When we're planning on being in the car for hours on end, we travel with plenty of snacks and such. I wanted to bring along some of B's snacks for the entire week, so we wouldn't wind up having to buy them all over again, just for our trip. So, I selected snacks I knew he would want at some point during our trip, and set them aside. I also set aside a few other must-have items for the back seat, including reading material, B's tablet, extra batteries, and first aid products.

As I began packing items into the Baby Bag, I couldn't believe how many pockets I found! There were 20 pockets or more, of all sizes- perfect for holding just about everything you might want or need to bring along with you! We primarily used the bag for snacks. The pockets were different sizes, but they wound up being pretty perfect for holding larger items, and small items, as well.

The Baby Bag by Lily Jade was the perfect back seat organizer to use on our trip. It sat perfectly on the seat between me and B.

Look at everything I was able to pack into the Lily Jade Baby Bag!

Wipes and First Aid Kit were super accessible...

...and some of the smaller pockets were the perfect size to hold juice pouches.

We had lots of room for graham snacks, nuts, crackers...

...and B's very favorite fruit leathers.

I also stashed my sunglasses into one of the pockets, and a lip gloss, and had a pocket for my phone. It was much easier to place those items beside my seat in this organizer, than to have to dig for them in my purse. Everything stored in the Baby Bag was accessible, and organized during our entire trip. It made short work of grabbing a snack or drink for someone while we were driving, and made for a much more enjoyable ride for me.

Once we reached our destination, the Lily Jade Baby Bag came out of the car, and was taken into my uncle's house. Since the bag had B's snacks in it, we just placed it on the kitchen counter, and B's snacks were organized, and out of the way. When we went on a couple of day trips while on our vacation, to the LEGOLAND Discovery Center in Yonkers, and into NYC, I was able to simply place the Lily Jade Baby Bag into my handbag, and place needed items into it, such as sancks, hand sanitizer, etc. It was so nice to be able to walk through NYC, and to easily be able to grab a little snack or juice pouch for B, without having to stop and hunt for them in my huge handbag!

Features of the Lily Jade Baby Bag, Large
• Large "Baby Bag" Organizer in Khaki
• Washable diaper bag organizer.
• Nursing wrap pocket
• Perfect for car or stroller storage
• 17" x 10" x 5.5"
• Changing pad not included
• Each Lily Jade diaper bag includes a matching "Baby Bag"

Our Price: $55.00
Sale Price: $45.00

With so many hand pockets, and with so much room inside, the Lily Jade Baby Bag almost eliminates the need for moms to tote around big, clunky diaper bags, that can be unattractive. Now moms can carry their favorite statement handbags, or even a gorgeous leather Lily Jade handbag, and still feel confident and stylish while toting around their baby or child's neccessities.

Cailyn Royal Purple

Caroline in Brandy

Madeline in Red

Anna in Black

Aren't these Lily Jade Bags gorgeous? I would be so proud to carry one of these, and the thing that I love most about them is that they are handbags, but can be used as diaper bags. These bags come with the removeable Baby Bag, so mom has plenty of room to store and organize baby's items. Once your children have grown, you may find that you don't need the tote around the Baby Bag in your Lily Jade handbag anymore... so you just take it out, use it elsewhere, and still proudly carry your gorgeous Lily Jade handbag, wherever you go!

Medium Baby Bag in Red

The Lily Jade Baby Bag used to only be available with the purchase of a Lily Jade Designer Diaper Bag. Now, the Baby Bag can be purchased all on its own, and is available in two sizes, and two colors (khaki or red). I think that this is the ultimate organizer for moms, and it's a must have product for both new and seasoned moms. We have friends who are expecting their first child this fall, and I already know that I'd love to gift one of these Baby Bags to them! If you have a friend or loved one who is expecting, why not give them the gift of a Lily Jade Bag?

Want It? Buy It!

Head on over to Lily Jade, and take a look at their entire collection of beautiful bags and accessories! Be sure to check out all of the buzz over Lily Jade Bags... even celebrities are in love with them! Lily Jade is social, and would love to connect with you via Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram. You are also invited to sign up for the Lily Jade newsletter, so you never miss out on new product info, or special promotions.

Special thanks to the wonderful team at Lily Jad for allowing me to review the must-have Baby Bag, and share about it with our readers. It's easy to see why everyone is talking about Lily Jade!

Getting to Know You Thursdays

Thanks for dropping by to get to know the MBP team of bloggers a little better. This week, we're catching up with MBP Founder and Sr. Contributor, Ondria Witt.

Good Eats- What's For Dinner Tonight?

Tonight we'll be having dinner with my hubby's mom. She comes to our house every other Thursday night to watch B, while Sacha and I are at a musicians rehearsal for the worship team at our church. We're trying to eat healthy, so we will probably grill some veggies, and grill some chicken or steak.

Whatcha Reading?

I'm ashamed to say that I still haven't finished reading The Fault in Our Stars. I'm somewhere in the middle, and I want to finish reading it, but I have been going to bed earlier, so that I can get up earlier in the morninings to get more work done before the boys get up! That's dedication, right?

Listening to Anything Good? 

I have been listening to a mix of things- Hits stations on Pandora, and I have been checking out more and more music by Elevation Church, which is located in Charlotte, NC.

Whatcha Been Watching?

Nada. I'm not rushing the new school year to start, but Im looking forward to having some of my favorite shows back on.

I Dreamed a Dream of...

I wish that I could remember a dream!

What I'm Lovin' this Week...

Getting back into preschool prep with B. He was really reluctant at first, but once we got going with a few worksheets and activities, he was happy as a clam to be learning and having fun with mommy after a few weeks off for vacation.

I am so Done With...

Miscommunication. We've been having super weird communication issues with our family lately. Stinks.

What I'm Looking Forward to...

My parents and I are heading to Time Warner Cable Arena in Charlotte this Friday night, to be a part of the live worship album recording for Elevation Church. I'm excited for the experience, will be thankful for the time to worship, and am excited to learn some new worship music that we might be able to take back and use in our own worship services.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Squeaky Clean with Daddy & Co. Daddy's Health & Skin Care #Review + #Giveaway


I care a lot about the health of my own skin. My skin has changed so much since having a child, and I am having to be extra careful about what types of products I use. It's no surprise that my own little man has a few skin sentitivities, as well, and even at his young age, deals with dry patches and some allergies to animal dander, which make his skin very itchy at times. We tend to use products from brands we know and trust, because I can pretty much bet that he won't have any type of reaction to the products we've used over the past three years. We were recently given the opportunity to try out a new Health and Skin Care line of products from on of our favorite brands here at MBP, and I couldn't turn it down, based on the accolades given by our very own Sr. Contributor, Steph.

DaddyScrubs Logo

Daddy & Co. (formerly Daddy Scrubs), Founded by a daddy himself, Robert Nickell, Daddy and Co. came about in 2009. Robert has already fathered four children, over 20 years ago, with his first wife, and then remarried in 2007- and discovered he was going to be a daddy again in 2009! Daddy & Co. began with Robert's idea to have dedicated scrubs for dads to wearing during labor and delivery, which would help differetiate between who the daddy was and who the doctor was. Today, Daddy & Co. proudly offers gifts for dads, including everything from Daddy Scrubs to diaper bags for dads, and more!

Steph has had the pleasure of working with Daddy & Co. numerous times, and you can see some of her previous Daddy & Co. reviews, here:

I now have the pleasure of working with Daddy & Co. for the very first time, and am pleased to tell you about their brand new line of products, Daddy's Health & Skin Care. I was sent a package of three products, including Daddy's Baby Shampoo & Body Wash, Daddy's Baby Lotion, and Daddy's Baby Bubble Bath. Even though my baby is no longer a baby, we still use baby shampoo and wash with him, due to his sensitive skin.

What a beautiful line-up! Each product comes packaged in an 8 oz. bottle.

I like that these products are a substantial size. I hate spending a ton of money on baby/children's health and skin care products that are itty bitty in size. I could see the actual product through the plastic of the product bottles/tubes, which I also loved. I like to know what I'm about to put onto my child's skin beforehand.

Perhaps the greatest thing about these products, is that they are Paraben & Sulfate Free, Hypoallergenic, and Free of Dyes. All but one of the products I receive for review, are also free of fragrance.

Pharmacist recommended, and daddy approved- fragrance free lotion.

I was interested in trying out the lotion. B tends to have dry spots on his arms and legs, so it's part of our routine for him to have a little rub down with a lotion on his arms and legs after his shower or bath. I wanted to test the lotion on my own skin first, so I squeezed a tiny bit into my hand for testing. I noticed that the lotion while thick, wasn't super duper thick, and it was very light. It was easy to distribute, and didn't leave my skin looking or feeling greasy.

Daddy's Fragrance Free Baby Lotion

B really loves this lotion, and I wish it had been around when he was a baby. I know that many of us sort of scoff at all of those diaper changes we endured, but for me, those were some of my favorite times from B's baby days... I loved massaging his little baby skin with a gentle lotion, and singing and playing fun games while doing it. Such a sweet, special time for us.

This lotion is available for $12.95, and is also available in a Calming Lavender scent, which is great to use after bath time, right before bed time!

Baby Shampoo & Body Wash

B was also excited to use the Daddy's Baby Shampoo and Body Wash. We still use a 2-in-1 shampoo and body wash with B, so this fit right in with our normal routine. B's hair is super long, because he has a phobia of having his hair cut, so we have to wash his hair every day, and it's not always a fun process. When we told him that he had a new shampoo to try out, he was excited, and begged to get into the bath! The shampoo and body wash was a nice, thick formula with just the right amount of lather. I didn't have to use a ton of it to get all of B's wild man hair into mix, or to wash his body with. He never once complained about it bothering him in any way, which is great news! The body wash we tried was fragrance free, and left his hair and skin feeling nice and soft after being cleaned and rinsed.

The Shampoo & Body Wash is available for $12.95, and is also available in a Calming Lavender scent.

Last but not least, we were most excited to try out the Daddy's Bubble Bath, which was in the Calming Lavender scent. I stopped using scented bubble bath with B a long time ago, because I noticed that he was breaking out in little red splotches after his bath. When we told him the he had new bubble bath to try out, he was over the moon excited. One of his favorite weekly rituals is to take a nice, long bath at grandma's house while he and his daddy are over there on Monday nights (that's mommy's night to stay home and work late). Grandma's tub is the best in the world, and onlt at grandma's house can you splash as if you were in a big pool. 

Bubble bath time! Happy little guy!

The Daddy's Bubble Bath made a whole bunch of fluffy bubbles to play in during B's bath, and smelled wonderful! The lavender scent has been shown to cause a sense of calm in babies and young children, and when Sacha and B got home later that evening, B had fallen asleep in the car, which very rarely happens. He must have been super relaxed after his bath. I'm also happy to report that B experienced zero irritation with his skin, after using this bubble bath, which makes me so happy, because that means we can continue to use it!

Look at all of those suds!

The Daddy's Bubble Bath is available for $12.95, and is also available in Fragrance Free, if the Calming Lavender isn't for you.

We're pleased as punch with the new Daddy's Health and Skin Care Line, and can't wait to try and recommend some of their other awesome products...

Baby Powder
Baby Powder

Daddy's Natural Bug Spray
Natural Bug Spray

Daddy's Health & Skincare Travel Pack
Health & Skin Care Travel Pack

If there's a new daddy in your life, you'll definitely want to introduce them to Daddy & Co.'s wonderful products! Daddy & Co. products make wondrful gifts, and we can't wait to gift some of their Daddy Scrubs to our friend Matt, who will be a first time dad this December!

Want It? Buy It!

Head on over to Daddy & Co. to browse even more great items for dads! You'll find everything from daddy scrubs to diaper bags- all made with daddy in mind. You can also receive 10% off on your Daddy & Co. order, by using the code BLOG14 at checkout. Daddy & Co. is super social, and would love to connect with you through their accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, and Instagram. You can also follow the Daddy & Co. blog, and sign up to receive their newsletter.

Want It? Win It!

One lucky MBP reader will win a Daddy's Health & Skin Care Prize Pack featuring 1 bottle of each of the following products: Baby Lotion, Baby Shampoo and Body Wash, Baby Bubble Bath, and Baby Powder. Giveaway is open to US residents, 18 and older- no shipping to PO boxes. Just use the Rafflecopter entry form below to enter for your chance to win!

Special thanks to our friends at Daddy & Co. for allowing us to try and share about their new Daddy's Health and Skin Care line, and for offering this wonderful giveaway for our awesome readers.

Good luck!

Wordless Wednesdays: I Heart Summer

This week, I thought I would just simply share some of my favorite photos from the past few days.

B, happily playing in the sandbox.

Enjoying an afternoon snack outside with mommy...

Family birthday party for cousin B...

Cousins L, B, and C.

B, riding rides at Tweetsie Railroad...

B and C in their Avengers shirts...

We had a great week, and are looking forward to all of the adventures this one will hold. Wishing you all a beautiful Wednesday!