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This is the time of year that I tend to pack on a few extra pounds. Since Thanksgiving, I have already slacked off with exercising, and I have been eating way more than usual, and eating foods that I know I shouldn't be eating. I mean, I really know better, but it's hard to walk away from delicious homemade pies when they're staring you in the face!

This December, I am making more of an effort to get out and get active! On the days I can't (or won't) go out because it's just way too cold, I'll do yoga and pilates in the house. I am trying to combine cardio workouts with my routine pilates and yoga, and getting outside to go for walks really seems to help me with burning calories. I was happy to team up with Gaiam this holiday season, because they have so many awesome workouts, and workout and fitness gear for those who want to live healthy, active lifestyles.

Gaiam is a leading producer and marketer of lifestyle media and fitness accessories. With a wide distribution network that consists of over 60,000 retail doors, 15,000 store within stores, and 5,600 media category management locations, and a digital distribution platform, Gaiam is dedicated to providing solutions for healthy and eco-conscious living. 

Gaiam (pronounced "guy-um"), is a fusion of the words "Gaia" and "I am." Gaia, mother Earth, was honored on the Isle of Crete in ancient Greece 5,000 years ago by the Minoan civilization. This civilization valued education, art, science, recreation, and the environment and believed that the Earth was directly connected to its existence and daily life.

I was excited to connect with Gaiam, and receive a special package.

Since I love yoga and pilates so much, and do one or the other pretty much daily, Gaiam is like an online shopping mall for me to go crazy in! They offer everything from health and wellness products to workout videos, fitness apparel, yoga mats, props, and more! I could ask for nothing but Gaiam products for Christmas, and be one happy girl! I wanted to select an item that would be most useful this proposed cold holiday season and beyond, though. I have hoodies and winter jackets, but lacked a fitness jacket, until I was sent the beautiful Follow My Line Jacket by Gaiam.

The Follow My Line Jacket came to me packaged and neatly folded.

I never know how a jacket will fit, so I thought it best to go with a size Medium. I figured I would be wearing layers underneath of the jacket, so if it was a little loose, it wouldn't matter too much. The Follow My Line Jacket is available in a pretty blue shade- capri, heather or classic black.

Right off, I noticed the double zipper pulls, and the interesting snaps at the collar.

I noticed right away, how light the jacket felt, yet how warm it would keep me. It's made from nylon and lycra- a great combo that's comfy, stretchy, and warm! The Follow My Line Jacket has a lot of really neat features, but my favorite thing about the jacket is the cowl neckline.

Here I am, with my little elf, hanging out in the Follow My Line Jacket from Gaiam.

Here, I am wearing the cowl neck collar up around my neck, which helps keep it warm.

The fact that I am able to literally wrap the jacket around my neck is outstanding. I mean, every jacket needs to have this feature- it's genius! It's light and fun, it isn't bulky, it adds depth and style to the jacket, and does its job at keeping my neck covered and warm! The fun double snaps allow you to keep the collar closed.

Fold the collar down, and unzip it a little for a casual look.

You could also fold the cowl neck collar down half way, to keep a bit of coverage at the neck.

The Follow My Line Jacket features double zipper pulls- so you can unzip from the top or the bottom.

I love the fit of this jacket. I ordered the medium, and though it's a little loose on me, it's only just a little loose. It's the perfect fit for a stylish, casual jacket. I can wear this jacket with a light top or t-shirt, or something heavier, and have plenty of room to be comfortable and move around in it.

Flip the sleeve up at the wrist...

...or roll them down to give a bit of coverage over the hand.

One of the best things about this jacket, aside from the cool features I have already highlighted, it the back. I love the the tucking in the mid-back, and the draping over the hips and the rear. This is a jacket that feels more like a cardigan, but offers the features that you want and need in a fitness jacket. It provides much more coverage than any of the other fitness jackets I have ever owned (which almost always wind up being too short for my liking).

Check out the beautiful draping and detail in the back! Double love!

The inside of the jacket features inner pockets, which I love! I really like being able to store my cell phone or keys in an inside pocket when I am out and about, especially on walks, when jogging, etc. When I'm out alone, or with my son, I need to be focused on my surroundings, and not fumbling with loose keys or a phone, unless there is a need for them.

My hubby thinks the Follow My Line Jacket is adorable, and so do I. In fact, I love it so much that I'd love to own it in every available color!

Details of the Gaiam Follow My Line Jacket

This cute, structured jacket is lightweight but warm and is built with lots of little details you’ll be sure to love—including a snap collar cowl neck, hand-warmer pockets, two way adjustable zipper, a curve-enhancing pleated back, and extra long sleeves with petal cuffs.
Follow my Line Jacket Features:
Long fitted jacket
Cowl neck for cozy warmth
Back pleat
Two way zipper

This jacket would make a fantastic gift for many of the ladies in my family. I'm in my 30's and love this- yet it would be super adorable on my younger cousins, my aunt, my mom, my grandmother-in-law, etc. This is a jacket that is stylish, perfect to be shared from generation to generation and is figure-flattering. 

Gaiam has so many amazing fitness gift options this holiday season! 
Here are a few of my top picks...

Dandelion Days Premium Yoga Mat (5mm)
Dandelion Days Premiu Yoga Mat

yoga essentials gift kit
Yoga Essentials Gift Set

ToeSox Grippy Half Toe Bella Socks
Toe Sox

everything fits gym bag
Everything Fits Gym Bag

Yoga Tunic
Yoga Tunic

acupressure therapy massager
Accupressure Massager

Whether you're looking for fitness apparel, workout videos, mediation gifts, or general health and wellness gifts, Gaiam has something for everyone on your list! I can't wait to build up a Gaiam product collection. I know that I am going to enjoy the beautiful Follow My Line Jacket through every season of the year- it's an amazing gift choice, and one I hope you'll consider!

Want It? Buy It!

Head on over to Gaiam to browse all of their wonderful yoga, pilates and health and wellness products for an active, healthy lifestyle. You can check out Gaiam TV for workouts, and more! Gaiam offers some really great articles for good health and wellness, which I highly recommend reading, if you have the time.

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